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John Gray: A Tale of Hearts Part X

Welcome to the Mystery World of Reason…

“One more time, tell us exactly what happened when this woman, came here.” I say to Jason, the gas station clerk showing him the picture of our killer.

“Well she came in and was looking around, but she didn’t buy anything. Now I realize she was probably just waiting for everyone to leave.” Jason says, “When everyone was gone she came up to the counter and handed me this letter. Then she said, ‘Wait ten minutes then call the police’. I tried asking her what this was all bout but she just walked away.”

“And why didn’t you call us right away?” Steve asks.

“I don’t know.” Jason says plainly.

“And you’re sure this is the woman you saw?” Captain Philip asks Jason.

“Yes, Sir.” Jason replies, “What is this all about?”

“A murder investigation.” I say as I walk out of the gas station. I need to clear my head.

“John.” Stone says, “Are you alright?”

“No I’m not.” I say pacing back and forth, “How could she be this close? She’s really bold you know. She could have picked any gas station, but she picks the one that is closest to our office. TO THE FBI OFFICE! Is she crazy or does she want to get caught? Or maybe she’s so arrogant that she thinks she can walk right next to us and we won’t notice. Or maybe she thinks we’re that dumb.”

“Why don’t you take the rest of the day John?” Cap says walking out of the gas station.

“I’m good.” I say. “Have they figured out what the letter says and what language it’s in?”

“When was the last time you went to therapy?” Cap asks.

“I don’t know.” I say, “A couple of days ago, but I haven’t had any blackouts so like I said I’m good.”

“He’s telling the truth Cap.” Steve says, “I’ve been watching him.”

“Alright.” Cap says, “Let’s head back to the office, and see if they’ve translated the letter.”

We all head back to the office and I can tell I am not the only one on edge. “Cap, we have to do something.” Steve says.

“She was right under our nose.” Stone says.

“She’s so arrogant.” Chambers says.

“This killer isn’t arrogant. She’s determined.” I say, “Which is even worse. She has a mission and she is determined to complete it, to matter what.”

“Usually sociopaths deescalate and make a mistake, but this woman hasn’t made a mistake yet.” Steve says, “Except for leaving that hair with DNA on it wrapped around the baby’s hand, but there’s no way she could have even known that.”

“Yeah.” I say, “That really was just luck…for us anyway.”

“Steve, John go to the location agent Minder gave us.” Cap says, “Stone, Chambers go talk to the guy that runs the Doctor’s Fantasy website and see if we can find out more about ‘Amanda’s’ profile.”

“Cap, you never did tell us how the killer kidnapped the twins?” Steve asks.

“The killer posed as a babysitter.” Cap says.

“What?” I ask. “Did she have references?”

“Yes.” Cap says, “All her references ‘checked out’ according to the parents, but I don’t think they actually checked.”

“Why do you say that?” Stones asks.

“We checked those so called references and they came up fake.” Cap says, “If the parents had bothered to call any one of those numbers they would have seen that none of them were real.”

“Why wouldn’t they check?” Steve asks, “That doesn’t make sense.”

“They’re young.” Cap says, “And they and I quote ‘had a really cool party to go to’”

“I’m walking away now.” I say.

“That was my reaction.” Cap says.

Steve and I go to the Locks of Love location agent Minder gave us and when we walk in, there is a lady at the front desk frantically trying to organize a large pile of papers and boxes. “Ma’am, I’m detective Gray, this is detective Meres. Is the manager available?” I say showing her my badge.

“Yes, hi. I’m Margaret.” Margaret says pushing papers and boxes left and right, “Sorry about the mess. We don’t usually have visitors, this is just the sorting office.”

“No worries.” Steve says.

“Deb is on her way, she’s late.” Margaret says, “She’s the manager. Why do you guys want to talk to Deb?”

“Margaret, that’s a pretty name.” I say.

Margaret stops what she is doing and smiles shyly, “Thanks. No one has ever told me that before.”

“I can’t imagine why.” I say, “A beautiful name for a beautiful girl, it makes sense.”

Margaret giggles then says, “Oh my you’re making me blush, but thank you. You’re a very handsome guy. What nationality are you?”

