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And now we come to…the end of an era

Today, oddly enough was supposed to be the pay off FINALLY for a number of posts about relationships that I thought might be better than all my previous ruthless on relationships post. And indeed I’ll get to that later.



Today is a day I bring us to a place I knew could happen, but was happy every time it didn’t. Today we end the hour for the last time. What do I mean? Today is the beginning of a goodbye party. For this blog. Oh it will continue to exist, but a transition is afoot. And so with all transitions, some things remain the same, while other change or are left behind.

If you would have told me 3 years ago as I was studying for the bar that we would be here I would be shocked. But if you would have told me that we would get here after 450 thousand views I’d also be shocked so much attention happened. Words Don’t Do It Justice started as an idea, a bit of fun, and a lot of me. I have buried hatchets with enemies because of this blog, reconnected with old friends, and made new ones because of this blog, found meaning in the midst of my own personal depression because of this place. I have consumed it, and let it consume me. I love it. But loving this blog means knowing what to do. And taking a good long look I know the thing to do is let it go.

But I said this was transition not destruction.

And indeed it is. I’ll be taking Words Don’t Do It Justice away from our blogging past into a show based future. For me, the question was one of logistics. Was it better to end everything and walk away from these years of effort, or find a way to keep the place alive in the hearts of all of you who have supported us? I choose to believe that you will keep supporting us, and I chose to keep this place alive in a new way.

That means giving you what we planned. Give No Quarter, The Wrath of Ruthless, and Words Don’t Do It Justice are the three pillars of Ruthless Radio. 3 shows with different formats that bring you many of the topics you might see written about here, but in a new form and with some new and old faces/voices. Over the next few weeks as we ready to for the relaunch of Words Don’t Do It Justice as a podcast, you’ll get to read some farewells from various alums, and hear from the incoming folks for these shows. You’ll also see the Words Don’t Do It Justice site itself undergo various changes. With plenty of hard work, luck, and you listening in, I hope to earn your trust for these new shows, and continue to hold our interest.

SO! What about Weekend’s Don’t Do It Justice?

Well I’m happy to say our little casual interest site is growing well. And it is going to continue. We had a nice response to the sample chapter from Project 13, and now that game of thrones is done you’ll see a lot of other reviews, news, and related content there. Our gamers are doing their thing, and if Vantinel’s CEO appearance is any indication of commitment, we will only continue to grow over there.

As I end for now I just want to say thank you, and of course to keep watching what we do. But more than that, thank you for being a force for us. We continued to push because you were there with us. 100,000 visitors, 450,000 views, and 3 years of growth, While things must change, I am glad to have made it to this point. A point that let’s me look back and say that YOU made us more than I imagined. And though Words Don’t Do It Justice…Thank you.


“THE Ruthless Wonder” Matthew Elisha Williams

Founder of Words Don’t Do It Justice

And now… at the end of the hour


This week we debuted a brand new podcast with a livestream. We said goodbye to one of the founders. We tackled coons, and hoteps. As well as assault, and the HIV & AIDS treatment drug Truvada.



I skipped a couple lines to let that sink in.

When this started I literally just wanted to take my usual facebook ranting to a website. I figured it would be like the old days of my Xanga page. Now, now I deal with potential sponsors, have production meetings, worry about our average listening and reading time, and look for brand expansion.

I remind you, I was so bored in the last semester of law school I decided to make a blog to archive the things I would normally rant about on Facebook.


So you can understand that having gone from that place to now is rather…amazing if I’m honest. I had no idea. We’ve added and lost people over that time. But more than their contributions or mine, we’ve gotten to know a lot of you. As of this writing, 92,000 of you have come to get to know us over these 3 years of Words Don’t Do It Justice. And you must like it here, because you’ve dropped in 302,000 times.


That is astounding. That is epic. And to think that it has all come before we put up a single ad, before we shilled a single product, without a marketing team, and mostly from the effort of our authors, and their friends and family who have additionally believed in us and shared us with other people.  I can’t tell you enough thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do. It really has made the difference.

What that means is even what I’ve done in the past year isn’t enough. I have to do more. And I am. While we lost a podcast co-host today, I’m proud to say we gained 2 new ones for our show Give No Quarter. While we have Reason on break for a while, I’m happy to say we will be launching Weekends Don’t Do It Justice as its own site ( Look for a review of a hilariously bad movie coming over there soon from me.

Heck, go buy a shirt, phone case, hoodie or tank.

Check out our current Shirt and cases designs. Buy one now while you wait for more. Click the photo to go straight to the store!

Check out our current Shirt and cases designs. Buy one now while you wait for more.
Click the photo to go straight to the store!


