The Letter Series: Dear Racists, Bigots, and all other Hate-filled power players of society

I’ve been in a weird place this week. If you’ve been following me these last few weeks, I’ve been getting my spiritual house in order; listening to gurus and yogis, mostly Sadhguru with sprinkles of other teachers. I’m taking control of my bliss and choosing my happiness making sure that I focus on the positive experiences I’m having and not so much on the negative influences of the world. Then I listened to this, and now I have questions. You see, even if what he’s saying is only partially true, it still means that all of my efforts toward increasing pleasantness in my life are being actively trampled upon. Sadhguru says that unless someone is causing you physical harm, your displeasure is of your own making. Does that mean that as long as I’m not personally being beaten or shot at in the streets, that the jobs I haven’t gotten that would improve my ability to increase pleasantness or neighborhoods I can’t walk in simply because I was born Black and female… you probably see where I’m going with this.

3D TruthI don’t have to question the truth of any of what either Sadhguru or Dr. Claude Anderson have said. Even if there are half truths weaved in with the whole realities, my experiences creating my own joy as a human being and my experiences navigating through society as a Black person have proven both to be true. Crazy right? If I choose to ignore the injustices of the world, ignore the efforts of the racist, bigoted, hate-filled power players of society; accept my current position as my lot, I can create a world of endless joy for myself. All I have to do is give up on all of my hopes, my dreams, my aspirations… Just be happy to be alive and grateful that the sun came up on time today.

On the other hand, Sadhguru also says that pursuing pleasantness is a necessary element of being human. He explains that while internal pleasantness is completely within our control, that our external pleasantness depends on the cooperation of people and circumstance. This brings me to the point of today’s piece…


Dear Racists, Bigots, and all other Hate-filled power players of society; 

I don’t care about your quotas. I don’t care about your preconceived notions. I don’t care about your having a Black best friend. I don’t care that your third cousin’s half brother’s ex-wife’s uncle’s stepdaughter was a quarter Black on her grandfather’s side. What I do care about is that you, people like you, and your racially oblivious friends are killing my vibe. I want inner and outer pleasantness. I refuse to give up on my everything just so you can continue feeling superior. I refuse to support your status quo. I’m not asking for the 40 acres and a mule that was promised to the freed slaves of olde: that day has long passed. I’m not asking for the reparations that was given to the Jews after suffering the atrocities of Hitler’s Holocaust: that wouldn’t cover it anyway. I’m not asking for affirmative action: as of late it has been used as a tool to divide people and diminish our achievements. I’m not asking for welfare or anything you and yours might want to consider a hand out or a hand up: your so-called gifts tend to be laced with things like small pox and poison.

What I’m asking for is that you shut up, and get out of our way. More than that, I’m demanding it. Keep your media propaganda. Break your glass ceilings. Level your playing fields… better yet step out of the game. You’ve spent the last almost 16 years ruining a country that was once the greatest in the world over what? Maintaining a status quo that’s not even relevant anymore? Here’s the thing: you want pleasantness too. Wouldn’t your lives be a lot more pleasant if you could use all that negative energy doing something like… I don’t know, finding more creative ways to avoid taxes or keeping your recent stint in rehab a secret? You know you love appropriating all things Black as your own: wouldn’t it be easier to just let yourselves love us completely? See, I want you to find love, bliss, and happiness too. I don’t want to get in the way of your joy as long as it doesn’t involve you being in the way of mine. So, you stop impeding or in any way blocking my road to success and overall external pleasantness, and you can continue snorting cocaine off your favorite hooker’s ass while blasting your favorite Rick Ross remix. We all get to Do More & Require Better. Everyone wins.


4 thoughts on “The Letter Series: Dear Racists, Bigots, and all other Hate-filled power players of society

  1. Beautifully written. Bravo! Keep fighting the good fight. Logical thinking will eventually win the war. Violence only compounds the perceptions and the problems. You are doing it the right way. I hope you find peace and happiness just knowing you are doing your part to make things better. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the positive reinforcement =) I’m a pacifist at heart and thus generally prefer the diplomatic route. I hope diplomacy gets us through these trying times

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