“I’m Haitian.” I say, “And yourself?”

“I’m from Jamaica.” Margaret says blushing.

“Hey, sorry I’m late.” A woman says, coming into the office. She must be Deb.

I look at Steve and he approaches Deb, “Hello you must be Deb. My name is Detective Steve Meres. Is there somewhere private we can talk?”

“Yes, of course.” Deb says, “Come into my office.”

“Aren’t you going with them?” Margaret asks looking at her feet.

“I’d rather be out here talking to you.” I say.

Margaret looks at me and smiles, “I don’t know what to say.”

“So how long have you been working here beautiful?” I ask.

“Well, about five years now.” Margaret responds.

“That’s a long time.” I say, “Do you like it?”

“I love it.” Margaret says.

I walk around the desk so I am closer to Margaret. “What do you like about it?” I ask leaning on the desk.

“I don’t know.” Margaret says, “It’s a quiet job, and I get fulfillment, knowing I’m helping people who have cancer.”

“Wow so you’re not only beautiful, you have a beautiful heart.” I say looking into Margaret’s eyes.

“Thank you.” Margaret says looking down.

“So how does this all work?” I ask pointing to all the boxes.

“When people donate their hair we send them a package and they send it back with the hair.” Margaret explains, “We have very specific instructions and requirements on what we’ll accept.”

“Hmm.” I say, “And what about the people receiving the hair, what’s that process like.”

“They have requirements as well, they go through a screening process.” Margaret says.

“Do you keep a record of everyone you donate to?” I ask, “Like if I wanted to know who a particular hair was donated to could I get that info.”

“Well, I don’t know about other offices, but we keep a really tight record of every transaction.” Margaret says whispering, “Deb is kind of a control freak.”

“There’s a lady who donated her hair to this office.” I say.

“Oh.” Margaret says.

“If I gave you her name could you look to see who it was donated to?” I ask smiling at Margaret.

“Well…” Margaret hesitates, “I’m not really supposed to give out that kind of information.”

“I understand.” I say moving away from Margaret and heading towards the door.

“But.” Margaret says, “If you don’t tell anyone. I could look it up for you.”

I smile at Margaret and walk back towards her. I tell her agent Minder’s name, “I wouldn’t tell anyone. It would be between you and me.”

Margaret smiles and starts to look through a bunch of papers. Then she looks through the computer, “Here it is.” Margaret says. “Miss Dorothy Minder donated 20 inches of red hair, hmm and that hair went to a…Beatrice Walker.”

“Wow, Margaret you made my day.” I say, “Do you have contact information for Beatrice?”

“I made your day? Really?” Margaret says looking at me.

“Yes, you did.” I say smiling, “The contact info?”

“Oh right.” Margaret says. “I’ll write it down for you.”

Margaret hands me a piece of paper with an address and two phone numbers. “Thank you Margaret, excuse me for a second.” I walk towards the door to contact Captain and the office.

“The second number is my number by the way.” Margaret says, “Call me anytime.”

“Yeah, yeah of course.” I say, “Excuse me I just have to make a quick phone call.”

I call Cap and give them the information Margaret provided soon after Steve walks out shaking his head and says, “Detective.”

“Is there anything else I can do for you Detective Gray?” Margaret says smiling at me.

“No, Margaret, you’ve done a lot.” I say.

Steve and I walk out of the office and when we get in the car he says, “I sure hope your plan worked, because I got nothing from Deb.”

“She gave me the name, number, and address of the person who received the donated hair from agent Minder.” I say looking at Steve smiling.

“Seriously?” Steve says, “Do you know what this means John?”

“Yup” I say, “We could be on our way to finding our serial killer.”

Words Don’t Do It Justice: YOU are Forty Thousand Strong on our 2nd Anniversary

Just a reminder where we started.

Just a reminder where we started.

Words Don’t Do It Justice

“It was all a dream.

I used read word up magazine.”

I could keep going with that, but really I don’t feel like quoting too much of anyone else today. So let me address this with the style most comforting.

When this all began it was an idea.

