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Feed Your Mind: 1st Month update

We wanted to take a moment and say thank you to everyone reading along with us on Feed your Mind. A reminder that the book is the 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene. Ruthless wanted to be sure to give you an audio update as well, and has informed that the forum will be set up soon for everyone to discuss things as well as make suggestions.

Feed Your Mind

The 48 Laws Of Power by Robert Green is the first book in the Feed Your Mind intiative

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Futbol: Soccer for the Uneducated

world cup trophySo, for those that have either been living under a rock for the past month (or those “bored” by the sport of soccer) I have a message:  GET OVER IT!!!!!  Soccer is here for the long haul people.  I am a huge fan of what many people around the world call “The Beautiful Game.”  That picture in my bio is me standing next to the MLS Cup that was recently won by my hometown team Sporting KC.  But today this post is to help inform you about the BIGGEST SINGLE SPORTING EVENT that happens on this planet once ever four years (and I swear to God I have inserted a virus in here that will make your computer blow up if you said “the Olympics” out loud).  That’s right, the event of which I speak is the FIFA World Cup.  It is the Super Bowl of soccer, the Olympics involving only ONE sport, and a world stage like nothing else the that can be produced on this planet.  They play for this trophy right here (to the left), and people (children and full grown adults alike) cry when their national team fails to bring it home.  The following article is to help fill you in on all that you missed during this amazing tournament, and to shed light on those of you that can’t understand why your friends were chanting “I believe that we will win” for the last month or so.

First a quick glance at the group stage with a few key happenings in each

Group A

This group consisted of the host nation, Brazil, as well as Mexico, Croatia, and Cameroon.  The big story here was really that there wasn’t a big story.  It would have been a catastrophe if Brazil (and their star player Neymar Jr.) had not made it out of their group, but they did.  Mexico made a very strong showing, and so did their crazy emotional manager.  Biggest happening was Mexico finding a way to somehow tie with Brazil (seriously, a tie with the host nation was MASSIVE for El Tri).  Brazil and Mexico advanced to the knockout rounds in 1st and 2nd place in their group respectively.

Group B

This group had both of the teams from 2010’s World Cup final in defending champion Spain and the runner-up Netherlands.  The group was supposed to be rounded out by Chile and Australia.  However, the big happening here was that on the second day of the tournament (and first game of this group) the Netherlands demolished Spain 5-1!  That is a big deal, and it clearly had a long lasting impact on Spain.  Chile fought and clawed its way to take second place in the group meaning the Netherlands took first, and the defending champs were out in the blink of an eye.  The fall of one of the pre-tournament favorites in Spain was a huge talking point.

Group C

This group had the nations of Columbia, Greece, Ivory Coast, and Japan.  It seemed fairly wide open, but a guy named James (pronounced Ha-mez) saw things differently.  Brilliant displays from this young star allowed Colombia to coast to first, while Greece managed to gut it out with their stingy defense for second.

Group D

THIS GROUP… WOW… JUST WOW!!!  We had three countries in Uruguay, England, and Italy that were considered powerhouse soccer nations; and then poor little Costa Rica rounding out the field.  Boy did this group not go according to the FIFA master plan.  Little ol’ Costa Rica (whom the US national team was capable of beating in qualifications) won 2 out of their 3 games (and only ended up tied in the other one) to WIN THE GROUP!!!!  Uruguay, behind the goal scoring prowess of Luis Suarez, squeaked out second place.  However, in the process of scoring goals apparently Suarez got a craving for some Italian food: Suarez bites Italy playerThis bite seen round the world cost Uruguay dearly as Suarez was banned for 9 international games, and four months of any soccer activity.  Without Suarez this team was entirely different, and did not pose close to the threat they had in the group stage.  Lost in all of this controversy was that this group knocked out two nations with big expectations during any World Cup in England and Italy.

Group E

This group contained France, Ecuador, Switzerland, and Honduras.  France looked very strong and clinched first easily, so it was up to the other squads to fight it out for second place.  In the end, the Swiss were able to stop being neutral, and crushed a few other countries to take second.

Group F

Featuring the other South American powerhouse of Argentina (not to mention the “best player on the planet in Leo Messi) this group was basically a battle for second between Nigeria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Iran.  Argentina did not disappoint, winning all three of their matches (though not as impressively as some might have thought.  Nigeria was able to squeeze through for second.

