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Words Don’t Do It Justice: YOU are Forty Thousand Strong on our 2nd Anniversary

Just a reminder where we started.

Just a reminder where we started.

Words Don’t Do It Justice

“It was all a dream.

I used read word up magazine.”

I could keep going with that, but really I don’t feel like quoting too much of anyone else today. So let me address this with the style most comforting.

When this all began it was an idea.

The thought that we could give the world something in this blog that would be read by our friends, maybe a few co-workers and classmates. And every once in a while I’d get to deal with the issues I have to face on a daily basis by just ranting into a text window for 30 minutes to an hour and let the world read. Certainly if we accomplished that I would have called this a successful idea and when the view dwindled I’d close it up and say I had a good time.

But that isn’t what you did. And I say that isn’t what YOU did, because it is true. You are the reason this fun time didn’t turn into just another thing I used to do. YOU made it worth it to find Rufus, Ronin, Roddo, Rebellionista, Realistic Royalty, Princess Devy, Reign, The Revanchist, The Radical Ref, Carl McPhail, Xion, Driving Misty, Rhapsodic, Reason, Kudo, Rhythmic Journey, Revolution In A Jar, causeandeffect88, Bami O, Render Verdicts, Ruminated Thoughts, Keith Labell, Smooth Phuzion, Bree the V, TEH Bobbo, and all the people who wanted to commit but just didn’t have the time to write, be on the podcast, contribute music, or be interviewed.

That wasn’t just me plodding through on my own. That was you reading. That was you sharing. That was YOU telling the world our little corner of the internet was worth checking out. in the first year we did 3500 views. In 2 years we have done 40,000! Because of all of you. And now things are possible that weren’t not long ago. YOU made this happen. People asked me when I started what I expected. They asked me what I wanted. I just wanted people to listen to my thoughts sometimes. It was so simple back then. Now? Now I want the sky and everything beyond. lol just kidding.

Now I want to give you more of what you come here for. So covering Gaming, and other topics, We’re proud to announce that Nine To Five Gamer will be joining us run by Bami O. Look for the official page as well as forums soon. You’re going to read pieces from many of our alumni writers. And that long-awaited revamp/update to the site. I can’t promise you we’ll turn into a Super Villain run Huffington Post by tomorrow. Heck I can’t even promise that by next year. But I can promise we will keep hitting these hot topics with our cold analysis. I can promise we are committed to giving you what you came here for. And I can promise you I WILL NEVER FORGET what drives Words Don’t Do It Justice. Because what drives us is YOU!

My humanity wants to cry by my Super Villainy is smiling too hard and is too excited. Thank you all. THANK YOU. Every super fan. Every random reader Every casual person who checked us out a few times or just once. THANK YOU FOR ALL OF THIS FROM ALL OF US! We couldn’t have done all this without you. Words Do Not Do YOU Justice!

– THE Ruthless Wonder

To Follow and To Lead Ch3: How to make a She-Hulk Pt.1

Week 2, Friday.
Top Rankers Match:
Rank 1: Green team
Rank 2: Purple team

Both teams lined up before one another, with the ref over-seeing the traditional friendly handshake before the match. The battlefield seemed to be rearranged differently somehow. The large heavy covers that consisted of worn trucks, vans, and hollowed containers not only moved, but increased in number, almost like a maze. It appeared this round would prove a much more entertaining match, as the teams would be challenged to navigate through the the maze of covers with limited open areas around them.

As each team was sent around the field to their starting positions, Bailey looked to his team with concern. The match was set to go own for 35 minutes, because some of the participants had things to do later on. This type of match was bittersweet for the players. It made things simpler, but the lack of difficulty also made things boring for those who did this purely for the sport.

The whole time, Bailey never once stopped thinking about how he could become a better leader, despite the fact that he had already lead his team to the top ranks. They stood around checking their weapons and gear, making sure everything was in, on, and secure before the start of the next round.