I’m also happy to say that I’m teaming with Mr. 9 to 5 gamer himself Bami O to open a new gaming site and channel called “Save State Society” ( here soon as well. And we’re open with some great games and reviews. But that is going to take a lot to talk about, and I’ve got work to do there.

You’re here reading because this is about Words Don’t Do it Justice. The granddaddy of them all. Okay, the origin of them all. Three years in, and even though health wise I’ve dealt with issues. Professional life wise, I’ve had great forward steps but also set backs. Heck life in general being strange. After all that I’m proud of where we are. Where you’ve brought us. And so for the third time we come to the end of the hour. Where I say thank you without any reservations. Where for the third time ever, I get to step out of my role as Head Blogger, Editor, Podcast host, Lucremo, THE Ruthless Wonder, and everything that comes with it, and instead just talk to you as Matt Williams. We have a few reflection pieces and some alumni coming back to give us a piece. And we are going to celebrate all the way to my personal birthday on March 14th. But right now I’m just going to end by saying thank you all for bringing me and us from where we were to where we are and pushing us forward to where we are going next. As always Words Don’t Do YOU Justice.

“THE Ruthless Wonder” Matthew Elisha Williams

Dear Lost Cause, err America

Let’s be real for a few minutes of your Monday afternoon.


Dear America,

I sat back on Super Bowl Sunday a day traditionally I enjoy above all sports days, most movies, presidential elections, and if we’re being honest, most holidays in any give year save Christmas, and found myself underwhelmed. You as always were at peak Superbowl hype, great commercials, a game that until the actual last few minutes was not in hand, and yet, I just wasn’t feeling it. I turned down prior to the game the exact same amount of “hey come watch the game with us” invitations as I did the day of.  Because football I watch with Mom when I’m in KC. But that wasn’t really the thing that started this off. I found myself underwhelmed by everything around the game. In years past in the name of sports we as a society have put down our arms to celebrate sports. Well to celebrate the Super bowl. Predictably we did not yesterday. Out right racism directed at Cam Newton had and has been going on all season and it like everything else, only ramped up for the game. When Beyoncé and Bruno Mars appeared during the halftime show, the racist sections of twitter I monitor as a sort of barometer of American and International issues for this site and my other work, went nuts. But I expected that. It was the average everyday people, both on my friends list, and friends of those friends I found my surprise. From comments about Beyoncé’s song choice(No White people, the Black Panthers were not a black KKK, and they do not in fact mean the same thing). To Bill RomaRacist’s Boy comment to Cam Newton being defended(I dare you to call another adult male of any race boy in person without putting up your hands in defense). To one particularly open and shockingly new racist who said this is why you can’t let black people perform at big events. If I could bear the responses, and digression from these I wouldn’t need this letter. But often in response there are mild and tame, but also extremity.

I say all that to give you back ground. Because I’m done with you. I’ve given you to date, just a month and 6 days shy of 34 years of respect. Just shy of 34 years of honor. And even with these blog posts I have tried to be what you have made me. For as I often say, I am a villain because I do not spare the world the truth of my goals and desires, and a monster because I show this world a mirror, and it fears to look into it. But I’m done. No more mirror. You don’t want to get better, because you would rather yell about the need to change or need to improve than do it. You’d rather point blame at some pre-conceived notion of an “Other” to create the us versus them narrative, than handle the actual enemies at the gate. Watching the Superbowl I realized how much the song and dance is really the only game in town. Let me show you how much of a lost cause this is.

“Love it or Leave it”

The extremity in Democrats and Republicans is at all time highs for the internet age (1992 – Present), and that has led to a lot more “if (insert name) is elected, I’m leaving the country) So let’s start right there. You aren’t leaving ya liar. And beyond the fact that you’re unable to turn off hyperbole to talk like a rational person, I have some facts to back up why you aren’t.

Here are the top 49 countries of the developed world.


Developed world

Here are, more specifically, the ones within the direct influence of the US.

First World – Industrialized Countries, within the Western European and United States’ Sphere of Influence

NATO Member States during the Cold War
Belgium Canada Denmark
France Germany Greece
Iceland Italy Luxembourg
Netherlands Norway Portugal
Spain (since 1982) Turkey United Kingdom
US Aligned States
Israel Japan Korea (South)
Former British Colonies
Australia New Zealand
Neutral and more or less industrialized capitalist countries
Austria Ireland Sweden


Why is this important?

Because without that you get into

  1. Countries that have antagonistic relationships with the US, and thus with U.S. citizens moving there.
  2. Countries with so little chance of you hitting English speakers you might as well tap out now.