Group G

This was supposed to be the infamous soccer “Group of Death” that happens in every World Cup (it was really between this one and Group D in my opinion).  Of course, this was also the group the United States was drawn into (and so naturally the one I’ll talk about the most).  There were two teams ranked in the top 5 in the world in Germany (a pre-tournament favorite) and Portugal (who had the “other” best player in the world in Cristiano Ronaldo), and then there was Ghana (who had beaten the United States each of the last two World Cups).

Of course, the United States played Ghana first (it was the only game we were given any hope of winning).  And in this case revenge was a dish best served cold!  A goal within the opening minute of the game by the US captain Clint Dempsey put the United States up earlier than anyone could’ve hoped (or the US coach probably wanted).  Ghana of course scored an equalizer, but late in the game, after coming on as a substitute, John Brooks headed home the winner on a Graham Zusi (Sporting KC player) corner kick!!!  This game was the beginning of soccer euphoria in the United States; setting off celebrations around the country (this one proudly happened in my hometown of Kansas City, but believe me there were celebrations at gatherings all over the United States… just look it up):

Meanwhile, Germany dispatched the “greatest player in the world” in Cristiano Ronaldo with ease.  This meant the U.S. playing Portugal next would be a huge match.  While the game ended a tie due to the ONE AND ONLY shining soccer moment Ronaldo had the entire World Cup; the U.S. made us proud.  They fought hard, had a stunning goal from Jermaine Jones, and ultimately probably deserved more from this game.  However the game at least gave me (a self-proclaimed Ronaldo fan) one image that will last forever:  My hometown hero Matt Besler of Sporting KC standing over the “best player in the world” whom Besler had just put on his ass.

Besler standing over RonaldoTake THAT European soccer!!!!  Well, at least until the U.S. played Germany and lost 1-0.  But still, the U.S. took second place in their group, and getting out of the “Group of Death” was something a lot of analysts did not even think would be possible for the U.S.  In case anyone cared, Germany won the group.

Group H

This group contained dark horse favorite Belgium; along with Algeria, Russia, and South Korea.  Belgium and its loaded roster of high quality players crushed the group for first place.  Surprisingly, or perhaps not to some, Russia struggled, and Algeria was able to secure second place in the group.

On to the Knock-Out Rounds!!!

Brazil beat Chile

It took penalty kicks and some heroics by the Brazilian goalkeeper (who plays in MLS currently by the way).  This game should not have been as close as it was, and it also should have been our first clue Brazil might not see its dream realized of winning a World Cup on home soil.

Colombia beat Uruguay

Without Suarez to bite anyone (or score any goals) the Uruguay side had a tough time stopping the Colombians.  James (pronounced Ha-mez) Rodriguez played exception once again, and lead his team on to the quaterfinals.

France beat Nigeria

Not much to see here… just another European powerhouse looking awfully strong and beating up on an African side that had already over-achieved.

Germany beat Algeria

It took extra time; which was slightly surprising.  But then again we probably should have seen that coming when Algeria tried to park the whole team in front of their own goal.  Germany was just to skilled and technical to be stopped.

Netherlands beat Mexico

This wasn’t any sort of a surprise, but it was still sad.  Mexico’s manager was the most animated and entertaining to watch, and the Mexican goalkeeper was undoubtedly one of the best in the entire tournament.  However, the Dutch had the skills and experience, and ultimately proved to strong to handle.

Costa Rica beat Greece

Talk about your all-time lucky draw in the World Cup.  Costa Rica was not even supposed to make it out of their group, and now here they were knocking on the door of the semi-finals because Greece simply had no real scoring threat to throw at them.  The game went to penalty kicks and Costa Rica’s goalkeeper came up big!  A great win for CONCACAF (that is the FIFA region where Mexico and the U.S. also play to qualify for a World Cup).

Argentina beat Switzerland

Thanks to a little extra time magic from Messi (the other “greatest player in the world”) Argentina squeaked by in this game.  It should not have been so close, and it was another sign that the South Americans would need a “hand of God” like occurrence (YEAH, that is absolutely a shot at the Argentinian legend Diego Maradona) to pull away with the title.