The thought that we could give the world something in this blog that would be read by our friends, maybe a few co-workers and classmates. And every once in a while I’d get to deal with the issues I have to face on a daily basis by just ranting into a text window for 30 minutes to an hour and let the world read. Certainly if we accomplished that I would have called this a successful idea and when the view dwindled I’d close it up and say I had a good time.

But that isn’t what you did. And I say that isn’t what YOU did, because it is true. You are the reason this fun time didn’t turn into just another thing I used to do. YOU made it worth it to find Rufus, Ronin, Roddo, Rebellionista, Realistic Royalty, Princess Devy, Reign, The Revanchist, The Radical Ref, Carl McPhail, Xion, Driving Misty, Rhapsodic, Reason, Kudo, Rhythmic Journey, Revolution In A Jar, causeandeffect88, Bami O, Render Verdicts, Ruminated Thoughts, Keith Labell, Smooth Phuzion, Bree the V, TEH Bobbo, and all the people who wanted to commit but just didn’t have the time to write, be on the podcast, contribute music, or be interviewed.

That wasn’t just me plodding through on my own. That was you reading. That was you sharing. That was YOU telling the world our little corner of the internet was worth checking out. in the first year we did 3500 views. In 2 years we have done 40,000! Because of all of you. And now things are possible that weren’t not long ago. YOU made this happen. People asked me when I started what I expected. They asked me what I wanted. I just wanted people to listen to my thoughts sometimes. It was so simple back then. Now? Now I want the sky and everything beyond. lol just kidding.

Now I want to give you more of what you come here for. So covering Gaming, and other topics, We’re proud to announce that Nine To Five Gamer will be joining us run by Bami O. Look for the official page as well as forums soon. You’re going to read pieces from many of our alumni writers. And that long-awaited revamp/update to the site. I can’t promise you we’ll turn into a Super Villain run Huffington Post by tomorrow. Heck I can’t even promise that by next year. But I can promise we will keep hitting these hot topics with our cold analysis. I can promise we are committed to giving you what you came here for. And I can promise you I WILL NEVER FORGET what drives Words Don’t Do It Justice. Because what drives us is YOU!

My humanity wants to cry by my Super Villainy is smiling too hard and is too excited. Thank you all. THANK YOU. Every super fan. Every random reader Every casual person who checked us out a few times or just once. THANK YOU FOR ALL OF THIS FROM ALL OF US! We couldn’t have done all this without you. Words Do Not Do YOU Justice!

– THE Ruthless Wonder

Weekend With Ruthless: Happy Birthday REIGN!

Bloody Justice

Now some may say “My that’s a specific topic for a weekend with ruthless post.” Don’t worry it was just to make sure everywhere you share this post is a Happy Birthday to our wonderful writer Reign. Y’all know what she’s meant to WDDIJ. I don’t even need to explain again. But… Reign Appreciation! 

Now back to your regularly scheduled Weekend Ramble

Why are geeks and Nerds so damned annoying these days?

You might remember that previously I’ve run pieces on the complex relationship between myself and the geek and nerd community. This comes to mind.  Also this comes to mind. Most certainly you remember this piece and of course this one. You could come to the conclusion if that was all your read of me, that I somehow hate the culture I once considered myself truly a part of. But few things are farther from the truth. The reality is I distance myself often to get perspective. To be objective. And above all to get free of the stupid echo chamber that develops no matter what side you take in the random intra sub culture conflicts that today pop up with names like GamerGate.

You might notice our newest writer The 9 to 5 Gamer himself Bami O is the one exclusively covering that matter. For good reason. I’m not a gamer geek. I’m not even an ex Nintendo Nerd (#TeamSega). So as usual I leave those matters to those who have the right mind for them. Also stay tuned for big news regarding Mr. 9to5 and the WDDIJ network. BIG NEWS. Anyway. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks watching commenting, and in some cases engaging in the conversations that pop up in some geek and nerd centric communities. Both on Facebook and in Forums. I haven’t popped into the realm of reddit because I hear enough horror stories.

One thing that I do notice is a lot more conflict on things that don’t ultimately make the community stronger. What do I mean? Well there is always going to be some pushing and shoving between people who bring up gender equality, racial equality and sexual orientation as it relates to games, and the people who don’t want to deal with it. But I have noticed a lot lately that people are bringing up these issues, not to head towards solutions, but to browbeat anyone who disagrees. What do I mean? When you call out developers for not having enough black women in games in a facebook group with only the most scant of possibilities for a game maker to be on them, you really are just trying to see who will disagree with you.

