Fragmented Dream: A small tribute to MLKJR

It’s Monday ladies and gents, and for those of you who follow it also means it is my privilege to have your attention with a post.
More than that today is Martin Luther King Day. To some of you that means nothing, just another Monday to live through, to others it stands as a momentous holiday to show the progression of humanity towards a better future. Before i get down to it though i must say that this is but the tip of the iceberg. What follows is nothing but a small sample of my opinion of the problems of today’s society, i just hope this small piece is enough to tide you over while i try to put the rest into words.
So as a tribute to Martian Luther King Jr. and all that he has done not just for black people, but for humanity as a whole i want to talk about the dream which he saw and the results of such some 40 years later. Most people know MLKJR for his civil rights work, marching for the rights of all African Americans to be treated equally, peacefully conducting sit-ins for establishments that didn’t. He served time in jail for his beliefs, people were killed and maimed following his ideals, but they were all willing to lay down their lives, to suffer so that their children would not have to, so that future generations would not have to endure the horribly unjust conditions that they were forced to bare. You know him for his I have a dream speech, you’ve probably heard it quoted more times than you could count, and unfortunately, you probably know that he was assassinated one morning while exiting his hotel room, which ended the man, but not the message.
His death brought, though it was much too soon, just like all great men and women who inspire progress, brought forth change in America which finally allowed little black boys and little black girls to go to school with little white boys and little white girls. Finally after hundreds of years of segregation and oppression it seemed that freedom had finally rung, bringing us all together under the banner liberty and justice for all.
Sometimes I wish it ended there. I wish that this was a fairy tale ending, where the hero wins, the people live happily ever after and no longer plagued by racism. But this is no fairy tale, and though we have made strides to better ourselves to put everyone, no matter what their skin color, nationality or religious belief, onto equal ground we still find ourselves coming up short, and worse, i find that there are people whom seek to retard that progress. Above is an link to NightLine’s 30 minute segment on the young and the racist, and though i know racism still exists i am loath to say that people older than me, who preach god’s word no less, are calling for separation between the races. Though it is not the main point of the article, it is hinted at much through out, and the mere thought makes my skin crawl. It means that not even fifty years later the dream that brought us here might cease to exist.
We are all the same, i honestly don’t know how many times i can say this. To separate ourselves by skin color would be like separating ourselves on height or weight, it is pure ignorance, yet it lives. Don’t get me wrong CULTURES are different this is true, some traditions live on in each of us, but that diversity is something ANYONE of any color or sex can share in for the most part, but race can’t be controlled. It is nothing more than invisible fence we use to separate ourselves so that we may hate ourselves, and in the end we will destroy ourselves if we allow it. If we as a people allow ourselves to be segregated it will only end in death. Here and now we believe ourselves to be together, but you will always find someone who thinks the other side or sides have it better.
Until we can come together, all of us united under one banner, will we see that the true enemy is not my white, Hispanic, black, or Asian brothers and sisters, but the ignorance and will of the few who hold us back. If everyone was looking out for each other how could drugs destroy a community? If everyone were looking out for each other what gang could terrorize a neighborhood, what injustice could exist with our vigilance. My brothers and sisters you must understand that it is not the White man, the Black man, the Asian man, the Hispanic  man or any other race or nation nor culture that is the enemy. No the true enemy is among you, like a wolf in a sheep costume stalking the heard while avoiding the gaze of the Shepard. We are both the Sheep and the Shepard, for if we stopped fighting ourselves we would be faced  only with the enemy for all to see, and let me tell you once the enemy is found it is will be all the easier to fix these problems.
I pray you heed my words, to keep in mind what was sacrificed not just by Martian Luther King JR, but by Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X,and so many others who stood up before them only to be smashed under the heel of oppression but whose ideals survived their physical forms.

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