So let’s look at our second group there. Conservatives looking for a No Bernie or Hillary haven, you’re up first.

Japan and Korea are out for you, besides how hard it is to learn a new language, your ability to become a citizen in Japan is a problem because of that whole, you weren’t born in Japan to two fully ethnic Japanese citizens. Both have strict gun laws, and being anything other that Korean or Japanese respectively, makes you a minority.

Australia, and New Zealand, beyond actively attempting to kill you at every turn with what would easily be called the most inordinate amount of killer nonhuman species concentrated in a given area is also home to the kinds of strict gun laws and speech laws you will run around of. A man was recently prosecuted for his Facebook comments. So no Fosters or Lord of the Rings location tour for you.

Sweden is exactly what you want to escape here, high taxes to take care of the entire population, universal single payer style healthcare, they’d make Bernie King there. RUN!

Germany isn’t a safe bet, not only do they hardcore prosecute hate crimes and hate speech(I wonder why), but they also have strict gun laws. In fact all of these do. strict gun laws, lax drug laws, mostly non-English. And the English speakers have ongoing conflict with each other(Why does that seem familiar?). We even have more than a few monarchies, all with universal health care, all with higher taxes, and all considered far more liberal and progressive than even your opposition democrats that you want to escape now. And the places that aren’t don’t actually want you moving there. What to do what to do?


But all is not sunny for the liberals.

I don’t know why you think you’re going to escape my comments. But I know you thought you were.

Let’s get back to basics. I know you just as well as I know them. You look at that list and think, man I could go there, but I could go to anywhere they consider the third world too. No, no you couldn’t. Let’s get into it shall we? First off, you’re reading this on your computer. You took time to sit down at your PC, or on your smart phone to do so. Unless you are like or are my buddy Adam Jung you aren’t built to handle long term living in less than first world accommodations. You need reliable internet access. You need reliable cell phone coverage. You need guaranteed running water in pipes in your living conditions. You need assured electricity. Your diet is filled with first world supplements. Your gym has mats, walls, weights, and trainers on muscle milk and creatine. You go to spin class and send me photos on snap chat(TheNeoSadist, mark it down). Your entire world is filled with tech and the things that supply it to such a degree that you’re locked in to USA. But so much bigger than that, you won’t leave. I know that seems like a throwaway line but I mean it. You won’t leave. You’re in love with your nationality so much that nothing else matters. In the end you love America so much you could experience a civil war over your personal right to live here and you wouldn’t leave. You’ll never be honest about that. In fact when someone says love it or leave it, you’re going to be the first to speak against them. Because that is your secret shame. For all your talk, you will never walk away.


Hyper sanity is a thing.

Someone once asked Grant Morrison about the Joker. And he said the Joker had a super sanity about him. Basically, he is so aware of everything that he above everything. In the Joker’s case so much so that he to some degree knows he is in a comic book. With America, as much as I have tried to deny it, I have this Hyper Sanity. I’m well aware that incremental change often occurs through subtle actions, and subversive means, and thus big attention means greater backlash and fewer things done. I’m also well aware that by pushing back, sometimes violently against the injustice in front of you, that things will get done on a larger scale. But I’m aware that the larger the scale the farther from the things people need. I’m so aware of this and more that I see the futility in all of it. There is no progress in pointing out the hypocrisy of LGBTQ people fighting for quality with straight people while being racist within their community. There is no progress in pointing at Men’s Rights Activists and Feminists and making them aware that their silence on the comments of the extremists among them, or extreme statements by them(Madeleine Albright of all people said there is a special place in hell for women who don’t vote for Hillary Clinton in the democratic primaries. And she can now fuck off just like Roosh V) is just as bad as openly approving of them, and makes them no better than the people they oppose.

Why do I say no progress?

Because you don’t want progress. You want to be angry. In my travels, and in my discussions I often talk to folks who have very strong political, philosophical, theological, or just generally interesting beliefs. These are great things. Difference in perspective often gives me additional things to shape my opinions or update my information with. And when I find error in myself or in my thoughts on something, I adjust and change. I even change on here if you haven’t noticed. But people so staunchly into something that they use the same vitriol of their oppossition? Well that means you love the hate more than the change. Using your opponents weapons against them, often referred to as (insert issue) judo, is a tactic for war. For battle between opposing sides. But internal change isn’t war. Improving things for all doesn’t mean defeating the other side. Change is about realization. It is about getting someone who holds one system of thought to see there is more out there and that they need to open perspective. It is about taking a viewpoint rooted in hate, misinformation, or just generally different belief and seeing that the change you want doesn’t take their underlying belief away, it just improves the life they and others have.  But every time someone has that message for people they get killed…


