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The WRATH of Ruthless: A Double Dose of this Podcast

Double Dose of Ruthless Radio

Sometimes an episode gets lost in the shuffle of schedules and audio issues. Last week it happened again, so we shortened this week’s podcast in order to make sure we could bring you TWO count them TWO full episodes of The Wrath Of Ruthless. Below you’ll find our newest episode on Alimony Equality, and then below it our episode that should have aired last week on who should be telling the stories of a culture in the aftermath of FOX Searchlight’s purchase of Nate Parker’s Birth Of A Nation.

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The WRATH of Ruthless: How can you when…?

The Wrath of Ruthless: How can you when…?

On this episode of The Wrath of Ruthless, Ruthless is Joined by Producer Princess Devy and Ronin in talking about the debacle surrounding Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the state of the democratic party, corruption in sports, and the image of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Click here to listen

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The WRATH of Ruthless: Your musical permissions

The Wrath of Ruthless: Listen to what you want, #LeoAtTheOscars

Joined by Producer Princess Devy, Ronin and Ruthless talk about the recent death of David Bowie and the restrictions on the musical influences you could openly mention. As well as a political roundup. And finish with talking about the Oscars, including an impromptu contest called #LeoAtTheOscars

The Oscars are upon us and Leo is in the running once again! As result we have a cool movie-related prize for the winner of our ‪#‎LeoAtTheOscars‬ contest, so let’s flex those meme muscles! Send them as a message to this page, or to You can also message Words Don’t Do It Justice, The Ruthless Wonder or The Justice League. The winner will be announced on February 29, 2016, so good luck everyone!



“Quick shout out to Apollonia. Someone get me a lunch with her, a 10 minute interview, dinner, drinks, a shot, something!” – THE Ruthless Wonder

It is not a secret this was my first crush on a celebrity. And I still am all about Apollonia.

It is not a secret this was my first crush on a celebrity. And I still am all about Apollonia.

Don’t Forget The MEMEStream


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The WRATH of Ruthless: Gunflix and Chill


The official return of The WRATH of Ruthless sees all 3 Words Don’t Do It Justice founders Ruthless Ronin and Roddi as well as WDDIJ podcast producer Princess Devy discussing The Bill Cosby arrest and investigation, The surprise Tyga allegations published in OK! magazine, and Wendell Pierce’s suggestion that black men should own more guns. As a bonus there is another final topic that was a surprise to everyone from Ruthless. Below you can listen on soundcloud, on this page, or download by clicking the download link in the soundcloud player.


Gunflix and chill<click to listen via SoundCloud

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As usual, YES we cover ALL of this.

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The WRATH of Ruthless Holiday Special: The Wrong Kind Of Progress

The WRATH of Ruthless is back!

Before our actual relaunch we got together for a Holiday special with a couple topics and some old friends.

The WRATH of Ruthless Holiday Special: The Wrong Kind Of Progress <-Click this and you can download or listen from our SoundCloud

Here you can listen from our soundcloud right here on WDDIJ. [soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”100″ iframe=”true” /]

hoetears IMG_25031 mad-max-fury-road-war-boys Bern really meme Marlon 120806_elizabeth_warren_605_ap 150401135040-donald-trump-gallery-8-super-169

CHICAGO - DECEMBER 01: Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) listens as President-elect Barack Obama introduces her as his choice for secretary of state during a press conference at the Hilton Hotel December 01, 2008 in Chicago, Illinois. Other members of the National Security Team named by Obama at the press conference include Washington attorney Eric Holder as attorney general, Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano as his choice for homeland security and he said Robert Gates would remain as defense secretary. Retired Marine Gen. James L. Jones was selected for the position of national security adviser and Susan Rice as U.N. ambassador. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Yes our Holiday Special is going to cover all of this.

Out of the zone but still on my game: 2 podcasts and an apology

So this will be rather extremely brief.

Apologies to Kyler the subject of the piece that was going to come out from me this week. We’ll get it up though when I’m back on my feet.

Needless to say I’ve been ill since about mid day yesterday, and we’re hoping it will improve.

In the meantime. I want to get you guys  up to date on some things.


There is a new SoundCloud Exclusive edition of The Wrath of Ruthless’ Ruthless Digression.

We’ve finally paid off on that ruthless on relationships social experiment with online dating.

But also, We have this brand new podcast talk about last Thursday’s First Republican debate.

Download link for When Ruthless Wonders: The first Republican Debates <-Right click this and select save link as to download

Joining me for the first but hopefully not last time is K.A. Walker.

Soundcloud version

Check out all of it, and when I’m back up and running I’ll get you something good. Like Let’s screw with gofundme good.

– THE Ruthless Wonder

The Wrath of Ruthless – Ruthless Digressions: The Challenge

Happy Birthday to co-founder Roddi P!

Ruthless Digression: The Challenge begins<- Right click and select “Save As” to download

This Ruthless Digression is addressing current feminist outrage and the beginning of the challenge series.

Theme song “Bring It!” by Keith Labell

Be sure to check out THE Ruthless Wonder’s SoundCloud for The Wrath of Ruthless podcast episodes including SoundCloud exclusive content like Ruthless Digressions: Ruthless On Relationships July 9th, 2015 [SoundCloud Exclusive]

Just to be clear.

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