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Ruthless Grab Bag: Too much, too soon, too often

One of the things that often comes up with my writing here on WDDIJ is a request to cover a particular topic. And usually I just don’t do it. In some cases what someone wants to cover I want to cover and so it for a moment interests are aligned and it works out. Oddly enough my silence on some particular matters has been due to an over abundance of work on outside projects. And my appearance on a Friday instead of my usual Monday is because we have two writers who are just straight up swamped. So everyone send positive thoughts towards Ref and Revanchist, They’re deep in dealing with various things that take way more focus than writing here. They’ll be back when they can. And now let’s get to it. GRAB BAG!

Too Much

I’ve found that despite a general, “I wonder what they look like” feeling, I just don’t care about the leaked nudes fo celebrities or the coverage that commanded. I have never seen Margot Robbie naked and I’m certain such a picture would launch ten thousand ships in her honor. I’ve never seen Ruth Negga in anything revealing, and I’m certain I would swear a blood oath for me and all my descendants to fight demons in her name. My point is Despite how interesting in theory Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton nudes are. I don’t care. But…

I don’t think that this is sexual assault as some have stated in media and online.

Look I agree this is an invasion of privacy. I agree that this probably included some extortion of the women whose photos were released. But “Holy Hyperbole Batman!” are we really about to say this is the same as a woman being raped, a child being molested, a man being violated in prison by other men? Did that sentence feel gruesome? Good. That means you’re still capable of human empathy. See hard as I try, I can’t equate the conversation with a friend in college who told me about when she was raped with these photos leaking. I can equate it with a lot of other issues. Like being spied on by the public. Like getting doxxed. Like having things stolen from you. That these are of these women in various states of undress is bad. And the exposure to the rest of the public is also horrid, but this is a bridge too far, and a pound too much. Let’s deal with the guys that leaked the photos, and the ones that hacked the accounts, but climb down off that ledge and stop minimizing rape and sexual assault by turning it into a buzzword.

Too Soon

Somethings you are never ready for. And some things you have way too much time to do and never do them. Now don’t worry I’m not about to say the site is closing. I want to talk about how Ray Rice has been handled. When we all first learned about the situation we were all worried about what this meant. Would the NFL do the right thing? Would the legal system get justice for Jenay? What did she think? What had happened in the elevator itself?

And those were fair questions. They were exactly what needed to be asked. In the aftermath though some people got into trouble for coming to a conclusion too soon. Now let’s talk about Stephen A Smith. He got suspended for his comments, and even fellow ESPN folks like Michelle Beadle were chastising him for what he said. Fair or unfair that was too soon for both of them. As analysts the smart thing would have been for Smith to not address the larger issue of domestic violence and whatever perceptions he has. However, the language being used to describe him by Beadle was just as disheartening. While she stopped short of calling for his job, she might as well have.

And while I’m on the too soon topic, OBAMA!

Okay now that the racists have gone, let’s talk the real deal here. I am not an isolationist. But I do have isolationist tendencies from time to time. And this situation with ISIS/ISIL(I prefer calling it ISIL since that is what they actually want to do.) is one of the times I like to say nope, nope, you do your own thing we’re done. Here’s the thing about humanity. We’ve gotten to the point that now we have to cover for each other’s screw ups. ISIL is worthy of direct US intervention, but Boko Haram isn’t. Why? Well I’d say because the issue in Nigeria with Boko Haram is far more complex and isn’t sitting on top of oil production but that would be overly cynical.

No the reality is that this is just not a smart time to appear and help out. It is in fact too soon. Why? Because if you thought Iraq in and of itself and on its own would stay together you are clearly not a student of history. The country was an artificial creation and combined groups that were meant to balance each other’s presence in the region precisely because they did not get along. And you can thank T.E. Lawrence for that(If you don’t know go look it up). In the modern day expecting them to get along post Saddam is akin to expecting China, Tibet, and Taiwan to get along without outside help.

And that is why I don’t want US military members,which happen to contain lots of friends and family in them, to be sent on a devil’s errand of stabilizing a country that does not wish to be. At best we can expect Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Kosovo, and Slovenia. At worst well, World War 3 with Nukes flying seems to be my particular brand of nightmare fuel. My point is sometimes you need to let a state fail and see what rises out of it. Helping groups escape from persecution, defending trapped Americans, ensuring safety for UN troops and other groups is fine. But full scale US intervention is far too soon.

