Fired up and Double Toasted

After a week off from posting because, well frankly I wanted to enjoy the time with my brother, Ronin, and the subjects of today’s post, I’m back. So let’s get some things out-of-the-way. Next week is another note from your favorite super villain. We’ll be talking liberals. The next week will also be a note from your favorite super villain, and we’ll be talking about conservatives. You’ll find some interplay and cross-reference between each of these, and yes that is for upcoming election season. Also you’ll notice some random changes as we go on, some I’ll address beforehand, others after. Progress, thy name is Ruthless. Now back to the show.

Never Meet your Heroes

For the amount time I’ve heard this particular phrase said you’d think it was as old as the bible. It isn’t, Thank God, but it is well-known and well-worn. I think in the mind of the people who say it and believe it they are trying to help you manage expectations. But never has this phrase been so wrong as this particular trip. Let’s set this up for you folks. I went to visit my Rock Star, Super Hero, Body Builder, Ex-Basketball Player, and all in all grand human being big brother Chris Williams in Dallas. Why? Because taking the job on Saipan meant missing his wedding. So finally getting to meet my new Sister in law, and the adorable little Elijah was on my list. Since I was going to be in Dallas I wanted to see how far it was to Austin because why not take a day and see double toasted once? After seeing the cheap price to stay in Austin and that it was a 3 hour trip I called Ronin and we set up for a few days there.

So we get there, and we email Korey Coleman to tell him we want to see the show. In what seems like moments later we’re watching the Sunday service live. And he and Martin are drinking the beer gift we brought along. Moments later Ronin is on the show(Go check out the shows on the 6th, 7th, and 8th of December 2015 for all our appearances). And when it is all over they stay a few minutes to talk and we learn a bit more. It would be like that with all the different members of Double Toasted for the whole trip.

I don’t say Korey and Martin specifically, and Double Toasted as a whole are heroes of mine lightly. You know how I feel about heroes. You think you know the grind and work it takes to do something that someone is doing, but you really get a true understanding when you get to hear it from them. And I guess I’ve lucked out, every time in life I’ve wanted to meet the persons I look up to professionally and personally I’ve had a great experience. These guys know next to nothing about us, but each night, Korey, Martin, Korey Goodwin, Shea, Ray, Tommy, Will, and in brief moments Danielle made us feel welcome, and gave a few gems of knowledge. Hell we went out for drinks with most of the crew after each show.

But enough of the gushing let’s get to the real deal. Watching them work you see something that I’ve attempted to do here, and we will continue to. Great content and quality from people who really like doing what they do. It is was particularly interesting to watch Korey Goodwin run the casual call in show juxtaposed with Korey Coleman handling the other 2 shows. How they do transitions between cameras, how they keep topics flowing are altogether different. But the same kind of “digital jazz” if you will. Much of each show Ronin and I would be texting about the different things everyone did. There were moments like this one coming out of a big joke that landed from Tommy McGrew, into a reaction shot and comment from Shea that Goodwin just seemed to do on instinct. He didn’t look down, he didn’t have an aha look on his face, he just kept laughing, switched cameras from the one showing Tommy and Ray to the one showing him and Shea and she had a reaction. If I hadn’t seen it, I’d swear it was an editing trick.

You put that moment against Korey Coleman, who I will need to be convinced with evidence switches cameras just before someone says something perfect so well I think he reads minds. What I’m saying is these guys are smooth at a level I had to marvel at. They don’t miss a beat. They don’t drop a joke. They do it in stride. And you’d think because I’m talking about the two of them that it was just their ability to marvel at. No. Martin Thomas, king of corny but perfectly timed joke has this manner about him that while kind of Ronin to say is like mine, I can’t take any comparison to. That’s just him. Talking later, on the show next to him on Tuesday, he isn’t “the straight man” to Korey’s antics, he’s this entity you don’t come across often. You’re going to get reason and logic, but he isn’t going to take himself so seriously that you’re put off by him. Watch how he talks during the emails and phone/skype calls. Notice how he reacts to the stories and trailers. There is something only that man can bring to the table. Yes, he does remind me of the stereotypical youngest uncle in a black family that gives you life advice but will do so after handing you your first drink, but that only make him cooler. And I must say even my best hats fall before the King.

You’ll notice though I haven’t gotten to Tommy, Ray, Shea, and Danielle. Well there is a reason I did the first 3 first. I think you’ll pick up on it.  So because of the late times on the days she was there I didn’t get time to talk to Danielle much. But she was without question super welcoming. Remembered out names from Sunday when she saw us on Tuesday. Asked about our trip. Told us a couple of cool things to do in Austin while we were there. It was a similar situation for Ray and Shea. They had other engagements, and in Shea’s case a long drive ahead, and so we didn’t get the time to hang out properly. But on the show. Dynamite. Obviously, if I thought they sucked you’d hear about it. Meeting you in person, hell being friends with you doesn’t mean you get a pass from taking an L. But the two of them were cool as a fan. And the chemistry on the casual call in show for me at least rivaled the Roast and Toast. The 4 of them just work well together.

Tommy McGrew is an experience. I could stop right there. Seriously I could call him an experience and feel justified ending everything for this post. I’m not, but I could. He was effortlessly funny at every step. After the Sunday Service he showed up to the place we all went “Casino El Camino” for a great burger. We talked football, we talked about the comic, he had a joke, a cool idea, or a profound statement of things at almost every turn. And then he did the next two days of shows and was just the same but on camera. You expect a bit of that from someone who’s a creative, but who I met in person away from the show was a genuine on as he is off camera. And I dare you to hang with him for more than 2 minutes and not laugh at a joke or story he tells.

There is though a bit of an unsung hero among Double Toasted. And his name is Will. Will was there each day of the show in the row of seats in front of me. And I was constantly watching, He had the chat up and was showing the funny comments, he made memes, he pulled up info, he is the ultimate behind the scenes guy who sometimes hops in front of the camera for a moment.  And seeing him work and the ideas he would talk to Korey and Martin about after the shows was something I had to mention. Because Will is the guy you must have as you grow. He makes everyone’s efforts better.

So in the end of course Ronin and I had a great time. When you’ve been friends a decade that happens. But more than that we learned things. There is something to be said for passion. Writing as much as blogging, and talking is a passion of mine. Words Don’t Do It Justice is a passion of mine. But even now it has been only part of my life. And that is the difference. They have made it a focus of theirs and it shows. It shows in the banter, in the skill, and in the small details you don’t notice unless you are looking for them. It could be said coming home from Saipan was a wake up call. That the energy passion, fervor, and downright vitriol I put into my first return post was something I could only have done after coming home. This trip has given me more than that. The Double Toasted crew gave me something more than inspiration, they gave me advice on a path, a plan, a direction. And I have got to thank them all for that. I could go on but… Words Don’t Do It Justice!

THE Ruthless Wonder

Thank you Double Toasted!
Thank you Double Toasted!

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