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Back with a Disturbance!

Children. Sex. Law.

It’s my second semester in my 2L of law school, and I am currently taking Family law as one of my courses. I had no idea exactly how interested I am in that field but apparently, it is an element of my passion!

So, my typical news source is CNN. I go through each section on the website and find things that grab my attention to read. Since I am taking family law, articles about children pop out to me. (Here comes the outrage…)

WHEN DID WE DECIDE THAT A 6 YEAR OLD BOY COULD SEXUALLY HARASS ANYONE, LET ALONE ANOTHER CHILD?! Newsworthy? I think so! There’s an article on CNN about a child who was suspended from school for 2 days, sexual harassment being the reason on his student record, (get this) because he kissed a classmate on the hand! WHAT!? So you’re telling me we have become so far gone from the well-being of a child that in early childhood, we are not only STILL labeling them, but labeling them as sexual offenders?! Ya gotta be kiddin’ me! I have to make light of this because it’s foolish!

Now, the mothers are on opposite sides of the spectrum here, naturally? The little boy’s mom thinks, of course, the school district has gone too far. The child has been in trouble before for kissing the same girl on her cheek, but Mom says it’s just a little crush. (Cues Jennifer Paige- It’s Just a Little Crush). The little girl’s mother feels as though the school district did the proper thing in disciplining the boy especially since the touching was unwanted by the little girl. I am not insensitive to the mother and her daughter, especially if either one of them may have experienced sexual offenses in the past. However, what is the likelihood of the little girl being mentally, emotionally, or developmentally damaged from this situation, versus the little boy being damaged by the labeling, and now needing to know at such an early age, what sex is and the particular offense he was accused of as 6 years old?  (that’s an incredibly long sentence for effect.) Scales of justice need to tip MAJOR here! If every little school age girl cried sexual harassment because the boys were chasing them, we would all be homeschooled!

This might need a part two because I can go on and on. But here I would suggest the little boy be taught that his behavior was inappropriate, and should be trained to behave in the proper manner. That’s the point of raising a child! They don’t know any better until you tell them and teach them!

The way the school district has “remedied” this public outcry is to change the offense in the child’s record to “misconduct.” That’s a crock of poop. Damage is already done.

Next up! 17 yr old boy gets suspended for 1 year from high school for HUGGING HIS TEACHER! Mom says she and her son are “huggers.”

::sighs:: He’s a senior lacrosse star player and getting ready to graduate with potential for full scholarships to college. We wouldn’t be in this mess if people would hug others more and love each other more. It would be less weird! (Homer Simpson DOH! ::slaps forehead::)

Teacher claims she pushed him away and she had warned him prior to this last incident for hugging her. Student says he always hugs his teachers, and he had never been warned before. I’m pretty sure if she said, “I do not want you hugging me anymore,” directly to him, then he would have stopped. Report never said she felt as though she was in danger. It goes into depth about whether the student kissed her or not. He did not. I just don’t understand. If you do, let’s discuss this!

A judge I met once lectured that people never seem to know how to resolve their own problems. They always want to get third party involved, instead of simply confronting the problem face on. Thus, the legal system and attorneys keep booming business. Good, I need a job! But this is ridiculous! He’s 5 months away from graduating, and getting college acceptance! Clearly, a good kid. No one sees a hidden agenda here, a roadblock in his education as (race card) a young black male in the southern states, maybe?

These two kids in the news this week have been victimized more than their alleged victims, in my opinion. My heart bleeds for these boys and I hope these events don’t continue to affect their futures adversely. I have embedded links to these stories for you!

Justin Bieber!

Let’s smile a little at Justin Bieber’s home being searched by police for ………..eggs? Justin Bieber, simply a rich child, has been egging his neighbor’s home. Why, just why? He’s bored! I get them calling the police, but really? A search? This to be continued!

Okay, I’m going to go get a 6 and 17 year old boy and teach them how to talk to girls without creeping them out!

Realistic Royalty!