Lost Cause

So knowing this I’m finished with trying to help change by showing you the nature of what you are doing. I have spent my life, and indeed my blogging time specifically, trying to give you perspective. Trying to get you out of the comfort of thinking your beliefs are without flaws. When you defend Cam Newton because people have been racist to him, but attack Adele for being white, I’m done. When you saw feminists are harming society by not dealing with the female favored inequalities, but want to lead pro-rape rallies and run away because female boxers want to show up, I’m done. I have said before I am a man of constant wonder about where I stand. I believe in people being free and equal in treatment so I don’t give deference to men or women on the things I do. I don’t assume that someone who has a different ethnic background automatically has some stereotype well-known, in that background. But for not having the perfectly inline beliefs of anyone particular group on any issue I have been sexist, racist, reverse racist, uncle tom, coon, apologist, islamaphobe, gay, freak, tranny lover, fetishistic, elitist, Christian fundamentalist, pig, oaf, and so many curse words and to the person perceived slights that I, even I, won’t give them time by restating them. And that is just stuff from Americans. So I’m done. I’ve strained from taking drastic steps. From making drastic statements. I’ve decided that I’m giving up trying to change you by staying above the fray. I’ve resisted my own beliefs beyond specific instances because I believed analysis was more important. No more. You’re a lost cause. You will hate any perceived other until you die, after having passed on that legacy of hatred to your children and anyone else you can influence. You lot are lost in the forest of hatred by choice. So I’m going to leave you to it. Enjoy it. Feed on it. Choke on it. Or don’t. The best part about today for you is you will have one less person telling you not to hate. The worst part of course is, I’m no longer above the fray. If you you don’t get it. Well, Words Don’t Do it Justice!


– THE Ruthless Wonder

Notes From your Favorite Super Villain: “F*%K The Oscars!” You sure about that?

In a world where films matter more than people dying

In a place where black lives still matter unless Flint Michigan’s water is poisoning people.

One man dares talk about the trail of idiocy from this year’s Oscar nominations after already getting to it on his podcast.

In 2016 THE Ruthless Wonder is…


…of the internet.


You truly long time readers remember me and black people in films. And of course podcast listeners to The WRATH of Ruthless already have experienced my opinion about the Oscars this year. And you may think that between the podcast last week, the dem nominee debate Sunday night, the Rep nominee friday, and literally a small fuck ton of happenings that it is odd I’m going back to the Oscar well. Well…your wrong. This piece is not about how shockingly white the Oscars are this year. This isn’t even about our WDDIJ bets on Leo losing again and thus making our #LeoAtTheOscars contest even funnier. This is about the reaction of you dolts to the nominations.

Back in the first year of this wonderful world of Ruthlessness and Wonder I talked about making a territory of the US for black people. Mostly to make fun of the hoteps and pro blacks out there who lack a fundamental understanding of the flexibility of governance in the US as well as the stupid idea of any back to Africa based movement that includes making a new place. But if you took from that piece that I’m against fighting the power of something by coming up with an alternative you’ve not been paying attention then, or right now.

Every year since I’ve been aware enough to know and understand what exactly the Oscars were I’ve wondered about the place of black people in them. But deeper than that I wondered how they became so important. And then I realized something. Like most things in America’s cultural past. And indeed like many modern customs and traditions. The power exists because it is so ubiquitous in a place or among a people that it has normalized there. The Academy Awards are not different. Not at all. But this isn’t about the awards it is about the reaction.

When you see the lack of communities of color in the nominations, it speaks to that internal notion of injustice. And it is right for you to experience that. But allow me to take your energy and turn it into something positive. Something better. While admittedly, also taking a shot at a bastion of the civil rights movement. Where is the community of color version of the Oscars? I don’t mean a Latino only award show. And I DEFINITELY don’t mean the NAACP Image Awards. Look, I’m an NAACP member. I’m a former teen president of an NAACP chapter, I’ve done their ACT-SO competition, I’ve volunteered with them for multiple protests as recently as 2014 in St. Louis. I have no beef with the NAACP except for the Image Awards.

Why? Because it is possibly the biggest waste of time in award show season. Why? Lack of focus. And even more, lack of positioning. What do I mean? The Image Awards certainly could have been the alternative to the Oscars. When the first one occurred, the intention was to honor black people in specific areas. It was more about fixing who should have gotten an Oscar, Grammy, Emmy, or Tony nomination than truly making itself stand apart. And even now it is littered with the same sentiment. Because it is easy to hover in that space. So, what then? What do you do?

