Dear Lost Cause, err America

Let’s be real for a few minutes of your Monday afternoon.


Dear America,

I sat back on Super Bowl Sunday a day traditionally I enjoy above all sports days, most movies, presidential elections, and if we’re being honest, most holidays in any give year save Christmas, and found myself underwhelmed. You as always were at peak Superbowl hype, great commercials, a game that until the actual last few minutes was not in hand, and yet, I just wasn’t feeling it. I turned down prior to the game the exact same amount of “hey come watch the game with us” invitations as I did the day of.  Because football I watch with Mom when I’m in KC. But that wasn’t really the thing that started this off. I found myself underwhelmed by everything around the game. In years past in the name of sports we as a society have put down our arms to celebrate sports. Well to celebrate the Super bowl. Predictably we did not yesterday. Out right racism directed at Cam Newton had and has been going on all season and it like everything else, only ramped up for the game. When Beyoncé and Bruno Mars appeared during the halftime show, the racist sections of twitter I monitor as a sort of barometer of American and International issues for this site and my other work, went nuts. But I expected that. It was the average everyday people, both on my friends list, and friends of those friends I found my surprise. From comments about Beyoncé’s song choice(No White people, the Black Panthers were not a black KKK, and they do not in fact mean the same thing). To Bill RomaRacist’s Boy comment to Cam Newton being defended(I dare you to call another adult male of any race boy in person without putting up your hands in defense). To one particularly open and shockingly new racist who said this is why you can’t let black people perform at big events. If I could bear the responses, and digression from these I wouldn’t need this letter. But often in response there are mild and tame, but also extremity.

I say all that to give you back ground. Because I’m done with you. I’ve given you to date, just a month and 6 days shy of 34 years of respect. Just shy of 34 years of honor. And even with these blog posts I have tried to be what you have made me. For as I often say, I am a villain because I do not spare the world the truth of my goals and desires, and a monster because I show this world a mirror, and it fears to look into it. But I’m done. No more mirror. You don’t want to get better, because you would rather yell about the need to change or need to improve than do it. You’d rather point blame at some pre-conceived notion of an “Other” to create the us versus them narrative, than handle the actual enemies at the gate. Watching the Superbowl I realized how much the song and dance is really the only game in town. Let me show you how much of a lost cause this is.

“Love it or Leave it”

The extremity in Democrats and Republicans is at all time highs for the internet age (1992 – Present), and that has led to a lot more “if (insert name) is elected, I’m leaving the country) So let’s start right there. You aren’t leaving ya liar. And beyond the fact that you’re unable to turn off hyperbole to talk like a rational person, I have some facts to back up why you aren’t.

Here are the top 49 countries of the developed world.


Developed world

Here are, more specifically, the ones within the direct influence of the US.

First World – Industrialized Countries, within the Western European and United States’ Sphere of Influence

NATO Member States during the Cold War
Belgium Canada Denmark
France Germany Greece
Iceland Italy Luxembourg
Netherlands Norway Portugal
Spain (since 1982) Turkey United Kingdom
US Aligned States
Israel Japan Korea (South)
Former British Colonies
Australia New Zealand
Neutral and more or less industrialized capitalist countries
Austria Ireland Sweden


Why is this important?

Because without that you get into

  1. Countries that have antagonistic relationships with the US, and thus with U.S. citizens moving there.
  2. Countries with so little chance of you hitting English speakers you might as well tap out now.

So let’s look at our second group there. Conservatives looking for a No Bernie or Hillary haven, you’re up first.

Japan and Korea are out for you, besides how hard it is to learn a new language, your ability to become a citizen in Japan is a problem because of that whole, you weren’t born in Japan to two fully ethnic Japanese citizens. Both have strict gun laws, and being anything other that Korean or Japanese respectively, makes you a minority.

Australia, and New Zealand, beyond actively attempting to kill you at every turn with what would easily be called the most inordinate amount of killer nonhuman species concentrated in a given area is also home to the kinds of strict gun laws and speech laws you will run around of. A man was recently prosecuted for his Facebook comments. So no Fosters or Lord of the Rings location tour for you.

Sweden is exactly what you want to escape here, high taxes to take care of the entire population, universal single payer style healthcare, they’d make Bernie King there. RUN!

Germany isn’t a safe bet, not only do they hardcore prosecute hate crimes and hate speech(I wonder why), but they also have strict gun laws. In fact all of these do. strict gun laws, lax drug laws, mostly non-English. And the English speakers have ongoing conflict with each other(Why does that seem familiar?). We even have more than a few monarchies, all with universal health care, all with higher taxes, and all considered far more liberal and progressive than even your opposition democrats that you want to escape now. And the places that aren’t don’t actually want you moving there. What to do what to do?


But all is not sunny for the liberals.

I don’t know why you think you’re going to escape my comments. But I know you thought you were.

