Words Don’t Do Us Justice: End of the hour

The end of 2013 is the end of a lot of things. But not the end of us. And what better way to remind you we aren’t even a year old yet than to give you somethings to look forward to in the new year?

Well first up, New Authors!

Starting with New Year’s Day we’ll be debuting 4 new authors here at WDDIJ. The first one is someone so impressive I had to restrain myself from posting her early. The second…is a surprise I will not ruin. 3 and 4 will be the kinds of debuts you will spend weeks pondering, and well even with the bad news(for some of you) at the end of this announcement, these 4 will keep you thinking long after the bad thing at the bottom is over.

Second…Well I can’t be cryptic about everything.

As some of our true out and out superfans will tell you. Words Don’t Do It Justice will barring death, FBI raid, or terrifying lawsuit(The NSA is already watching so they can SOD OFF) turn a year old in March. And we’re hoping to make it to 3500 views by then. As part of the celebration, we are putting together a monthly WDDIJ podcast. Because if you think I’m a prick writer, just wait until you get to hear me say all this stuff. LOL but seriously, to keep it fresh, the podcast will include some of the different WDDIJ staff and guest bloggers, Some of our random, hilarious, controversial, and generally interesting friends, and of course some exclusive topics that you can only catch there. Stay tuned.

Third is 3-14

Well for me first is 3-14, but anyway. People have wondered why the Christmas Facebook message included 314 Publishing. Well we’re partnering with the brand new Pub firm to do a few projects throughout 2014 and beyond. The first of which will be announced in June. Until then consider them the helping hand that is keeping things protected and under wraps. When the time comes we will collectively tell you more.

And now the end is here…So Sorry

As most folks know I didn’t pass the bar. As few folks know, when I was studying, I wasn’t really posting much here. Other than a couple of timely posts based on events, I made them weeks or a couple months in advance, and scheduled them to drop when they did. While I could most certainly do that again. Given the shorter time frame, my desire to not have to do this again, and the level of intensity my hatred for not currently being an attorney has reached(Seriously the holidays will do that to you), I’m going to be bowing out from now until my actual return March 1. I prepared 2 posts which will drop on specific days in January and February, but otherwise no updates from me, and nothing else from me. I’m not gone forever, but if I have to spend 6 more months not being a lawyer I may end up joining the tin foil hatters. So I’ll be back, and these guys around here will do a wonderful job while I’m gone. And so will the guest bloggers coming in as well. So see you when I return, and until then share us and our guest writers with your friends because Words Don’t Do Us Justice!

– THE Ruthless Wonder

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