Well thank you for asking the question. It should have a very obvious answer but I guess I need to break this down. In America you cannot topple every long standing tradition. This is why the AFL became the AFC and is a part of the NFL not the other way around. But I don’t want the Image Awards folded into the Oscars either. Instead, Leave literally all of these awards alone in their structure. Instead, take the Image awards and move them to the first of the year, before the Golden Globes. Announce the nominees before the Globes, BAFTAs, and Oscars. And otherwise let it be what it is. A showcase of well known black talent. Why move it? Because It should start award season. It needs to be televised on a major channel in order for ever other awards voter to see who’s got some buzz going into the nominations.

So what else right? This can’t just be about moving the Image awards. Oddly enough folks you’re right. This is about something else being drawn up from the bottom of my brain into the public space. The American Institute of Film. And The American Music Institute. And The American Institute for Television and Mass Media. Don’t worry if you have never of these. I’ve conjured them whole cloth from my genius brain. Why? Because the names are inoffensive, and don’t directly tell you who they serve. Why? Because this town needs no not an enema, it needs an enemy. Much as I am a neo-monarchist, I am as much a conqueror. And the challenge of taking down the high place the Oscars and the Academy have run to needs more than just an army of black people shouting “Black Actors Matter!” And this is the way to do it.

AIF does an awards show, but unlike the Oscars, makes it public who the initial voters are. Obviously the idea is to cater to all communities of color in America, with the same token representation for American’s ethnic classification majority aka White People as the Academy gives to Black people and women. Why? Because this is protest as much as it is honor. No racial quotes, no bigoted rhetoric, just very clearly an agenda, but one you can’t call out in public. After all turnabout is fair play. Age wise these voters come across age groups and that is where the balance is attempted. All of the 500 voters(I like numbers that are easy to segment), running from 18 to as old as possible to watch all these films, vote after a committee does the nominees. So you can already see the similarity to the Oscars. Same with the AMI, and to a degree with the AITMM. In this new media world honoring online talents is just as important.

Why do this? Why not make something that exists better? Oh we should. I was getting to that. The reason you need something brand new is that the way things are now makes it impossible to ignore the track record, impression, and internalized beliefs of what exists. Despite all he has done since Mike Vick is a dog fighter. But also, it seems like pandering to take something and start remolding it. Forcing change on the Oscars requires pressure. So what do you do with the new pressure on the Oscars, Emmys, Tonys, and Grammys? You use it to get new voting members in. I spoke just a bit ago about having an army to fight with you. And it needing to be bigger than just black people. What is in the end stronger than every community of color developing, supporting, and championing awards that don’t just tangentially recognize the most famed in a particular part of entertainment as they are forced to take sub-optimal positions in majority culture?

This is about pressing together. And yes you need the film critics. You need a generational change in who is listened to. Well that takes the influence of those at the forefront. And at the same time, you have to work inside the system. Jada Pinkett-Smith said she was boycotting the Oscars. I was disappointed. I think there is nothing more powerful than every black actor, director, writer, and technical worker in the film industry showing up, mobbing the red carpet, doing the interviews, being there in the crowd, and clapping until the camera hits them. And trolling the Oscar coverage by stopping and scowling each time they are on camera. Maybe if bold enough, flashing a sign that says #NotMyAwards If Alejandro González Iñárritu wins for The Revanant and did that after? Everyone would ask about it. And then he’d say My Awards are the AIF’s (insert cool reference nickname). 

The bottom line is you can change things but it takes more than one tactic. It takes some “dirty pool” at times. Hell it takes some straight up old school bullying. Put that Alternative show 2 nights before the Oscars 1 weekend before, or After. Publically say voters for it have until after the Oscars to put in their votes. You have to put pressure where you can. And you have to work together as communities of color to make it happen. I could go on and on about this. And talk for a while about the AITMM idea. But as you good and damn  well know by now, Words Don’t Do It Justice!

THE Ruthless Wonder

The WRATH of Ruthless Holiday Special: The Wrong Kind Of Progress

The WRATH of Ruthless is back!

Before our actual relaunch we got together for a Holiday special with a couple topics and some old friends.

The WRATH of Ruthless Holiday Special: The Wrong Kind Of Progress <-Click this and you can download or listen from our SoundCloud

Here you can listen from our soundcloud right here on WDDIJ. [soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”100″ iframe=”true” /]

hoetears IMG_25031 mad-max-fury-road-war-boys Bern really meme Marlon 120806_elizabeth_warren_605_ap 150401135040-donald-trump-gallery-8-super-169

CHICAGO - DECEMBER 01: Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) listens as President-elect Barack Obama introduces her as his choice for secretary of state during a press conference at the Hilton Hotel December 01, 2008 in Chicago, Illinois. Other members of the National Security Team named by Obama at the press conference include Washington attorney Eric Holder as attorney general, Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano as his choice for homeland security and he said Robert Gates would remain as defense secretary. Retired Marine Gen. James L. Jones was selected for the position of national security adviser and Susan Rice as U.N. ambassador. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Yes our Holiday Special is going to cover all of this.

