Decorum Deficiency Disorder: Current Events Sound Off

So let me get this straight… random crazy dude runs all the way into the White House, up the stairs and close to the First Family’s living room, and doesn’t get shot. Meanwhile, unarmed dude following police instructions to get his driver’s license gets shot (shot at 5 times). Three people find themselves infected with the Ebola virus. Two of them, a white man and a white woman are flown back to the US so they can receive the best care possible, while the third, a black man died in a hospital in Texas after having been given a different drug from the other two… because none of that is suspicious at all and we live in a post-racial America… right? I’ll elaborate…

Not since 1814 have the hallowed halls of the White House been breached, and even back then, it took an army to get done. The Secret service has shot down helicopters, talked down men wielding samurai swords… they kept our nation’s leaders safe. Now, we have our First Black President, and all of a sudden, a man gets to roam the halls not once, not twice, but 3 COUNT THEM three fucking times, one brandishing a damn axe in his belt, and no one thought to have him checked out, watched, or more importantly, shot once he got into The House. The one person who actually pulled their gun chickened out and hesitated, and the person who finally stopped the nut job wasn’t even on duty! The man was tackled and detained And I’m supposed to believe that this wasn’t a set up? What would have happened if the crazy bastard had actually made it to the family room while someone was actually there? Let me take a step back… Did you know that in a not too distant history (mere months people), some other crazy motherf*ckers were shooting into the White House and the First lady wasn’t made aware of the occurrence until a maid found a bullet casing on Sasha’s floor?!? The maid, not the Secret Service who are trained and charged with the protection of whoever lives in that house, the maid. Are you disgusted yet? Let’s try this…

Thank God for ineffective training and bad aim right?!? Apparently, just driving into a gas station to fill up after work is grounds for a traffic stop. Following instructions is not the right thing do because apparently, you might still warrant 5 shots being fired at you. Noted. Let’s keep talking about how colorblind America has become and how things like Affirmative Action and other anti-discrimination law are no longer necessary… because we have so much proof that Black people are treated with the same dignity and respect as White people now… But wait, there’s more…

I’ll skip the part about how happy we are that the white lives were saved and go straight to some pretty impressive facts. Did you know that the hospital refused to admit Thomas Eric Duncan, the US’s first Ebola death, until he returned in worse condition three days after his first visit to the hospital? Did you know that it took 5 (five) days for Dallas County to decontaminate the apartment, and that the family wasn’t allowed to leave the home, clean anything, or make any proper efforts to protect themselves from contracting the Ebola virus? Did you know that It took the Dallas County officials’ calling in personal favors to find somewhere for the family to stay because no one was willing to take them in otherwise?

Believe it or not folks, I am not one of those people who looks for and sees the race factor in everything. I look good in my rose-colored glasses, and I wear them with style and grace. But this shit… it would take all the sugar, all the Buffalo snow, and all of the pink paint from every Home Depot and Lowes to hide it… and the stench would still come through stronger than a corpse in a Floridian sun room.

Get your shit together ‘Murica. Your pointy hood is showing.

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