Belgium beat United StatesHoward Secretary of Defense

Oh the agony!  It took extra time, and even when all seemed lost the Americans still fought back in the dying minutes to score at least one late goal.  This was the game that might have taken soccer to a completely unheard of level in the U.S.  People gathered in parks, bars, homes, and hell even stadiums (Soldier Field in Chicago and Jerry’s World in Dallas) just to watch this game.  It was an absolute heart-breaker, and to make it worse was the performance of the U.S. goalkeeper Tim Howard.  In what will likely be his last appearance in a World Cup; Tim Howard had more saves recorded than any goalie over the past 50 years in a World Cup match.  It was such an amazing defensive performance that for a brief moment even Wikipedia recognized the accomplishment.  An extremely emotional loss, but the valiant effort right down to the bitter end gives American soccer fans plenty to be hopeful about in four years time when the World Cup goes to Russia.




Brazil beat Colombia

This was the sad ending for TWO absolutely spectacular players in this World Cup.  James Rodriguez of Colombia won the Golden Boot award (for scoring the most goals in the tournament), and became a world-wide sensation in the process.  But sadly with his team eliminated he disappeared into the sunset, but not without his team leaving a devastating mark on Brazil.  Late in the game a player went up to challenge Brazilian savior Neymar for a ball in the air, and kneed Neymar in the back so hard that it literally broke a vertebrae in Neymar’s back.  Neymar was done, and you could feel Brazil’s chances of lifting the World Cup were done with him.

Germany beat France

This was not that exciting of a contest.  However, in the semi-finals it appeared that Germany awoke.  So apparently they were saving their best against France for what would come later.

Netherlands beat Costa Rica

The dream run was over for Costa Rica, but not without some tension.  The game went to penalty kicks, and just before the final minute of extra time was over the Netherlands manager (and future manager of Manchester United) made a VERY bold move.  He subbed out his goalkeeper.  He put a guy in off the bench who had not played the whole tournament simply to go stop penalties.  And STOP them he did!!! Tim Krul became a national hero, and Van Gaal (the manager) was proclaimed a genius.

Argentina beat Belgium

On the back of a little more Messi magic Argentina was barely able to pull this one off.  The hopes of a Brazil vs. Argentina final were still alive.  The hopes for Messi to go down in history as one of the greatest to ever play were still alive.


Germany DESTROYS Brazil

GoT Germany beats BrazilThis will be the game everyone remembers.  Soccer is a traditionally low scoring affair, but this game was anything but low-scoring, and even worse for Brazil it was very one sided.  If pictures can say 1000 words then this depiction to the left of The Mountain Gregor Clegane in a Germany jersey crushing the skull of the Brazil supporting Oberyn is all you really need to know.  Germany scored 5 goals… FIVE… on Brazil… IN THE FIRST HALF!!!!!! 4 of the goals came in the span of about 10 minutes.  The score ended 7-1 (and only cause Germany got a little lazy at the end and let a goal slip through in stoppage time).  I don’t know if it was the loss of the Brazilian talisman known as Neymar, or simply the quality of the German squad, but I do know I will never forget this game!  An entire country, who prides itself on legendary soccer greatness, was applauding the Germans for how well they played.  Meanwhile, every dream and hope dashed to bits of Brazil winning on native soil, the only thing that could rub salt in the wound would be Argentina finding a way to win the World Cup on Brazilian soil…

Argentina beats Netherlands

Brazil’s worst nightmare was that much closer to reality.  This game was not even close to the behemoth of a game that was Germany vs. Brazil, but it did go to a penalty kick shoot-out.  This time, however, the brilliant manager of the Dutch had used up all of his substitutes by the end of extra time.  He was unable to use the tactic he used against Costa Rica, and it ended up costing the Netherlands dearly.  Argentina’s goalkeeper came up with some big stops, and the Argentina dream for Messi to hoist a World Cup  (the BIGGEST trophy a team can win in soccer) was that much closer to reality.


Germany beats Argentina 1-0 in extra time

Many people would try and tell you that a low scoring game can’t be exciting… they are all idiots!!!!  They do not even come close to comprehending the beautiful game for what it is.  The free-flowing movement of the ball and players makes for a game where something can happen at any moment.  Sure the score was 0-0 at the end of regulation time, but God some of the chances both teams had were incredible.  You could literally feel the tension building as the game got closer and closer to a possible penalty shootout.  Then a young substitute named Gotze put his personal signature in the German history books.  A beautiful goal led to a Germany victory, and a very well deserved victory at that!