[youtube=]  credit: Lateef Mungin, CNN credit: Kelly Wallace, CNN

Words Don’t Do Us Justice: End of the hour

The end of 2013 is the end of a lot of things. But not the end of us. And what better way to remind you we aren’t even a year old yet than to give you somethings to look forward to in the new year?

Well first up, New Authors!

Starting with New Year’s Day we’ll be debuting 4 new authors here at WDDIJ. The first one is someone so impressive I had to restrain myself from posting her early. The second…is a surprise I will not ruin. 3 and 4 will be the kinds of debuts you will spend weeks pondering, and well even with the bad news(for some of you) at the end of this announcement, these 4 will keep you thinking long after the bad thing at the bottom is over.

Second…Well I can’t be cryptic about everything.

As some of our true out and out superfans will tell you. Words Don’t Do It Justice will barring death, FBI raid, or terrifying lawsuit(The NSA is already watching so they can SOD OFF) turn a year old in March. And we’re hoping to make it to 3500 views by then. As part of the celebration, we are putting together a monthly WDDIJ podcast. Because if you think I’m a prick writer, just wait until you get to hear me say all this stuff. LOL but seriously, to keep it fresh, the podcast will include some of the different WDDIJ staff and guest bloggers, Some of our random, hilarious, controversial, and generally interesting friends, and of course some exclusive topics that you can only catch there. Stay tuned.

Third is 3-14

Well for me first is 3-14, but anyway. People have wondered why the Christmas Facebook message included 314 Publishing. Well we’re partnering with the brand new Pub firm to do a few projects throughout 2014 and beyond. The first of which will be announced in June. Until then consider them the helping hand that is keeping things protected and under wraps. When the time comes we will collectively tell you more.

And now the end is here…So Sorry

As most folks know I didn’t pass the bar. As few folks know, when I was studying, I wasn’t really posting much here. Other than a couple of timely posts based on events, I made them weeks or a couple months in advance, and scheduled them to drop when they did. While I could most certainly do that again. Given the shorter time frame, my desire to not have to do this again, and the level of intensity my hatred for not currently being an attorney has reached(Seriously the holidays will do that to you), I’m going to be bowing out from now until my actual return March 1. I prepared 2 posts which will drop on specific days in January and February, but otherwise no updates from me, and nothing else from me. I’m not gone forever, but if I have to spend 6 more months not being a lawyer I may end up joining the tin foil hatters. So I’ll be back, and these guys around here will do a wonderful job while I’m gone. And so will the guest bloggers coming in as well. So see you when I return, and until then share us and our guest writers with your friends because Words Don’t Do Us Justice!

– THE Ruthless Wonder

The Ruthless Wonders…Where the hell is he?

There is something to be said for my disappearing acts.  Usually it is something rather important, and usually someone knows where I went, and I come back with something to tell you.

Well for once most of that isn’t true. The last couple weeks we’ve had some shakeups and vacations, and I’ve been trying to keep things figured out. SO I didn’t post. But I got some pretty good posts from our authors and everyone can like that. On the other hand I am quite aware that it may look like I’m slacking by not posting. After all, I did bring this crew of uberness together right?

Well the reality is I’ve been working on some rather non-interesting battles in the life of the guy who failed the bar exam. The great battle at getting registered for the next exam, the amazing triumph of The Ruthless Wonder over the speeding ticket, and who can forget the skirmish with the failing office wifi signal which was won with a router reset, some music videos of Those Acoustic Cats, and some feverish research to keep the deadlines we had.

But it wasn’t all overhyped battles and minor life annoyances. No, I got some things figured out and some idea moved to paper for a more interesting next few weeks. Because if you recall from my post about my resurrection hobby, I have a grand one to do. Now of course folks I can’t tell you everything. Some stuff for legal reasons, some stuff because I want you to have the surprise of it that I did. So we’re gonna just you know tell you a few bits to come and I’m going to get back to it.

First up: Special column week.

Next week I’m being very ambitious, not saying I will be not posting otherwise this week, but next week I’m going to be doing a column collab with a bunch of folks. You may remember the double R post Rufus and I did. Well think of a week of posts like that. Still getting the folks together for it, but it is a go. Think of it as me saying I’m sorry. But far more awesome.

