Decorum Deficit Disorder: Get Off the Pot

I had a whole different topic picked out for this week, but someone told me I needed to stop paying attention to my feelings and get to work… to stop letting them see me sweat he said. I guess I have been sweating a lot in public lately. What can I say *shrug* It’s been hot in my kitchen.

… So instead we’re going to talk about mixed messages and indecision.

So there I was at work, deep in thought, awake, but not really, listening to the sounds and conversations around me, contemplating my next move. As I was drifting off into another flashback of memories from times I last made decisions and took action, I was interrupted by the fatherly voice of a new coworker and friend… Have you ever been asked a simple question that throws all of your psychic energy into overdrive?

I used to be really good at seeing a path and moving forward, now, not so much. I guess I’m getting old and nervous; now I stop to think and consider my moves like every decision is a critical move in a never-ending game of chess.

Life is not a game. It has a beginning and an end. Every moment of every day could be your last or it could be just another moment. Wasting time vacillating between decisions like you’re a character in some Shakespearean tragedy thinking Shit...“To move, or not to move…. to do or not to do… paper or plastic…” … Dude… Shit or get off the mother fucking pot. That was my message for the day, and in true Reign-esque fashion, I am sharing it with all of you. Whatever it is that you need to do to get to where you want to go, get on it. Eventually you’ll realized that the only person who is responsible for your current position in life is you. Absolutely, we are all the sum and total of every person and interaction, but the result is still ultimately a personal choice. You can bask in accomplishments that have long since passed, or you can move forward to your next goal. Will you be the high school quarterback who hasn’t been shit since high school still recounting stories from his glory days, or will you be the one still making moves, kicking ass, taking names, being the master of your own universe  in spite of anyone who says you can’t? These are choices.

It still makes me feel “some type of way” when I see, hear, or read things that say anything that’s wrong with your life is your fault; that isn’t completely true. Circumstances are often outside of our control, especially when they require input from other humans. Just to clarify, that isn’t what my friend said, but it is what I heard. What he actually said was something much closer to my being responsible for where I am, but instead of dwelling on the part of the message that doesn’t agree with me, I threw the salt over my shoulder and took what I needed. That’s the mixed part of the message. Indecision is about fear. When you send mixed messages out into the universe, that forces the universe to respond to whatever part of the message it prefers, regardless of your intent. So yes, we are responsible for the messages we send. We are responsible for our own actions. However, how those messages are received, interpreted, and the resulting reaction, not always about us. When you go into a job interview looking the part, saying all the right things and shaking all the right hands… is it your fault if the decision had already been made that you would not be the recipient of said job? When you meet someone for the first time, think you’re being pleasant and personable, but somehow that person leaves your interaction thinking negatively of you because you remind them of some jack ass they dealt with once upon a time, is that your fault? No. That’s about them. It isn’t your responsibility to know every factor and potential outcome… that’s chess, this is life. Life is long, short, unpredictable, and everyone knows what’s going to happen at the end. Let that sink in…

Remember that you are only responsible for your 50 percent. You have your own decisions to make, you have your own messages to send and receive. You have to master your universe while playing your role everyone else’s. Mistakes will be made. Lessons will be learned… Life will go on. Indecision will only leave you stagnant, mired in regrets, stuck in glory days long past wondering why things aren’t the way you want them to be. Make your moves with as much certainty as possible without fear of how things might-could turn out. Know that the only direction you can’t go in is backward. You can’t, or at least really shouldn’t take shit back. Shit and get off the fucking pot… and

Do more. Require Better.

3 thoughts on “Decorum Deficit Disorder: Get Off the Pot

  1. You hit it right on the head. Life truly is what you ,make it whether you get the lemons or just an empty pitcher.

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