Standing at the front of his pack, Bailey looked back to his team as they began to put on their “gamefaces”. Some were flexing and taking a more intimidating stance, others jumping in place to show how much energy they had to burn. “Nah… We got this… I lead, they follow. I do great, we do great.” He thought to himself as he cracked his neck a bit, and held his paint ball gun up to aim.

The horns signaled for the match to begin and both teams rushed into the maze-like field with weapons aimed forward. The sound of their boots hitting the ground was loud as they braced themselves, even though there was a wide distance between the teams. The tension intensified with each move forward. Bailey unwittingly transitioned from a power march to a full sprint and his team followed suit. He needed this win. He needed to know that he was a true leader, and that his team consisted of people who knew how to follow.

The Green Team’s rush came to a halt when they found themselves speeding into a big open area in the maze. Their opponents all camped out on their end. Everything seemed to slow down for a moment as three enemies suddenly appeared from a long container’s roof, and aimed down at all five of the Green Team’s group and began to fire.

“FALL BACK!” Bailey shouted loudly just as they were fired on. Training came in handy for this moment. Moving as fast as they did would have have made anyone think that they’d need a second to recover, turn around and move back. They were able to stop on a dime and reverse quickly, only taking two hits; one to the flank member of the group, and the other hitting Bailey’s shoulder as they got to cover. “Shit!” he grunted!, Hitting his head against the inside of the container they hid in. “Cover where we came from! They aren’t going to rush in here…” He ordered the members at the rear. They nodded and did as he said, while he checked to see the damage. “Only three hits… Okay.” He sighed, thinking that they were all tagged in that screw up on his part.

The air was now filled with the Purple Team’s howls as they celebrated an easy hit on the “top team”. “WOOOOOOOOO! What’s this? The almighty Blue Team? Hiding in a box?!” Laughed a female from the Purple Team. Bailey huffed knowing that voice too well. Rosalind Kain, The leader of the purple team. She was the kind who liked to talk when she was in the lead, and got silent when she wasn’t. Her team followed the same pattern. Previously ranked 5th, Some wouldn’t suggest taunting a team who was ahead of you.

Bailey had memorized where the members of the Purple Team had been positioned, so he took a risk and popped out and took a shot in that direction. Managing to hit one of them miraculously he laughed, “HA!” before back into the container, and the edge of it was pelted with purple paint. “Your going to look reaaal good on my team, after we give you a new paint job!” He laughed, earning a few chuckles from his team members as well. Silence filled the air once more as they quieted down. This meant that Rosalind and the Purple Team were going to get serious.

“Only one shot on them… Can’t get cocky. Lets head back and find another way around.” He whispered to his team. The two behind him followed his lead while the others watching the flank made sure it was safe to move ahead.

Feeling restless, Bailey move a bit faster through the flipped cars and covers, wanting badly to win and be done with this match. His team was steadily picking up on his anxiousness, watching him carefully through the shade of their helmets. Just as he was about to rush out into the open, he was pulled back by his teammate behind him, narrowly escaping another hit as several paint balls came whizzing pass through the spot he had just been standing in.

“I don’t know what your rush is, but I thought we were trying to win!” His teammate said to him. He held him by his vest against the wall. The others looked on with the same expression they looked at Bailey with. He took a deep breath and swatted the arm against him away.

Edwin R. Nato was the self-appointed second-in-command of the Green Team, and had appointed himself unquestioned after making up for unforeseen incidents in their plans during previous matches. He was also responsible for keeping team friction down and speaking for “everyone” when needed. It had been awhile since Bailey was the issue that needed addressing, and he never seemed to take it well when the time came.

The purple team continued to fire random shots at the exit they stood near, as if waiting for him to pop out once more and try something. It had already been 15 minutes, and they were losing. Baily leaned back against the wall and hit his head back against it. “Dammit…” He groaned under his breath as he tried to think. “Maybe the other way? No… They’ll be expecting us to go back.. they have us pinned! Only two ways forward, we can’t get out of this… What can I do?!” he grunted out loud, Nato looked to him with the most annoyed expression.

