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Short blog today. I’m getting ready for a very special piece.


So when I was in high school random tv shows were kind of standard. I studied with the TV on in the background. I’ve always kinda done that. Which makes my memory very spotty when it comes to whether or not I’ve seen something. It also has a separate clause in the law of unintended consequences. I have random bits of episodes that just pop into my head at times. One of which starts today’s piece. Feel free to figure out the show name and tell me whenever.

So these two guys are on a road trip, I’m pretty sure that was during the whole show. Just a giant road trip in the car. Which may or may not have been a classic, but that isn’t important here. This episode they stop at a Civil War reenactment. The short guy finds out his ancestor that was at the battle was a random that died due to cannon. And the giant jolly fat guy(I seriously hate this trope), has an ancestor that was apparently very important…To the south.

While our generally aloof main character decides screw this to the civil war, the big guy keeps at it. And somehow gets weirdly prideful about it mid reenactment. This takes the whole show episode, but it is only important for me for what else is going on. Main character has been having flashbacks of his dad playing and teaching him cards. He gets talked into helping some woman cheat at a high stakes card game, which we find out in the middle of him wrecking the cheating, is being run by the guy running the reenactment. Plot twist. A black guy who literally pays to watch the south lose over and over every year.

While being Ruthless does have petty moments to it. I have never had so much unrepentant desire to be that level of both. Until as it happens, The super bowl(I did tell you to go with me.) came, and Dodge decided to take fuckwittery to dizzying levels. Dodge Ram Trucks of all things decided that for a Super Bowl Ad on the second day of Black History Month to put the speech said on the same day over 50 years ago by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. over an ad for their fucking trucks. TRUCKS. Listen I don’t usually get twitter rage over big brands. You know I save my ire for people.

Because people are direct targets you can get right to. Lawmakers, other lawyers, Celebrities, Teachers past and present, family members, or of course former friends and friendly assassins, all are well set to get angry over. but brands are giant, and usually stupid. So I expect them to be giant and usually stupid. This shit though annoyed the hell out of me, and I was in public. I get on twitter and send some ats. I get on Facebook and send some statuses. And you know what? I feel better. I felt better. But that was easy. That doesn’t take effort. So while I felt better it was hollow and fleeting. Which is why I don’t normally do that. That compulsion to act in the moment is strong, Stronger in anger than in calm certainly. Stronger in hate than love, possibly. But that means I realized the lesson.

And while every experience is of itself able to teach and yet not easily defined, sometimes the lesson is listen to the original thought you have from your experiences. Which brings me back to the show I still as of this writing don’t have the name of despite starting this Sunday night after the game. After he screws up cheating by essentially getting a little loaded and turning into his dad complete with using his catchphrases, he realizes he never should have agreed in the first place because he had a reason not to.

While yes, this obviously applies to my anger at the dodge assholes. It extends beyond that. Someone once told me “People show you who they are, it is up to you to believe them.”  Consider then this piece a similar idea. Situations you’ve set aside don’t stop happening. They may have different settings, they may get different costuming and makeup, but generally speaking life repeats constantly. And the lesson you learn should be reapplied. But every once in a while, you won’t, and that’s okay. Just proves you’re human. And not a synth…Or are you?


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