And this style of interaction is everywhere. It isn’t just in the geeks and nerds online. It is often in the classrooms, and bars, and social gatherings of completely non-geek affiliated people. So if geeks are smarter, why do they do this stupid thing? I don’t really have an answer for it. I genuinely can’t grasp why they’ve gotten so unaware of themselves. And the sad part is this is not the only annoyance. Nor is it the greatest one.

For me the greatest annoyance lately is the so called “real fans” issue. Known to the philosophy majors and english majors as the No real scotsman logical fallacy, this shit is everywhere. No real fan of transformers likes Micheal Bay’s movies. No real fan of comics liked Watchmen. Real fans hate Teen Titans Go. Real fans stand up for this or that, or the third thing we forgot. It is a plague on my mental faculties. The things I expect and deal with from the non-nerd masses were supposed to be far more rare among the intellectual elite. But the same crap comes. And whether it is White Knight based simp attitudes, Neanderthal

And whether it is White Knight based simp attitudes, Neanderthal Psuedo-Macho bullshit, Sociopath Fem dominant feminism, or Stupidly cautious Conservative feminine traditionalism, it doesn’t go away. Hell Patricia Arquette, Michelle Rodriguez, Neil Patrick Harris, Terrance Howard, and fucking Bill O’Reilly aren’t even getting covered by me on this Weekend Piece because the geek reactions to them and the stupid infighting is so annoying. Annoying enough that I don’t even openly refer to myself as an ex nerd or ex geek anymore. I’ve taken the Rae Sremmurd approach of just saying “I like what I like” and tossing in a Kanye shrug. Think about how terrifying that is.

The more intelligent you are, the more you should drive the conversation to better solutions in my book. My idea? For now support things like Wolf-PAC and MAYDAY-PAC. By getting the money influence out of politics and supporting the right candidates until then, a lot of the problems in geek and nerd culture can be solved, or directly addressed. Taking the hands on approach with things you want changed. If Cosplayers can get cons to voluntarily adopted anti-harassment rules written by a non-lawyer, if LoL players can convince the devs to ban abusive players, then you should be doing what is needed to make the change you want to see, happen.

Hate the movie roles? Make some movies. Hate the gender roles in games? Make some games or support some game makers. Hate the way Law and Order, and movies like Gamer portray you in public? How about you help me build a PAC to run the attack for you? More on that later. For now though. Support your own. Help build them up. Go tell young school age girls about STEM positions. Go talk to young boys about how they handle growing up without being patronizing. Go check out OtaKast Radio Network, 9to5 Gamer, 314 Publishing, Imperial Dreams Productions, and all of our partners and friends in the links to the side. But most of all Share Words Don’t Do It Justice with everyone you know. Why? Because I mean it when I say Hot Topics, Cold Analysis. We turn our keyboards and posts at everyone. No one gets a pass just because they like us. The most objective analysis of subjective material on the internet. Lead by YOUR favorite Super Villain. Almost 2 years in and still nothing’s changed. So think about what you’re doing. And to the geeks and nerds don’t get all in your feels because I called you out today. I could have gone much longer but Words Don’t Do It Justice!


– THE Ruthless Wonder

Words Don’t Do It Justice: Breaking News

Just a reminder where we started.

Just a reminder where we started.

Over the weekend we were very close to an amazing achievement.

On Monday it was so tantalizingly close I was thinking of dropping a post just to help push it over after the Holidays Don’t Do It Justice post.

But Tuesday Night after Posts from Ruminated Thoughts and of course from THE Ruthless Wonder reacting to the decision by the Darren Wilson Grand Jury, we hit a milestone that if I’m honest I didn’t expect until 2015.


On Behalf of the Weekends Don’t Do It Justice Writers Reason, Kudo, Xion, and Lucremo.

On Behalf of the Words Don’t Do It Justice Guest Bloggers, The Justice League.