What does all of this mean for the United States and Soccer in the U.S. in general

The ratings to watch a tournament of soccer games (the World Cup) were higher in the United States than they were for the NBA finals!!!  Let me say that again… MORE PEOPLE WATCHED THE BIGGEST EVENT IN SOCCER THAN THEY WATCHED THE BIGGEST EVENT IN PROFESSIONAL BASKETBALL.  Make every excuse you want soccer haters:  Ah the NBA sucks too, the NBA finals weren’t that good this year anyway, the NFL is still the king in this country (I won’t argue that one).  The point is soccer mania via the World Cup gripped this country in ways that even the Super Bowl doesn’t do.  You don’t see thousands of people gathering across the country and going absolutely bananas over a touchdown during the Super Bowl, but almost every major city in the U.S. had HUGE watch parties like in the video above with people going just as crazy (no, seriously… look it up on youtube… type in USA world cup watch parties… I’ll wait).  I’m in no way saying soccer is now the most popular sport in America (more likely soccer interest will drastically dwindle until the next World Cup).  What I am saying is that there is hope; hope that one day this country will truly be interested in what is already the most popular sport in the rest of the world.  Hope that young generations of kids won’t be so quick to stop playing little league soccer the second their moms say it is okay for them to put on a football helmet.  This World Cup, while the U.S. didn’t win it, did quite a lot to advance the game if only a little bit further in this country, and simply put… words don’t do it justice!


The NBA Draft, and the free agent frenzy!

Have no fear, The Ref is here, to help make things a little more clear(ish). Okay, so maybe I will not start with a limerick every article, but with the silliness that is the NBA at the moment it seemed appropriate. Some of you may or may not be aware that there was actually a draft held by the NBA just last month (June 26th to be precise). Many, and I do mean MANY, analysts were calling this draft class one of the best that has ever been seen (no, seriously… stop laughing… they really were saying that, I swear). Yet, we are hearing so very little about this astounding group of young pros about to enter the league. Why, do you ask? Well… because you have been living under a freaking rock, and clearly have not heard that the almighty King James opted out of his contract and is a free agent as of the writing of this article. So, this highly anticipated move by LeBron James had a massive impact on the draft… namely that no one or their dog cared what happened in it. But fear not good readers, for I have a quick recap of the top ten picks in the NBA Draft (along with a few other highlighted players this analyst believes will have impact). Then I will discuss how the draft and free agency will merge into this beautiful tango of an off season that makes the NBA somehow relevant even when games are not being played. So, first… TO THE BOARD (draft board of course).

1. Andrew Wiggins, SG Selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers
Wiggins is a stud only one year out of high school. As they say on the street, “He got game.” A rare one-and-done from the University of Kansas, this kid has miles and miles of potential. We saw glimpses during the college basketball season of his ability to create his own shot, and the guy can almost literally jump out of the gym (now that is real basketball jargon folks). This all being said, perhaps the most important thing is that Wiggins is a SG (shooting guard for the uneducated), and that is NOT what LeBron James is. The Cavs only had two choices in my opinion (once Joel Embiid got hurt), and it was down to Wiggins or Jabari Parker. Parker is a SF (small forward, once again for the unlearned amongst you), and that is King James’ “technical” position (at least that was what they called him when he entered the league as an 18 year old). So, what I am saying is that the Cavs picked the guy least likely to step on LeBron’s toes… and actions speak louder than words.

2. Jabari Parker, SF Selected by the Milwaukee Bucks
Parker is another stud one-and-done, this time from the basketball factory known as Duke University. This guy is easily just as good as Wiggins (and that is a tough thing for this rather biased author to admit). Physically, Parker is probably the most NBA ready. He has a big frame that has already got a good amount of muscle on it, and he is just as comfortable on the perimeter as he is down on the block. However, we mentioned that he plays Small Forward, and that is the position of The King. What does this mean? Simply that the Bucks knew darn good and well they had no shot at signing on James as a free agent, so they took the best available player.

3. Joel Embiid, C Selected by the Philadelphia 76ers
Embiid is a towering 7ft tall Center out of the one and only University of Kansas (and another rare one-and-done from the program). He was a slightly (but only very slightly) surprise pick this high on the board given all the concerns over his health. This simply speaks to the massive amount of potential teams saw in the young player. Hell, the kid has only been playing organized basketball for a few years. Because of that fact, there was not a ton of tape on Embiid, but his drastic improvement over the course of one season at KU was all NBA scouts needed to start calling him the next superstar big man for the league. He is rough around the edges, but I promise Philly fans will still be more pleased with anything this kid does than they were with the Andrew Bynum debacle.