Notes From Your Favorite Super Villain: The Return of Ruthlessness

…Meanwhile in my inbox

“So now that you’re on Saipan what about Words Don’t Do It Justice?”

“So who’s running the site now?”

“You get the news out there? You gonna say something?”

“So you quit right? Can I have the name?”


I’m back from the island. I’m back in my city. I’ve been storing these up and now it is time to unleash. I assure you, the reports of my and this site’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. But better said.

The Return of Ruthlessness

I am THE Ruthless Wonder not A Ruthless Wonder and you’ve not heard those words in quite a while. Yeah, I haven’t said them in a while either. But let’s not waste time about what has been going on and get to it shall we? I’ll talk about the island paradise another time.

Christians are terrorists just like Muslim terrorists

Now I could just leave this here and move on. It really should be that simple. Why? Because every religion at one point in history and at some place on planet earth use fear, oppression, and straight up old fashioned murder to instill terror into some other part of the populace. Oh you think I’m lying?

Anti-Muslim tension simmers ahead of Myanmar election.

Didn’t read it? Don’t worry I’ll give you a quick hit. Muslims make up 4% of the entire country population and yet the monks are calling for boycotts while others have incited full on violence against them.

In 2013 from March through October there were a series of riots where muslims and suspected muslims were hunted and murdered. The deadliest incident occurred when a Buddhist mob attacked and torched the Mingalar Zayone Islamic Boarding School. While outnumbered security forces stood by, rioters armed with machetes, metal pipes, chains, and stones killed 32 teenage students and four teachers.

But hey you like yoga and say Namaste right? Cause peace? More like hypocrisy.

Now I know what you are thinking, how does that prove there are are Christian terrorists?

1. The Knoxville Unitarian Universalist Church Shooting

Jim David Adkisson, a devout Christian and anti-abortion right-winger, walked into a Knoxville church on July 27th, 2008, and began firing a shotgun at children who were performing Annie Jr. He killed two and wounded seven, targeting“the church because of its liberal teachings and his belief that all liberals should be killed because they were ruining the country.”

2. The Campaign of Terror Against Abortion Doctors

In 1993, Dr. Richard Gunn was shot dead by an anti-abortion protester. In 1994, Drs. John Britton and James Barrett were shot to death by Reverend Paul Jennings. In 1998, Dr. Barnett Sleipan was shot dead in his home by a Christian terrorist. In 2009, Dr. George Tiller was shot by Scott Roeder in a church. The ability for Christian right-wingers to justify cold-blooded murder in the name of their pro-life beliefs is a colossal hypocrisy worthy of a terrorist group like ISIS. According to the National Abortion Federation, there have been 17 attempted murders, 383 death threats, 153 incidents of assault or battery, 13 wounded, 100 butyric acid attacks, 373 physical invasions, 41 bombings, 655 anthrax threats, and 3 kidnappings committed against abortion providers since 1977. Terrorist groups like the Taliban and ISIS are very fond of acid attacks and chemical weapons like anthrax; apparently Christian right-wing terrorists share that same preference.

3. The 1995 Oklahoma City Bombings

Timothy McVeigh, America’s most notorious domestic terrorist, was obsessed with the Seventh-Day Aventist splinter group known as the Branch Davidians, who resisted an ATF raid on their citadel at Mount Carmel in 1993. He travelled to Waco, Texas during the Waco Siege and heavily supported the religious extremists within it. Two years later, he detonated a fertilizer bomb at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, killing a hundred and sixty-eight people, including nineteen children, and wounded 648 others. This Christian specifically targeted innocent civilians and committed horrific acts of violence to make his political point heard – something Mr. Huckabee believes he should be incapable of, since he’s not a Muslim.

4. Everything The Ku Klux Klan Has Ever Done

Since its creation after the American Civil War, the Ku Klux Klan has been terrorizing Americans in the name of Protestantism and racial purity. Known for their terrifying costumes and hoods, they wrought have fear and violence against blacks, Jews, immigrants, gays, and Catholics for hundreds of years, responsible for countless massacres, lynchings, rapes, and bombings that have killed thousands. In the modern day, it still has a membership of 5,000 to 8,000 terrorists that operate in individual chapters. Just two weeks ago, Frazier Glenn Cross, the leader of the Carolina Knights of the KKK, was sentenced to death by lethal injection for murdering a fourteen year old girl and two seniors outside the Overland Park Jewish Community Center in Kansas City. The man gave the Hitler salute during his trial and declared that “Jews are destroying the white race.” None of his victims were Jewish.