On Behalf of the Words Don’t Do It Justice Alumni writers

On Behalf of the Keith Labell and Smooth Phuzion who provide music for The WDDIJcast and The WRATH of Ruthless.

On Behalf of Reign, The Revanchist, Ruminated thoughts, and Ronin

And on Behalf of 314 Publishing, Imperial Dreams Productions, and WORDS DON’T DO IT JUSTICE

THE Ruthless Wonder is proud to announce that as of November 25th, 2014 Words Don’t Do It Justice has reached 9,200 views!

ALL Because of YOU!

ALL Because of YOU! Photo edit credit: JohnHenry Balsa

And we have you to thank.

Every one of you who shares us with you friends on facebook and your followers on twitter.

Every one of you who comes back even on days when no one has posted just to see if something is dropping.

Every one of you who has stuck by us since my very first post to this very day.

Thank you for being our superfans.

Thank you for believing in us.

Words do no do you justice.


I could say it a thousand times and it wouldn’t be enough. But I’ll say it one more time.

We love you all.

Thank you!


THANK YOU! Photo Edit Credit: Steven Cockrell

– YOUR Ruthless Wonder

Notes From Your Favorite Super Villain: The War At Home

This piece was originally going to be a massive breakdown of the current issues annoying me. But in light of the weekend, the elections, and some upcoming news I want to chop this into 2 things. Plus one cool announcement.


The First Thing.

After taking time to calm down about the lack of voting in the last election I wanted to congratulate all the people who had candidates they supported win. Certainly the lion’s share belongs to my republican friends. And for good reason in many cases. Many people are going to assume that I am a republican based on that comment, but the reality is I’m glad someone came out to vote. West Virginia elected a college freshman. There really is a lot of cool and interesting stories to come out of the election. But My dear republican friends, you must excuse me now. I have some people to deal with. And when I return it will not be on good terms.

Democrats. You really shit the bed huh? I mean if this were 2012 I might be pressed to call you a bunch of idiots in a dying party like you did the republicans. But hey a lot of the ballot initiatives you support like minimum wage passed. It is almost like America doesn’t like you, but likes what you are supposed to stand for. Like you’re a bunch of feckless, spineless turds that deserved to be tossed out on your asses, but your ideas that you abandoned were exactly what people want in this country. Now excuse me my dear friends. I’ve been uncharacteristically harsh on you. Because you needed tough love. I love you like my republican friends. You just…well you don’t get this Super Villain natured game going on. So why don’t you all just quit and do something else while I bring in some people who know how to handle things?

Republicans. BRUH! What can I say but clearly you have proven the nature of human depravity? I mean the ads. Damn. I can’t really say anything bad about them. People seem to hate your idea though. So be careful please. I wouldn’t want to see some great cataclysm befall you. After all I may not be one of you. But letting either side have a monopoly is bad for my agenda. That said, Where are the real conservatives? You’ve been running with the religi-nuts a lot lately. And that is bad for me. I hate extremity. I can’t work with you for that particular reason.

Which is why I brought both of you groups hear today. I see now that my magnanimous nature has allowed you two parties to run amuck lately. I turned my face away when you both took 24 hours over for biased news, a concept that was barely comprehensible when I was learning to drive. I even let this race to more and more ads tell more and more selected truths pass. But no more. You have drawn from the well of my mercy too long. Made this grand experiment called America turn too far from its’ designs. In college I swore you off. I said I would never return. But you were warned. You were warned if the people cried out against you and my ears heard it there would be hell to pay. Well that check has been cashed.

The Second Thing

While I have a general issue with folks like Artie Lange, I’m going to save that discussion for another time. A Super Villain like myself can’t get into every Tom, Dick, and Dumbass racist no matter how normally funny they are. The second thing for this note is for the non-voters. And I’m going to list them separately so I can make sure your dumbass knows why you made the list.

I don’t vote because I am protesting the government – In the 1960’s I would buy this as a valid form of protest. After all we hadn’t come up with a way to make a vacuum cleaner that didn’t use as much power as prius does today yet.  But in 2014, saying you are protesting the government by not voting really means you’re a lazy fuck and have no concept of how politics and government work so you’re also a dumb fuck to boot. Not voting and expecting the government to change is like not eating and expecting your stomach to magically be full.

