Not a Funday: Commentary on Comments

So today I’ve been handed yet another setback in a long list of them. But despite being late with this, I’m not going to bore you with it. Let’s just say I’m uniquely suited to telling problems to fuck off while I get on to the next thing. Yes it is far worse than I thought I’d have to deal with. Yes it means altering a lot of different aspects of m personal and professional life.

But it does give me perspective. Something that I am often reminded that I get from bad experiences. So let’s jump right into something I can sufficiently redirect my anger towards in order to help me calm down.

The above article is something of a quandary. A misadventure into one day landed me in the piece and for as interesting as it is(Seeing inside the mind of someone who claims to be reformed from being one of those asshole racist fucknuggets I tend to lambaste from time to time) the comment section is what actually attracted me to including it in this piece.

One of the things we have all gotten used to now a days, is that comment sections of articles are often the place where horrifying and disgusting comments go streaming out of the minds of trolls and indeed true believers of all kinds. But a basic 200 comments scan of this piece had little to nothing of that inside it. In fact most folk were bending over backwards to be accommodating of the author’s brave explanation.

But I called it a quandary for a reason. That reason is the article I read on the same day, but was posted by them 4 days earlier.

Now obviously a hot button issue here. But we have a different approach to the comments this time. So different so…well let’s just get right to it. On the one hand we have a neo nazi who has realized he was an asshole and the commenters are in love, and on the other we have the complete lack of sympathy, empathy, and just basic human decency among the rest of them. And this isn’t the only time.

Normally I would prescribe this to the fickle and fleeting nature of internet commenters. But there was a trend, dare I say a pattern, that leads me to see things for what they are.

A while back I had a long conversation with someone who actually has more degrees and time researching than anyone I’ve met who isn’t also a science based celebrity. And we got to talking about the nature of attachment to things we learn from others. And she was saying how other studies that she runs across have led her to think that at the heart of the matter, even beyond that 150 we talked about back in Main Characters and Misanthropes, people have a hard time with emotional connections outside a certain range.

But beyond that, the more bigoted and just generally prejudiced asshole you are, the more trouble you have looking at people of different walks of life. But as she and I agreed, it might have as much to do with being feed the idea you can’t relate. And in a place where you can be anonymous, the filter system you might have on keeping from expressing certain things. I mean if everyone is telling you to can’t relate, or you should relate, something might make you just want to not for your own sake.

I’m sure you’re expecting me to go off on a rant about all of this. But I’d rather leave you wondering how often you’ve dismissed a story or situation because you didn’t think about the subject from your perspective, and maybe let you marinate on the commentary in your own head. Other than that, Some changes are coming around here. And I’d tell you more but…Words Don’t Do It Justice.

– THE Ruthless Wonder

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