Seeing to how his leader was busy trying to figure away out of it, Nato looked to the remaining three members of the team. “Alright… they have likely split into two groups and are watching both entrances. They are in the lead, so they don’t plan on taking any risk and entering the field to come after us. We need to use this to our advantage.” He went silent for a moment, before looking to the others who were planning as well. Bailey had truly left this world and was trying to think of something on his own while the others brainstormed.

“Good, Good. Okay, you two head to the other entrance and get to work. Now we just need a way to lure them….” Nato said after the four configured a working plan. They all slowly peered at their leader with expressions as insidious as they could muster.


Words Don’t Do It Justice: Breaking News

Just a reminder where we started.

Just a reminder where we started.

Over the weekend we were very close to an amazing achievement.

On Monday it was so tantalizingly close I was thinking of dropping a post just to help push it over after the Holidays Don’t Do It Justice post.

But Tuesday Night after Posts from Ruminated Thoughts and of course from THE Ruthless Wonder reacting to the decision by the Darren Wilson Grand Jury, we hit a milestone that if I’m honest I didn’t expect until 2015.


On Behalf of the Weekends Don’t Do It Justice Writers Reason, Kudo, Xion, and Lucremo.

On Behalf of the Words Don’t Do It Justice Guest Bloggers, The Justice League.

On Behalf of the Words Don’t Do It Justice Alumni writers

On Behalf of the Keith Labell and Smooth Phuzion who provide music for The WDDIJcast and The WRATH of Ruthless.

On Behalf of Reign, The Revanchist, Ruminated thoughts, and Ronin

And on Behalf of 314 Publishing, Imperial Dreams Productions, and WORDS DON’T DO IT JUSTICE

THE Ruthless Wonder is proud to announce that as of November 25th, 2014 Words Don’t Do It Justice has reached 9,200 views!

ALL Because of YOU!

ALL Because of YOU! Photo edit credit: JohnHenry Balsa

And we have you to thank.

Every one of you who shares us with you friends on facebook and your followers on twitter.

Every one of you who comes back even on days when no one has posted just to see if something is dropping.

Every one of you who has stuck by us since my very first post to this very day.

Thank you for being our superfans.

Thank you for believing in us.

Words do no do you justice.


I could say it a thousand times and it wouldn’t be enough. But I’ll say it one more time.

We love you all.

Thank you!


THANK YOU! Photo Edit Credit: Steven Cockrell

– YOUR Ruthless Wonder

To Follow And To Lead Chapter 2: Fifty Shades of Livid

Chapter 2: Fifty Shades of Livid

Week 2, Sunday. Lowest Rank’s Match.
The sky was an ominous dark gray in the sky over the field that Sunday. One of the three referees, Gavin, had just finished tallying the points. Bailey sat there on the sidelines, looking on in some shock at the results of the match between Gray and Blue. Looking to the two teams as they lined up before one another. Still and proud stood the Blue team, while the Gray team looked about ready to storm off in a furious fit.

Ref.Gavin: “Blue team, 78! Gray team, 77! Blue team is Victorious!” He announced to the sky, the only other listener besides Bailey.
Bailey was in disbelief; as if watching his favorite movie for the millionth time, and discovering something big and important about it that he should not have missed, but can’t comprehend.
It was a single point that they one by, but how? When did the previously lowest ranked team some how become capable of standing on equal ground with the previous champions? Bailey’s thoughts raced; not at all acknowledging that this team was more upset over this sudden close in the gap between lowest and highest ranked.

Bailey: As the two teams began heading toward their vehicles, Bailey moved toward them swiftly, before they got away. A member of the blue team raised his head toward Bailey, only to to be brushed passed aggressively with Bailey calling out to the leader of the Grey team. “Will! You got a second?” He asked him as Will and his teammates began to remove their helmets. Grunts and groans and ‘Dammits’ filled the air around them, with one tossing his paint ball gun down into the ground with more than enough aggression.