I don’t vote because this system is corrupt – And you make it worse by artificially lowering the threshold necessary to achieve victory. Meaning more corruption can go on.

I don’t vote because the system is racist – And not voting fixes that how exactly? I mean if you are so anti the US government why the fuck are you still in America? I mean if it is important to you move. And don’t give me the cost of it. If you want out there are tons of ways off this part of the planet.

I won’t vote until people work on (insert cause here) – You want something, but will not work for it. Shut the fuck up. I now don’t give a shit about your charities. The animals you want to save. The testing you want stopped. The corporations you think are evil. Or any other stupid social injustice you wish to correct. because you don’t do the easiest thing to fix them.

I could keep going, but you get the point. You don’t have an excuse for not voting unless you literally could not go because your job wouldn’t let you out, or you’ve recently moved to a new place. There are non violent felons who can’t vote wishing they could trade places with you. Perhaps I should be advocating for them to take your place and get the rights and privileges you are neglecting.

The Announcement

As of Tomorrow November 11th 2014 We will be bringing all of the Podcasts to Youtube, and soon to itunes. But that isn’t the only announcement.

Weekends Don’t Do it Justice is back with Kudo and Reason, but that isn’t the only announcement either.

We have the Return of Ruminated thoughts and The Revanchist, but that isn’t it either.

At the end of 2014, We will be launching the most ambitious project I have personally ever involved myself in. One that will effect far more than this blog. If you’ve read recent posts deeply you might have an inkling of what it is. But I promise you. What is coming is not something done lightly. And we are taking it very seriously. So good luck to our friends. Welcome to nightmare to our enemies. I could tell you more, but it is so much bigger than Imperial Dreams Productions or 314 publishing. And I mean it when I say WORDS DON’T DO IT JUSTICE!

– THE Ruthless Wonder

Weekend With Ruthless: In Defense Of Tank

Surely this isn't going to get out of hand?

Surely this isn’t going to get out of hand?

You’ll understand the need for the opening reference pic in a minute. We’re talking about one of my favorite Crooners, and TGT member, Tank.

Really quickly though, everybody go back and check out our two guest bloggers Rhythmic Journey and Revolution In A Jar. They may be appearing more often. RJ’s piece is on the sad need for “Ghosting” as a minority in a major city.
And we got Revo in to talk to Another Revolutionary. Both pieces are great, so give them a read as well. And leave them some comments.

Now onto the…


Weekend with Ruthless

So the reality is this statement bent black twitter(because this apparently is still a thing) like Bane on Batman(I know you were expecting an iPhone joke there, fuck low hanging fruit). And apparently, with no singular ability to look at the actual question and the person’s situation asking it, they pounced. Entirely skipping over his reality. Of course, he didn’t really help matters at first.



Now all of that was pretty damning in my book. I mean the man has a point. But before you get all in a huff and restart all the negativity, here’s what a couple hours of black twitter beef made him have to do.



But like he ripped a piece out of THE Ruthless Wonder’s playbook, he closed all discussion with some serious digital burn.



So savage, so ruthless, and so damn effective. Everyone may have made articles about it, but even a day later no one was really coming at Tank sideways. Because he hit back VERY hard right in their hypocrisy. Maybe you deserve a medal for that burn Tank. Maybe you deserve 2.

So It would seem like an over a week old event would be pointless for me to cover. And be just generally not news. That’s reason number 1 why this is being done as a weekend piece. Reason 2 is because I have a much harsher piece on a more interesting and hot issue to talk about Monday. But I want you primed and pumped now.

Tank wasn’t wrong. And that’s not the point.

When I was reading up on the twitter beef it was at a site I was linked to, and not one I normally read. This location like most of the ones I read before seeing if a few larger status websites were covering it, was basically someone saying how wrong and color struck Tank is. That he was looking to down all dark skinned women. That he hates dark skinned women. Hell one even said he was dating Zena Foster to pass off a white woman as black by calling her light skinned. I’m going to say that again so you know I’m serious…

A black blogger called Zena Foster a white woman who was trying to pass as black by having her black boyfriend call her light skinned.