4. Aaron Gordon, PF Selected by the Orlando Magic
Gordon is a FREAK coming out of Arizona. The guy is physically caught between being labeled a Small Forward and a Power Forward. What he is not, is a poor pick. Gordon is a guy that will be able to contribute almost instantly, and that is something the Magic desperately need. As another of those teams not in a race for any of the big free agents (there are actually others who do play in the NBA besides LeBron James) this pick made a ton of sense. Gordon is a playmaker that can create his shot, with the potential to be a future all-star.

5. Dante Exum, PG Selected by the Utah Jazz
Every NBA draft there are players that get picked who have been playing overseas somewhere. Very little is known about them, and often times it seems like they are busts. Exum was our first “token international guy” picked, and I have to be honest, the only things I have seen of him are you tube highlight reels. I will say this much, his ball handling skills seem second to none in this draft, and his court vision is almost like a sixth sense. He is definitely talented, but stop me if you’ve heard that before about a guy from overseas (YES I AM LOOKING AT YOU DARKO MILICIC). Maybe he turns into the Point Guard the Jazz have been missing ever since Deron Williams left (although apparently Deron Williams’ game has gone missing ever since he left).

6. Marcus Smart, PG Selected by the Boston Celtics
OH the intrigue in this pick… not really. I know what you’re thinking, “he’s a Point Guard, and don’t the Celtics have some guy named Hondo” (it’s Rondo actually, Rajon Rondo). Yes it is true Smart is listed as a PG coming out of Oklahoma State, but the guy really plays the game more like a Shooting Guard anyway. One problem, he does not have that great a shot. So, if the Celtics want to utilize Smart immediately they are looking at two guards in that back court who both have problems hitting a jumper. Now on the flip side, Smart has definitely got some game. He and Rondo can drive the lane on almost any team all day long. We’ll wait and see how this pans out.

7. Julius Randle, PF Selected by the Los Angeles Lakers
Randle is a beast, and the first player taken of the super freshman class that was the University of Kentucky basketball team (a group that in fact only had a couple guys drafted first round I might add). But all Louisville Alumni author biases aside, this kid is a full grown man ready to play an NBA man’s game. It is a crime he fell this far, and even more of a crime that he goes to the Lakers. You can bet big dollars the Lakers will absolutely try to land one of the massive free agents this off-season, and if Randle pans out we could be looking at Kobe Bryant passing the torch to a solid team. Randle fills a position of need for the Lakers, while at the same time not really taking up a spot for guys named James, Carmelo, or Kobe.

8. Nik Stauskas, SG Selected by the Sacramento Kings
Ah Ha, the shooting white kid has arrived… no, but seriously this kid out of Michigan can shoot lights out. First, this seemed very early to take him, and second, there is this other kid by the name of McDermott that also shoots pretty well. I am not going to say this is a bad pick, but I would have been looking for something a little better than this. He is what he is, and the potential just is not there for him to be more than a good (not great) perimeter shooter. Sometimes I wonder if a bunny rabbit is running the Kings because the team just seems to bounce in one place and never leaps forward or backward.

9. Noah Vonleh, PF Selected by the Charlotte Bobcats
An interesting pick out of the historic Indiana Hoosiers basketball program. His Airness (Michael Jordan owns this team in case you were unaware) got a little lucky this kid fell all the way to 9. Not a lot of people paid attention to this kid in college, but he is a solid player on the block. A double-double machine that could absolutely have impact. The man who SHOULD be the NBA logo has yet to find that magical pick (like the Bulls found him), but it doesn’t stop him from trying year after year. This one will definitely not be a “superstar”, but the potential of an all-star is within reach.

10. Elfrid Payton, PG Selected by the Philadelphia 76ers
And here we have our “token small school” guy coming from the always powerful program of Louisiana-Lafayette. This was a bit of a reach once again for the 76ers, and I have to say you expect more from a team that had two picks in the top ten! Listen, this kid could be like Damian Lillard, but I’m guessing he won’t be. Perhaps the 76ers felt it was a position of need, but I just don’t see this as a great use of the 10th overall pick (would’ve been better trading both their top ten picks to get a guy like Kevin Love).