Will looked reluctantly to the only one who bothered to watch their match. His hair was black and short cut with lifted bangs, and his skin was what some would call ‘Sexy Mocha’. His gear hid his physique, though he looked a bit wide. Bailey stopped before them next to the small restroom building, waiting for an answer from him before he went any further.

Will: “I’ll catch up with y’all in a sec.” He told his team, waving them off to head to the van. As they walked away, Will walked over to the paint gun that was tossed down moments ago. He looked to it with a distant expression, as if he had just come from a funeral. He took this loss pretty hard. “So, what do you want, Green?” he asked with a calm tone that betrayed his own upset expression.

Bailey explained his amazement in his team’s progress, noting that they had gotten incredibly skilled in such a short amount of time.While he praised his efforts, this did nothing to please Will, who simply waited for the point. While Bailey wanted to ask him about how he lead his team so far in a short time, he was unable to ignore this brooding energy that Will continued to give off.

Bailey: You don’t look happy about the fact that you tied with Blue. The team who literally makes everyone their enemy the second they enter the fray… What’s with this depressing reaction? You nearly beat the best-

Will: -NEARLY! Beat the best! Nearly!” Will cutting him off, slamming his fist against the wall.
“Ya know what’s funny? We all thought that a cloudy gray sky in stead of clear blue some how…..Somehow symbolized a victory against a team that makes everyone it’s enemy upon entry! How the hell were we supposed to beat them as the lowest ranking team?!?” He asked, his hands darting this way and that as he spoke his mind. “You know what it’s like! You have to! Being second place, being right near the top but falling short? Ya know what’s worse than missing your bus? Missing it by seconds!” He huffed, pressing his forehead to the wall and shutting his eyes tightly. “What if we moved faster? What if we paid more attention? what if…. What if? How frustrating is that? If I had taken two less shots, we’d be the winners-Heck! One less shot and we would have been just as good as them!” He said as if fighting back something he wanted to say. His body had been tensing up the whole time as he vented, and finally seemed to relax. “As leader of my team, I have to go back to them and keep my head held high. To encourage them, and to give them hope. But I feel just the same as they do. Is this what being a leader is really like?” He asked as he slowly turned his head from the wall he was grinding his forehead into.

Bailey took all he said to heart, having never considered that before. His reactions to losing to the blue team were always viewed as a lesson learned, and his team never showed any hard feelings over a loss or two, no matter how close. But what if the others felt the same as Will and his team? What if they kept it from him to spare his feelings and keep pushing forward? As he had these thoughts, Will was already leaving, simply wanting to get a drink and forget his bitterness.

Bailey: “Will!” Bailey called out to him. Will simply kept walking though, not intent to hear anything else he had to say about the topic. “Gray and Green are the only teams to have ever lost by two points against Blue!” He reminded him, Will’s feet planting there. “Just as good as the Rank one team, and I won’t have you acting like a chump when you know how hard all of us teams together work to hit them!” He smirked,
Will didn’t turn to him, though he did seem to listen. His his back toward him he slowly walked forward, two fingers up as if he acknowledged his words, and nothing more. The sound of the engine starting up seemed to take the Gray team off edge before they drove off on their way. Bailey looked to the opposite direction where the Blue team’s ride was, only to see that it was gone, likely while he was listening to Will. There was much to take from what Will said, a Leader… Just another member of the team, but carries their burdens forward along with them to victory. As he went toward his ride home, he continued to analyze his thoughts and what he learned today.

As Will sat in the back of his van, he listened to his team bicker about the mistakes they made, each one building on the negativity that the other stacked. As they continued blaming one another for their loss, Will began to laugh. His sudden cackling seemed to break the vicious cycle easily.

Will: “Two points away…. Two. Points. AWAY. And I know you all saw how I made that one guy lose his footing with shot knee!” he grinned, looking to the confused lot, even the one driving stopping the car to look back at him. “Oh what, any of you think you did better than that?” He asked them before in no time the group bragged to one another over the victories and highlights of their mere miniature battles.