Needless to say I was shocked at the level of stupidity. And the worst part? I wish I could say the commenter who called Zena Foster a white woman trying to pass for black, wasn’t at least internet famous. They are on a bigger site than WDDIJ by a mile. But they say “Controversy Sells” so I guess that is why they are bigger than us. Anyway, I noticed they all were doing the exact thing Tank was calling out. And to such a degree I felt the need to write this:


“Tank wasn’t wrong”

– The Ruthless Wonder right before things went bad


See Tank was calling out something that as black people is so infantile and stupid that we try to pretend we don’t do it, right up until it turns into a big thing again. Hell I half thought about starting this piece with “…This is why I like white women.” just to get a rise out of a certain segment with a half truth. And I’m not a clickbaiter in the slightest. Tank may have been inartful with his phrasing, but he wasn’t wrong. And he should be given a pass for the inartful phrasing because it is twitter. You only have 140 characters to get the point across. Let’s be real, no one goes to the tweetlonger links these days. Get it all out or GTFO!

He wasn’t wrong because he didn’t say all Dark skinned women hate light skinned women. His question wasn’t about some hypothetical group hatred of all things light skinned. As he explained in the tweets that followed, he wondered because he gets so much hate when his girlfriend is in photos with him on Instagram. And like lemmings at the edge of a cliff most responders went too far, missing the point, and the last exit from the crazy train.

But him being right that in fact some women in the black community still have a problem with black men dating light skinned women as a preference that they auto-hate, is not the point. In fact, even if he was entirely wrong I would still be writing this. Why? Glad you asked. Because the point of this weekend is actually the inability to have this conversation.

On WDDIJ each author has you read what we post, so obviously I don’t mean in this blog post. But what I do mean is that this inability to talk about the effect of past colorism issues intra-racially, has an effect on how we approach things inter-racially. Anytime someone questions the why of a particularly long-held bias or starts a particularly thorny intra-racial discussion, a large vocal portion of our Ethnic Classification rises up to drag them through digi-mud. And that fact would be sad if it wasn’t so damned appalling. And if we are all being honest, just down right stupid. We can’t get past these issues if no one wants to have honest discourse.

I’ll give you another example tied to that pipe bomb of potential opener I talked about. The stigma associated with interracial dating varies based on the other race involved. And I predict this will cause drama right here in this post. But I’m THE Ruthless Wonder. Please come at me bro. I do this. If as a black person you start dating a Latina, little to no negativity from 90 to 99.9 % black women. You date a middle eastern, southeast asian, or Indian woman, also little to no negativity from 90 to 99.9 % black women. But you show up with the almighty whitey and you’re going to have to deal with about a 50/50 shot of getting some direct, in person, explicit issues with whatever passes for “the community” these days. Female and male, young and old, across all social strata, saved or unsaved, Beyonce or K Michelle fan, Hot water or Cold Water cornbread, and from both sides of ye olde slavery line aka the Mason-Dixon. Why? And before you go “You know why man, white people hate us.” I really want you to think about that. If you’re making a distinction between each race and assuming that the person being dated is doing so for fetishistic or other impure reasons without actually knowing the person. Well what are you? Come on. You know you know the word by now. Say it with me class.


Its okay, you have trouble seeing yourself as a bigot for having those thoughts. I used to have the same trouble. But when I accepted being your favorite SuperVillain, I realized it would have days like this. Look if you want to talk honestly about race, or gender, or inter-racial relations and the intra-racial effects you have to be open to much more dark and difficult possibilities and decisions. Isn’t it obvious that shutting down the discussion topic he brought up is as bad as the idea that he might be color-struck? You’re closed-minded if you feel like he is just for wanting to talk about it. But in the end this is just something to think about. I mean we could get deep into the consequences of not letting go of old intra-racial issues that were really neatly disguised inter-class issues in the black community, but I’ve said a lot here and…WORDS DON’T DO IT JUSTICE!


– THE Ruthless Wonder

I know, I know, but it was funny huh?

I know, I know, but it was funny huh?

The Rundown

We aren’t going to talk about the movie the rundown so if that was what you thought was going to happen sorry.