Let’s get back to basics. I know you just as well as I know them. You look at that list and think, man I could go there, but I could go to anywhere they consider the third world too. No, no you couldn’t. Let’s get into it shall we? First off, you’re reading this on your computer. You took time to sit down at your PC, or on your smart phone to do so. Unless you are like or are my buddy Adam Jung you aren’t built to handle long term living in less than first world accommodations. You need reliable internet access. You need reliable cell phone coverage. You need guaranteed running water in pipes in your living conditions. You need assured electricity. Your diet is filled with first world supplements. Your gym has mats, walls, weights, and trainers on muscle milk and creatine. You go to spin class and send me photos on snap chat(TheNeoSadist, mark it down). Your entire world is filled with tech and the things that supply it to such a degree that you’re locked in to USA. But so much bigger than that, you won’t leave. I know that seems like a throwaway line but I mean it. You won’t leave. You’re in love with your nationality so much that nothing else matters. In the end you love America so much you could experience a civil war over your personal right to live here and you wouldn’t leave. You’ll never be honest about that. In fact when someone says love it or leave it, you’re going to be the first to speak against them. Because that is your secret shame. For all your talk, you will never walk away.


Hyper sanity is a thing.

Someone once asked Grant Morrison about the Joker. And he said the Joker had a super sanity about him. Basically, he is so aware of everything that he above everything. In the Joker’s case so much so that he to some degree knows he is in a comic book. With America, as much as I have tried to deny it, I have this Hyper Sanity. I’m well aware that incremental change often occurs through subtle actions, and subversive means, and thus big attention means greater backlash and fewer things done. I’m also well aware that by pushing back, sometimes violently against the injustice in front of you, that things will get done on a larger scale. But I’m aware that the larger the scale the farther from the things people need. I’m so aware of this and more that I see the futility in all of it. There is no progress in pointing out the hypocrisy of LGBTQ people fighting for quality with straight people while being racist within their community. There is no progress in pointing at Men’s Rights Activists and Feminists and making them aware that their silence on the comments of the extremists among them, or extreme statements by them(Madeleine Albright of all people said there is a special place in hell for women who don’t vote for Hillary Clinton in the democratic primaries. And she can now fuck off just like Roosh V) is just as bad as openly approving of them, and makes them no better than the people they oppose.

Why do I say no progress?

Because you don’t want progress. You want to be angry. In my travels, and in my discussions I often talk to folks who have very strong political, philosophical, theological, or just generally interesting beliefs. These are great things. Difference in perspective often gives me additional things to shape my opinions or update my information with. And when I find error in myself or in my thoughts on something, I adjust and change. I even change on here if you haven’t noticed. But people so staunchly into something that they use the same vitriol of their oppossition? Well that means you love the hate more than the change. Using your opponents weapons against them, often referred to as (insert issue) judo, is a tactic for war. For battle between opposing sides. But internal change isn’t war. Improving things for all doesn’t mean defeating the other side. Change is about realization. It is about getting someone who holds one system of thought to see there is more out there and that they need to open perspective. It is about taking a viewpoint rooted in hate, misinformation, or just generally different belief and seeing that the change you want doesn’t take their underlying belief away, it just improves the life they and others have.  But every time someone has that message for people they get killed…


Lost Cause

So knowing this I’m finished with trying to help change by showing you the nature of what you are doing. I have spent my life, and indeed my blogging time specifically, trying to give you perspective. Trying to get you out of the comfort of thinking your beliefs are without flaws. When you defend Cam Newton because people have been racist to him, but attack Adele for being white, I’m done. When you saw feminists are harming society by not dealing with the female favored inequalities, but want to lead pro-rape rallies and run away because female boxers want to show up, I’m done. I have said before I am a man of constant wonder about where I stand. I believe in people being free and equal in treatment so I don’t give deference to men or women on the things I do. I don’t assume that someone who has a different ethnic background automatically has some stereotype well-known, in that background. But for not having the perfectly inline beliefs of anyone particular group on any issue I have been sexist, racist, reverse racist, uncle tom, coon, apologist, islamaphobe, gay, freak, tranny lover, fetishistic, elitist, Christian fundamentalist, pig, oaf, and so many curse words and to the person perceived slights that I, even I, won’t give them time by restating them. And that is just stuff from Americans. So I’m done. I’ve strained from taking drastic steps. From making drastic statements. I’ve decided that I’m giving up trying to change you by staying above the fray. I’ve resisted my own beliefs beyond specific instances because I believed analysis was more important. No more. You’re a lost cause. You will hate any perceived other until you die, after having passed on that legacy of hatred to your children and anyone else you can influence. You lot are lost in the forest of hatred by choice. So I’m going to leave you to it. Enjoy it. Feed on it. Choke on it. Or don’t. The best part about today for you is you will have one less person telling you not to hate. The worst part of course is, I’m no longer above the fray. If you you don’t get it. Well, Words Don’t Do it Justice!


– THE Ruthless Wonder

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