5. The Massacre At Zion Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C.

On Wednesday, June 17th of this year, a man rose from a pew in the historically black Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC, and opened fire with a .45 caliber pistol, killing nine worshipers, including pastor and State Senator Clementa Pickiney. The shooter has been photographed wearing patches representing the racist apartheid regimes in Southwest Africa, had a Confederate license plate on his vehicle. All signs points to this being a hate crime- not only is it the oldest black church in the South, it was a symbol of resistance against slavery, and a survivor reported that the shooter yelled ‘I have to do it. You rape our women and you’re taking over our country. And you have to go.” Roof was a member of a local Lutheran church, yet somehow his baptism didn’t prevent him from gunning down innocent people in a house of worship, defiling a sacred place with hate and murder.

Credit: Occupy Democrats

OH but here we go. You’re saying right now, “These aren’t real believers. They aren’t really Christians.” or of course, “You’re nitpicking.”


Yeah so here’s the deal, I could go to a lot more. I could spend an entire piece on what it says for you to pass off the actions of the KKK but get in arms about Daesh(I will not be referring to them as ISIL or any other moniker, mostly because they hate it.) See unlike Daesh who has to sneak into the country and then hide to pull off terror, the KKK, Neo-Nazis, and general white bigots are as close or far away as you think. They could be next to you in line at the store, they could be sitting next to you in church. In fact they probably are. And you refuse to speak out against them. You sit in your training camp for terror every Sunday saying God is great, God is good, Amen, and Hallelujah with the same people who go out and kill innocent Americans.

Sounds crazy when you say it in English about Christians doesn’t it? Doesn’t make it less true though. But hey I know what you’re thinking, “Aren’t you a Christian? Doesn’t this include you?” OF COURSE IT DOES! Pay attention. I don’t and have never excused the detestable actions of Christians. Just like I don’t excuse the actions of Muslims, Buddhists, those allegedly ancestor worshiping hotep idiots, and all the rest. In the course of the human events we commonly refer to as history there are bloody, vile, and ultimately unconscionable acts which have ultimately lead to the world we live in. I don’t excuse those actions even in their context, but I understand they make this possible.

In the present we should learn from them. But we cannot learn if we refuse to acknowledge them. Every time you say those aren’t true believers, you simply use the no true Scotsmen fallacy to keep yourself from being grouped in. It is one thing to say that these people have the teachings of Jesus wrong. At this point, there are so many sects of Christianity I would even most likely agree with you. But you aren’t consistent. And you’re talking out of self preservation, so you don’t look like “one of them.” But you just might be worse. Because in the face of evidence you have refused to correct your brother or sister in Christ with love before they did these things. You have silently supported them turning a book of love into a billy cub of hate. I’ll let you hit your bible to know what verses I’m referring to.

You know, like this.

Is Bishop Bloomer Endorsing Donald Trump?Bishop George Bloomer released a press release “Regarding Misinformation About MyAlleged Support of Donald Trump.” If this video doesn’t show him endorsing Trump, who he says has been “tried in the fire,” etc. please help me understand what he’s doing.

Posted by Bishop Talbert Swan on Sunday, November 29, 2015

Or you know, this guy.

The odd part of this is that I’m only dealing with the murderous sort of Christian terrorists. You allow acts of terror that don’t involve murder everyday. The condoning of ostracizing people with alternative lifestyles. Judging what clothes a Christian should wear. Ridiculous thoughts on pork(“Wherein were all manner of fourfooted beasts of the earth, and wild beasts, and creeping things, and fowls of the air. And there came a voice to him, Rise, Peter; kill, and eat. But Peter said, Not so, Lord; for I have never eaten any thing that is common or unclean. And the voice spake unto him again the second time, What God hath cleansed, that call not thou common. This was done thrice: and the vessel was received up again into heaven.”- Acts 10:11-16). Judging music, technology, jobs.

I once had a man who is a minister here in Kansas City tell me that God does not approve of me being a lawyer. Because we lie for a living. No we intercede in the courtroom to protect someone who is innocent from unjust persecution. Or we go before the court to get mercy and grace for someone who hasn’t earned it, because you don’t earn mercy, you don’t earn grace. Sound familiar?