Weekends Don’t Do It Justice

Starting earlier this month we began taking you inside the world of digital soccer Wunderkind Lucremo and his tale with “Green Grass and Bright Lights.” One of the things we have been telling you is that he won’t be alone long. Each of the fiction authors coming to join the Weekends Don’t Do It Justice crew are gearing up to try and impress you. Next up is Xion’s “The Once And Future King” this weekend and a few more are on the way.

People have asked why we are adding fiction writers. The honest answer is I have a lot of great writer friends. And while they work hard to get book deals and other projects off the ground. Words Don’t Do it Justice is a great place to showcase them. And who doesn’t like some light weekend reading?

now that that is out of the way…

The Rundown

One of the things I constantly deal with is a feeling of being tired even when I’ve had plenty of rest. And a lot of that has to do with the kind of schedule I keep. Even while no longer working for the attorney I was, I spend an inordinate amount of time during the evening and morning hours working on things. Lately it has been studying for something, and getting my name in HR and recruiter’s mouths about new jobs. And when that is done for the day it is gettin things rolling around here and my other secret projects. So I experience a lot of physical rundown. But that is a good thing.

Where it isn’t a good thing is what I’m going to talk to you about today. Topics and important discussions we need to have as Americans, and even more so as humans get rundown. They lose the initial energy or focus and become looked over things everyone no longer cares about. There are obvious examples like Kony, but less obvious is something I knew about, but I realized some time ago. In Egypt currently there is a 91% rate of gential mutilation of women. Why do I know that? Honestly between the bbc, drudge report, tyt, politico, al-jazeera and various other websites I get news from I’ve seen it from multiple sources. But I forgot about it.

Not that I didn’t care. Looking at some notes it was scheduled to be in an old grab bag post here. What happened? Life happened. Bar exam, health issues and just generally being busy with multiple cases and clients to work on. Never got back to it. And most folks can say the same about issues. It is why one of the things I said to the Black Student Union at Barry School of Law when we first heard about the Trayvon Martin shooting was we need to make a statement and find some way to stay by the family…guess what they never did? Individual folks of course did, but I digress, and this isn’t a hit piece. That’s next week.

Looking back at some of my previous articles and topics both on Wrath of Ruthless, the WDDIJcast, and of course here, you know that human beings only really keep track of about 150 people. And that contributes to this rundown on important issues. Hell the reason despite you super fans taking us near 7000 views in a year and not quite a half that your friends don’t read or don’t remember to come back is that rundown. Our brains tend to slow push a ton of subjects out of our heads if we don’t use tricks to remember them. For instance. The dates of your anniversary, your spouse’s birthday, and their mother’s birthday may escape you, because the other person should also be able to cover them, the date isn’t as important as the event itself, and your mind is a terrible, terrible black hole of information that it takes universes of energy to escape.

So then we don’t we do something about it? Well you do in subtle ways. But the reality is that some things aren’t present in front of you to make a difference. For instance. I’m a big fan of Wolf-Pac. Because I see the corruption in your preferred system of government. And I want to make sure money plays less of a role in the laws we have governing the populace in America. I also participate in a few different charities related to diabetes and adoption. So when I go to Walgreen’s I don’t hit the donate button. These are in my mind, and things I do. So it is harder to forget them. What is hard to remember sometimes is taking my hour for meditation. It isn’t an active thing, and other than helping clear my mind at the end of the day, I am not pressed to do it for any other reason. Sometimes it is because I was studying. Sometimes it is because I’m wrapping up some late business. A lot of times I was talking to folks I couldn’t all day and so I didn’t do it.  And that is the same for many of us.

But you can fight that And it is easy to do. It just is unique to you. I fight the rundown for different things differently. Re-reading old blog posts sharpens my mind on new ones. Setting alerts for news stories and saving the links in a dropbox folder I check everyday is another. You have to fight the rundown. Because right now there might be states with legalized drugs and low crime rates. There might be countries with seriously awesome healthcare. Prisons that don’t turn the inmates into better and more violent criminals. There might even be a country that is a foodie’s paradise. but you need to find them on your own and remember them. I mean I could tell you but…Words Don’t Do It Justice!


– THE Ruthless Wonder