Players to watch:
11. Doug McDermott, SF
Traded to the Chicago Bulls
Douggie McBuckets as some analysts have called him. This is an interesting move for the Bulls, and while I do not believe McDermott is going to be a superstar he is definitely capable of creating his own shot. He’s a scorer, and that can only help the insanely defensive minded Bulls.
21. Mitch McGary, PF Selected by the Oklahoma City Thunder
Ruthless would have my head on a platter if I didn’t give a little love to his team. This was a good pick for OKC. Early on in the season McGary looked like a top ten sure thing pick, but injuries caused him to fall well below where I believe he should have been drafted. A nice compliment to an already great team.
24. Shabazz Napier, PG Traded to the Miami Heat
The hero of the NCAA tournament is a good Point Guard, and as much as it hurts me to say, that is exactly what the Miami Heat NEED (sorry Mario Chalmers, it was fun while it lasted). This trade was clearly done in the hopes that LeBron might choose to continue his reign over South Beach now that a “suitable” ball handler is on the squad.

NOW, let’s get to the fun stuff
All of this awesomeness above has been overshadowed. There could easily be several future all-stars out of this draft class, and yet all we care about is the guys already in the NBA doing work on a nightly basis. Specifically this one guy named James! There are others. Guys named Melo and Bosh are pretty good players in their own right, but c’mon, we all know we want LeBron gossip. Well here is the deal, as of the writing of this article LeBron James has personally met with Pat Riley of the Miami Heat, AND the King has stated he will NOT meet with ANY other teams in person. This would seem to point to LeBron staying in Miami, but not so fast my friends. LeBron already knows plenty about the NBA’s other franchises, and in particular about the only other team I perceive as a contender in the King James sweepstakes, the Cleveland Cavaliers! That’s right, I said it, the prodigal son could return home. Here’s why: They have locked up Kyrie Irving (an all-star PG that LeBron likes a lot) for the long term, just drafted Andrew Wiggins (and LeBron likes him too), they cleared the cap space to offer LeBron a maximum contract (and the King has NEVER been the highest paid player on any of his teams in his 11 seasons in the league thus far… no, seriously… look it up… I’ll wait), and have upwards of 3 first round picks next year to use as future trade bait. Listen, that team was capable of winning 60+ games when LeBron was there before, and the roster was not even close to as good as it looks now! What I believe is most likely to happen is LeBron only signs on for one year in Miami, then makes to move to Cleveland after the Cavs make a few more roster moves. BUT… I’m the Radical Ref, so I radically predict LeBron gets lured back to Cleveland by the ONE THING no other team in the league will ever be able to offer him: REDEMPTION! Believe it or not LeBron James is a man of high character and good moral fiber. He likes good guys, and he wants to BE a good guy. He has unfinished business in his home state, and Dan Gilbert will not deter him if he really wants to go back home. Listen, the Cavs already yanked the nasty letter Gilbert wrote about LeBron from their official team website, and LeBron has never been one to care much about ownership anyway (I mean, there aren’t pictures of him hanging out with Pat Riley and Micky Arison in South Beach). Gillbert will get on his knees, and do whatever LeBron asks if it means getting the best player in the world back in Cleveland.

Once King James decides where he is going everyone else will fall into place. The other major name on the market is Carmelo Anthony, but once it becomes clear that no matter where LeBron goes there won’t be room for Melo that will make things easier. Melo is going to either stay in New York with the Knicks, or he is going to go to LA and play for the Lakers (Personally I think he should go to LA, but I believe he will stay in New York). For a guy like Chris Bosh, if LeBron stays in Miami then so will Bosh. If the King takes his rightful throne back in Ohio, Bosh is headed to whoever pays him the most (and right now that looks like it will be the Houston Rockets).

Why is where LeBron James ends up such a big deal (besides the obvious fact that he automatically makes any team a title contender) …money. On a max contract the King is only going to make about $66mil (ONLY!?!?! God we over pay athletes, but that is another topic another day). The estimated income to the Miami Heat that the business people at ESPN conservatively estimated can be directly attributed to LeBron’s playing in Miami (we’re talking ticket sales, playoff games, increased prices for everything, etc…) is over $90mil. The greatest player in the world pays for himself, and STILL earns a team a profit. Listen, we could go on and on about how valuable LeBron James is to a franchise (both on and off the court), but let’s be brutally honest… words don’t do it justice!

Words Don’t Do It Justice Podcast Episode 4: Hard Quesitons, Harder Answers

This month on the Words Don’t Do It Justice podcast we welcome the return of THE Ruthless Wonder as host along with Reign, and the newest Author The Radical Ref for a discussion of college costs, the realities of medicine and the health in the modern world, and money in politics as well as a big announcement regarding the future of this podcast. Enjoy episode 4: Hard Questions, Harder Answers.

WDDIJcast Episode 4<right click and select save as to download.