The van finally began moving after they all began to discuss what they learned from the match, in a more positive manner. Will took a deep breath, silently thanking Bailey for his help, and looking forward to beating him on the field with an egotistical smile.

(Weekends Don’t Do It Jusitce) To Follow and To Lead Chapter 1: Lets start over.(Part 2)

Last Time on To Follow and To Lead:


The loud blaring of air horns from all four corners of the field filled the air and everyone seemed to come to their senses, halting the rush just as the Blue team got on the field. Upset over the end of the game just when it was getting good, a member of the brown’s stepped forward and removed his teammate’s helmet and took a deep breath. Jim Fairway, the leader of the brown team was of average build, in height and weight, and almost everything else as well, only excelling in one thing.

Jim: “YOU’VE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! YOU CLOWNS SHOW UP NOW?!? JUST AS THE MATCH IS ENDING?!?!?” He shouted out loudly as he tossed his gun and helmet to the ground and stormed toward the blue team with a violent demeanor. His voice was the loudest thing there, making the horns seem weaker for it.

Part 2

As he did this, one of his teammates cut him off, removing her helmet and looking to him with a rather easy going expression despite his fight-ready body language. His second-in-command, Inginia, stepped in to stop his advance before he did anything rash. She had a similar build as an average female, but noticeably taller than everyone else on her team.

Inginia: “Lets not get all bent out of shape! Remember, this is still a game. We all wanted a piece of them, but it looks like something more interesting has happened instead.” She said as she looked to blue, the group that seemed to be at the top of everyone’s hit list.

Jim was never as quick to catch on to things as most, looking to her as if she spoke in an alien language. The green team, having emerged from the popular campsite headed over to them as they spoke, their leader removing his helmet next. Bailey looked like the cliche team leader, his uniform almost tailored to show off his gym sculpted body, and masculine facial features.

Bailey: “Agreed. This match and the next 5 are meant to re-evaluate the ranks. Taking away our current ranks and giving us six rounds to change, for better or worse. And since the top ranked team blue missed it….” He explained, leaving Jim to figure out the rest as he looked to the group in question.

Jim grunted a little, still not seeming all that happy over the results. Inginia looked to him and couldn’t figure out why he was still sour, figuring he’d be happy about the fact that they now had a lead on the supposed ‘best team.’

Jim: “Nah, I want to face them and win. Forget all that technical crap!” He said with the pride of lion, and his fist against his chest. As the teams all pooled into the center of the field to get the results for this round, the Blue team silently went back and forth, something that Jim and Inginia noticed a lot. It seemed as if the five were talking, but didn’t make a sound, hands and arms flailing about, but not a peep other than the sound of their gear ruffling.

Jim: “….. How do we keep losing to those weirdos?” He huffed, his annoyance over the blue team earning a chuckle from Inginia who stood beside him with the rest of their group who kept their helmets on.

Wearing the classic referee colors, the three of them stood before the teams to give them their results.

Green: 1st
Purple: 2nd
Brown: 3rd
Pink: 4th
Yellow: 5th
Orange: 6th
Grey: 7th
Blue: 8th

“Further details will be sent out later, but these are the current rankings. As well, a new rule was has been added to this tournament. Rank up matches are now allowed, where you can issue a challenge to the team ranked above you for their spot outside of the main matches every other Thursday as long as the challenged team agrees and one of the three refs sanctions the match! That is all for today. Good fight teams!” The ref saluted the lot by bring all limbs in to a stomp, while the right arm extended to the right in a fist, everyone doing that same pose in return.