Second: the big announcement

Well I have to save the juiciest bit about this for a certain day in March, but right now I can and will tell you that we are bringing on board a new extension of Words Don’t Do It Justice. I toyed with a monthly podcast, we talked about leaving WordPress for a full on site with more media. All of that may still come but for right now, we will be launching a monthly interview series in March. Each month a 3 interview program will be shot and uploaded to here and later to youtube. And it isn’t just a bunch of my friends and associates, we’re going to reach out to larger and larger folks as we get going. Mostly keeping with the theme, but hey if we somehow get Meghan Markle, sorry if I get off track.

Last: Recruitment

The R Revolution is growing, and so is The Justice League. Many of you saw the post, with and without the spoiler alert tag, from Carl McPhail. Rest assured we will have more guests coming, and more from the newest Rs as well. And there may be a few new Rs coming to join the revolution.

The long wave goodbye

SO with all that said I want to say thanks to everyone who’s been picking up the slack with me MIA and Rufus on a break. And like I said who knows I may be back tomorrow or over the weekend. I mean I could say more but…Words Don’t Do It Justice!

-THE Ruthless Wonder

Words Don’t Do It Justice: Realistic Royalty Serving You!

But first these commercial messages…

I told you this week was going to be explosive. Our second debut for the week needs very little introduction from me. But I’d say I consider Barry law left in good hands with folks like her there. There may be more debuts this week. Who knows. Well I do, but this isn’t about me. Besides if I told you more you wouldn’t be paying attention to this debut. And let’s face it, this is good enough that Words Don’t Do It Justice!

– RW

Realistic Royalty Serving You!

With this being my debut, I’m not sure what’s more exciting; the fact that someone might actually read my incredibly random thoughts or that I finally can show how awesome I think I am at times. (The latter may or may not be true.) I’m honored to have been asked to join the team by Ruthless Wonder for wddij.  Couldn’t think of a better way to get my mind off the day to day torture I willingly submitted to called law school.

Anyways, over the past week I’ve been watching my new 1L colleagues attend their first week of law school classes. The most amazing thing happened to me! One, two, maybe three or four first year law students have actually sat or stood and listened to me talk for about an hour at a time in complete amazement that I lived through my first year! I was in my glory filling their heads with the exact words that Ruthless Wonder spoke to me, “The first year they scare ya to death, the second year they work ya to death (so true, so don’t mind me if I rant sometimes about how much I’d rather be a pop star), and the third year they bore ya to death.”

Moving on.

In this week’s news…”Diana Nyad completes historic swim,” “Brooklyn baby shot in stroller,” “Charlie Hunnam casts in ‘Fifty Shades’.”

Triumph-Tragedy-Totally Awesome (not exactly your ever so clever alliteration, but…it works.)

Congrats to Ms. Nyad being in her 60s and having swam from Havana, Cuba to Florida in 53 hours. This being only her 5th try! Hmm definitely national news worthy instead of “Hey, a certain r&b/pop star got a haircut!”

Pray, meditate, do whatever it is you have to in order to lift the spirits of the family of the 1 year old baby fatally shot in a stroller in Brooklyn, NY. Violence in America has gone way too far when children, toddlers at that, are being literally slaughtered for nothing. It isn’t something I consider newsworthy but it’s something we should be aware of.

Let’s life our spirits back up with awesomeness!

CHARLIE HUNNAM a.k.a Jacks Teller from FX’s Sons of Anarchy is going to cast in the “Fifty Shades” movie! Ladiessssssss, we might as well dump our boyfriends now because there’s no coming back from this one!   If you don’t know who he is, tune in to the season 6 premiere on Tuesday, September 10 at 10pm! You won’t regret it!

Lastly, special Happy Birthday shout out to my Mom who’s birthday was yesterday! Let’s recognize her since she brought such a great young lady like myself to you all! J

That’s all for my randomness this week. Sometimes I will have deeper thoughts than these. Others will be completely mindless! So for next time, let’s consider this thought: relationships that begin in long distance vs. relationships that end in long distance.

It’s so hard to say goodbye but…

– Realistic Royalty