It seems as though in our era of churches the size of sports arenas, Pastors with private jets, and no legal challenges to the existence of Christianity in America that you all have decided to manufacture persecution. To create adversaries in a country where you are an overwhelming majority. I don’t pretend to know God’s mind beyond is word, so I can’t say what he thinks, but I know you all turn me off from the theology we share. Now imagine what someone who doesn’t share belief in Christ thinks? Now I could go on and on with the Christian issues. but I’ll be covering more topics this week, other than friday while I’m traveling. But look for part 2 of this American Christian hypocrisy topic. Because we aren’t done yet, and Words Don’t Do It Justice!

THE Ruthless Wonder

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Notes from your favorite Super Villain: Take off the hat…NOW!

SO quick thing. I’m on vacation, I’ve got a new job, I’ll be back, we are NOT closing. But I am moving rather quickly so things will be running like they are right now for a bit. Where am I headed? Saipan. So yeah long trip, and I need to focus so who knows when I’ll post. Until I’m back full time, keep supporting the staff. They love you as much as I do. Maybe even more than I do, who knows. NOW, onto the topic.


One of the annoying parts of wearing hats as an adult male is the nerd community’s fedora problem. Now I could spend 3k of this on that problem but we are going to keep it simple, I have celebratory drinks and a nice dinner to get to. The thrust of the problem is that many younger men feel like wearing the trilby hat and calling it a fedora. And others feel like wearing the fedora with casual dress. Why is this an issue? Because I’m not old enough looking to be called an old head, so these young punks think I’m on their side. I’m not. Deeper than that though is the segment of nerd culture these guys belong to.

Out of some weird desire to glom on to classic masculine culture, or set themselves apart, or participate in Neo-Masculinity/MGTOW, or just overzealously liking Yahtzee Croshaw to the point of god worship, they have the most detestable of opinions on women, minorities, and counterculture’s affects on geek culture through most commonly, video games. These are the ones you see ogling scantily clad women, and then being the stereotypical white knight online. Their Cheeto stained fingers scratching their neckbeard before they play up their “nice guy” cred hoping Yaya Han or Bree the V will be so moved as to fly them out to pound town(I know you’re reading this, you ain’t got no shot, enjoy your premium porn hub membership). These men have brought negative light to the hat game. So let’s move on to my point today.

Take off my hat.

This is not just about me saying this. Though seriously if you ever try grabbing at my trilby or fedora like someone did in Orlando as part of my labor day trip, I will punch you before the bouncer has a chance to. When I was younger I understood young men wear ball caps, and older men wear more formal hats. straw hat or just generally breathable styles on vacation or hot days, trilby or fedora if you really want to jazz things up with a well made suit. And of course a don’t think I know any black men who didn’t understand the time and place for bucket hats, and kangols(Which you better say as Kang Os or we have problems).

As i neared 30 I started doing more of the older style than the younger. Mostly because I wasn’t a big hat wearer to start off with, but also because as a big guy I have to keep with things that make me look good until I have the body to pull off more. Every man needs to evolve their style senses as much as possible. So I made sure all the hat rules worked the same and did my thing. And around that time…the neckbeards came to the classic fedora and started appropriating it. This would not be the same problem of hipster appropriation, which is annoying in the smugness only, because they respect the look. Instead these men wear the fedora or trilby with graphic tees, cargo shorts with draw strings, and a general unkeptness that our female writers are too nice to call disgustingly creepy(I obviously have no issue doing so).

This, as with most things, should not be cause for my opinion to be blogged or even really talked about. Things you do are not usually my topics. However, this affects how I’m perceived. You are bringing shame on my hat. And in the fat neckbeard white knight cases, to me as a big guy. That is not okay. And if it weren’t illegal I’d ride around with a lasso to tie you up and force you to be shaved and redressed. Your father, grandfather, great grandfather, and celebrities like Sammy Davis jr. Sinatra, Bogart, Pryor, and many more didn’t toss it on with a tee shirt hoping to beg some woman far out their class to eventually look at them. It was the finishing touch to a stellar outfit. It was the crown on the head to match the regal dress.

Finally a word on being nice. The hat doesn’t make you nice. You’ve made it in your community a signal of personal lack of style, and philosophical inconsistency. You’re drooling over half naked women in the hat, then you try and talk harrasment of women as a “defender” as a warrior for social justice? The actual Social Justice Warriors, you know, the ones who actually protest and try to get things changed? Yeah, they hate you as much as I do. But they’re nice people, so they won’t call you out on it. Instead, that job is gleefully done by Your favorite super villain, THE Ruthless Wonder not A Ruthless Wonder. So fix your perceptions, dress appropriately, or TAKE OFF MY DAMN HAT

 – The Ruthless Wonder aka “Dio Brando”