The once overcast clouds had now parted to reveal an auburn sky; the perfect setting for the teams departing in their rides. Each had a truck of some sort and each team rode with all of it’s members, likely that they knew one another outside of the field. As they were all leaving, the Blue team stayed behind, looking over the field and which covers were used the most. The five of them moved around the field slowly, head’s shaking in disappointment as they inspected the area, along with other body gestures that suggested they were upset with how they managed to get here so late. The driver of their vehicle looked to them the whole time, an older woman dressed in business attire, as if she had somewhere important to be. In fact, their driver, Alice Huins, who worked in commercial design, was in an important meeting that afternoon. That’s when she got a text from one of them asking her when she would pick them up. This was due to a promise she made prior, leading to her cutting the meeting short and had her rushing home to switch her Red 2015 Lexus IS, for her rundown pickup truck whose brand she could not recall. Even though she potentially ruined herself by rushing through something so important to her career, she felt bad about the whole thing, realizing that she forgot her promise to get them to the field for this. The team could have blamed her for their lateness, but that wouldn’t be fair considering what she did to get them here and they all seemed to be on the same page about that without being verbal. Somehow. By the time they finished looking over the field, they returned to the truck to find their driver asleep, to no ones surprise, and carefully moved her to the passenger’s seat with one of them getting behind the wheel to take them home. While she was asleep, she could faintly hear the noise from coming from the back; the stomping and clanking in rhythm. She seemed to rest abit easier hearing this, the sound of a team even more pumped about the coming matches rather than upset.

Overlooking his neighborhood that night, Bailey came to the window of his apartment on the 12th floor, looking out over the lights as everyone prepared to turn in for the night. Having just gotten himself purged of the paint that sneaked in passed his gear, he looked to his phone and tapped it a few times, making a late night call.

Bailey: “Hey. Yeah, it was a good match, considering- Oh, you heard too? I think they did it on purpose…. Coming in late and being forced to start from scratch…. Why wouldn’t they? Simple, a perfect way for them to reinforce their domination over us. When’s the last time you saw team blue anywhere but at the top? Yes. And by the time we finish, they can challenge each team and climb up one by one just to show us how much more skilled they are. I’ve been trying to figure out what makes them so much better than us, and me and everyone else turned to them when they showed up… Like we all knew to band together because something bigger than us arrived.” As Bailey spoke, he paced back and forth in his apartment, rubbing his face in frustration and kicking his helmet to the side. “I just want to win… I want to lead my team to victory. Being at the top is shallow if we couldn’t survive on the field with Blue. I don’t think any of the other teams even cared for the rankings either, not like anyone even got excited over it.”

On the other end of the phone, the man that Bailey spoke to smiled and looked to the full moon from his car at the top of a parking lot. “What does it mean? to lead? You mentioned that this team doesn’t speak when they are around. How do they follow or lead without communication verbally? Do they all just know what to do already? Do they use telepathy?” he asked him with a hint of sarcasm.

Bailey thought long and hard about the question, ignoring obvious answers and looking for more. He had always felt that picking the right lot and directing them well was what it meant, but now he was unsure. Was having a team that knew how to take orders really the best kind of team? And was he leading them well enough?

“I can tell that your busting your brain trying to figure this out, I can hear that head of yours whistling like a kettle. Stop trying to reach an answer. I simply want you to think about it, Bailey. If your goal is to lead your team to victory, you need to know what it truly means to lead.” He told him before a jingling sound signaled the call being dropped.

“What does it mean to lead…” Bailey said to himself as he peered over to his helmet sitting against the wall he kicked it to. The moonlight gleamed off of the lime green of it, not a single scratch to be found from head shots; all but a thin blue streak that he could never get off no matter how hard he tried. A visage that once upset him now sparked the fires of competition as he grabbed it and a few tools, humming and beat-boxing a tune eerily similar to the stomping of the blue team during their drive.

(Weekends Don’t Do It Jusitce) To Follow and To Lead Chapter 1: Lets start over.(Part 1)

Welcome to the new face of Weekends Don’t Do it Justice. You’ll notice today that there will be more than one Weekend post. And that’s because we have 2 dynamic new writers coming in (Lucremo might come back too). First up is Kudo who’s new series is called To Follow and To Lead. Our second new author will Debut her piece next week, but we’ll be introducing her later today as well. So look to hear from “The Voice of Reason” very soon. For now though; Sit back, Relax, and enjoy Part 1 of Chapter 1 of Kudo’s To Follow And To Lead: Let’s Start Over.


