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I’m not a librarian, I just read a lot

One of the things I talked about in the posts I left around for publishing during Bar exam prep was a piece about how much I love reading. Since I’m coming into more and more time these days I’ve decided that good idea is worth exploring. So we’re going to do a Reading piece and read along with each other.  Since we’re adults and have responsibilities other than you reading this blog, and me writing it, we’ll give a couple of months for each book.

So each book we’ll have listed in a separate page for the blog. And of course we invite you to tell us about your experiences. Each time we’ll have a few members of the staff do a review discussion as part of the monthly podcast.

And we won’t just be doing non-fiction works. There are plenty of great novels out there for us to get in on. Each one will be decently lengthy so you won’t feel like it’s incredibly quick. But we won’t be doing a massive tome like any of the A Song of Ice and Fire books unless we get a lot of requests.

One of the things we really want you to do is suggest a book. Because when you suggest a book you are most likely going to get an invite to talk about it. That could be via podcast appearance, or it may be a write up for the blog with one of our staff members.

But let’s get on to the first book on the list.

I thought a long time about this.

I didn’t want something that was too difficult, but I want something that challenges what you’ve normally read.

Something that would make you want to read more while also not feeding you too much of what you’ve already read.

And if you did in fact read the previous column on reading, then you know what I’m about to say.

The first book for the WDDIJ Feed Your Mind group is:

The 48 laws Of Power
The 48 laws Of Power

Robert Greene’s 48 laws of Power is one of those books it seems like everyone has read around you. And until you read it you don’t really get why. Well let’s put an end to that feeling shall we?

One of the reasons this was selected over a set of 5 other contenders is the re-readability of the book versus many others. Since there should be a nice number of folks who have already completed the book, this was a good choice because they more than most know it is one you need to re-read from time to time to help you focus.

With it being so early in June we’re going to shoot for the end of July to discuss this as either part of the WDDIJcast or the Wrath of Ruthless Podcast in July.

If you want to give comments, have questions, or just want to discuss what you’ve read, you can email to yourruthlesswonder@gmail.com or to wordsdontdoitjustice@gmail.com to get in touch with us. You can also find us on Google + at www.google.com/+WDDIJcom Feel free to add us to your circles and share our stories. And course I have to make sure and mention our Facebook Page(Words Don’t Do It Justice Fan Page) and Twitter account(@WDDIJ). You can comment on either of them as well.

We look forward to seeing your thoughts and of course I’m glad for everyone who comes on board. As for the next book after this. Well I could tell you more but…Words Don’t Do It Justice!

– THE Ruthless Wonder

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