To Follow and To Lead Chapter 1: Lets start over.(part1)

The inhuman air of anticipation seemed to make the sound and feel of the pick-up truck against the rocky road seem like nothing, as a group of five people sat around in the back, a large red rain cover tented over the top of it. The group was dressed in heavy looking blue camouflage gear, and armed with what heavy weapons in toll. The mask they wore hid their faces and the attire they wore was heavy and hid both gender and skin color. As they all sat shoulder to shoulder, rocking back and forth almost in rhythm.

The Drive seemed to go on for another hour or so with nothing but stillness; no words, no sounds, not a single action to suggest they were even human at this point. It was then that the of them began to tap their foot, getting looks from the others in a slow manner, as if to discourage what they were doing just then. But soon another joined in, and then another, getting a good sound going. The last two began to clank their guns together, bouncing around on the bumpy road but never losing beat.

Just as the pick-up truck came to a halt, suddenly the sound of whizzing shots hit or missed the truck they were in. A loud thudding came from the window to the driver’s seat, the silhouette of a hand patting to it. One of the five kneeled at the center and rested his firearm to his chest and with his gloved hands began to put out an array of hand signals, point to each with a particular set of hand signs. Each nodded after receiving their orders before they rushed from the back of the van, the tent flapping open as they rushed into the overcast sky and paint splattered grass field.

What looked to be an old soccer ball field was now the site for a game of paint ball that seemed to be a regular thing, with the vast amount of dried paint all around. There were several abandoned trucks, jeeps, and even a few old freight liners toppled over to create more cover and hiding space. The stands on the left and right of the field were pretty high up and acted as both a stand for spectator friendly matches and a shooting range for target practice… For unwanted Spectators.

The battlefield was live; with several teams rushing around with the bravado of true soldiers in the midst of war. With each team wearing it’s own custom uniforms, and helmets or masks that protected their faces as well as hiding them. This made it hard for anyone to tell who the leader was unless there was a major visual flaw, or if one was capable of picking up on soldier’s habits on the field. A team of six in brown rushes toward a flipped semi-trailer in the classic ‘Flying-V’ formation, where a team in green were held up, firing from the safety of it’s doors which made for great cover. As team brown made with their way towards green’s nest, A wheel-jacked jeep’s doors opened to reveal three members in gray, preparing fire on the seemingly unsuspecting brown from the left side. Almost on cue, the three of the Brown’s group on the left of the formation all turned their torso’s a full 90 degrees and opened fire on the jeep,without stopping or slowing down at all. While it was an effective tactic, it ended up making them easier targets, simply aiming for the center of the jeep would grant more hits since they were all stuck in that general area.
This was when the truck pulled in at the ‘clear zone’ at the far end of the field that seemed relatively clean with just dead grass and no paint other than some red. The five charged into the field around them, dozens of others dressed in some sort of camouflage, pinks, purples, yellows, oranges all looked to the blue team with great concern. All weapons turned on the five, groups that were having their own private spats on the field quickly stopped to take aim at the New arrivals. But team Blue show now falter, their bravado like a pack of hunger wolves rushing toward their prey. Not a sound was in the air, but the heavy marching of the blue, who were seconds away from leaving the clear zone and entering the fray. Several teams left their places and rushed toward them, masks worn by all teams hid expressions that would range from fear to thrills, but all would be revealed in the next few-


The loud blaring of air horns from all four corners of the field filled the air and everyone seemed to come to their senses, halting the rush just as the Blue team got on the field. Upset over the end of the game just when it was getting good, a member of the brown’s stepped forward and removed his team made helmet and took a deep breath. Jim Fairway, the leader of the brown team was of average build, in height and weight, and almost everything else as well, only excelling in one thing.

Jim: “YOU’VE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! YOU CLOWNS SHOW UP NOW?!? JUST AS THE MATCH IS ENDING?!?!?” He shouted out loudly as he tossed his gun and helmet to the ground and stormed toward the blue team with a violent demeanor. His voice was the loudest thing there, making the horns seem weaker for it.