Too Often

I cut off the last topic on purpose, because I know you feel some type of way about it. The reality is people see an armed group attempting to set up a new government and of course taking land through bloody conflict and say they should be stopped. But back up a minute. Isn’t that how re shinning city on a hill was founded? Now I don’t necessarily like the idea of the Umayyad Caliphate as run by ISIL is not necessarily my favorite of ideas, but why are we getting involved? Seriously take a moment and think why you care other than people dying. Far too often America and other heavily developed nations feel called to save every situation unless people say otherwise. But this isn’t Darfur, this isn’t the Rwandan genocide. This isn’t even Russia retaking the old Soviet Union countries one incursion at a time. The thing that should frighten you about the situation and any situation from this day until the end of the very idea of countries and super powers is that Iran wants to work with the US.

Too often in these days we see people out of position from getting involved in things they didn’t need to. In a country where student debt is over 1 trillion, Darren Wilson still hasn’t been charged, and Greg Hardy is somehow still not being subjected to the NFL’s domestic violence policy, we are ready to commit small ground troops and more drones and planes to bombing ISIL. We’re going to have to get some priorities eventually people. Too often the US is committed to showing up like the police, your father, or the boss and dictate terms. We’re doing it in Israel, We’re doing it in Iraq, and we’ve done it in far too many places far too many times.

Well this is far less problematic for America itself than CNN, FOX, and MSNBC would have you believe(No amount of teasing Michelle Bernard appearances even with Tamron Hall will get you back in my good graces people). The reality is hard to hear, and too often we ignore it. The hard truth is much of the middle east would stop having such issue with us if we would stop getting involved. Egypt and Libya are in constant conflicts, but we aren’t on the ground there. So why Iraq? Let’s go. I’d rather we deal with the fracking effects in the Dakotas, the achievement gaps in education between places in the south and places on the coasts. The police militarization. The student debt.


The fact minimum wage for servers is such a corrupt system that most employers don’t even attempt to prove the staff is making up the difference between the 2.13 per hour they get and the minimum wage of 7.25 per hour they are required to get in tips. We have a rising epidemic of mentally ill homeless. We have a VA system of reporting for claims that is older than my mother. Hell we have a makeshift fix to the healthcare crisis that will assure that we limp forward until someone is willing to sacrifice a second term for fixing the true problem. Hell we have so much monetary influence on the political process that candidates spend more time giving donors lapdances and blowjobs than talking to the people who are supposed to vote for them.

Folks too often we spend our time talking about, dealing with, and involving ourselves in things that don’t need us. Not just as a nation, but as a single human being. I thought about a friend of mine who was just telling me about something he’s dealing with right now. And normally I’d go into super friend mode and try and help him solve the issue. But instead I just sat there. listening like always, but not offering a solution. The only difference was that I didn’t offer an idea. Fun how his situation worked itself out. Too often we get too deep into things we don’t need to. And too often it has dire consequences. Think on that next time you see a story about someone doing something they really didn’t need to. I’d talk about more in this grab bag but…Words Don’t Do It Justice!


– THE Ruthless Wonder

The Rundown

We aren’t going to talk about the movie the rundown so if that was what you thought was going to happen sorry.

Weekends Don’t Do It Justice

Starting earlier this month we began taking you inside the world of digital soccer Wunderkind Lucremo and his tale with “Green Grass and Bright Lights.” One of the things we have been telling you is that he won’t be alone long. Each of the fiction authors coming to join the Weekends Don’t Do It Justice crew are gearing up to try and impress you. Next up is Xion’s “The Once And Future King” this weekend and a few more are on the way.

People have asked why we are adding fiction writers. The honest answer is I have a lot of great writer friends. And while they work hard to get book deals and other projects off the ground. Words Don’t Do it Justice is a great place to showcase them. And who doesn’t like some light weekend reading?

now that that is out of the way…

The Rundown

One of the things I constantly deal with is a feeling of being tired even when I’ve had plenty of rest. And a lot of that has to do with the kind of schedule I keep. Even while no longer working for the attorney I was, I spend an inordinate amount of time during the evening and morning hours working on things. Lately it has been studying for something, and getting my name in HR and recruiter’s mouths about new jobs. And when that is done for the day it is gettin things rolling around here and my other secret projects. So I experience a lot of physical rundown. But that is a good thing.

Where it isn’t a good thing is what I’m going to talk to you about today. Topics and important discussions we need to have as Americans, and even more so as humans get rundown. They lose the initial energy or focus and become looked over things everyone no longer cares about. There are obvious examples like Kony, but less obvious is something I knew about, but I realized some time ago. In Egypt currently there is a 91% rate of gential mutilation of women. Why do I know that? Honestly between the bbc, drudge report, tyt, politico, al-jazeera and various other websites I get news from I’ve seen it from multiple sources. But I forgot about it.

Not that I didn’t care. Looking at some notes it was scheduled to be in an old grab bag post here. What happened? Life happened. Bar exam, health issues and just generally being busy with multiple cases and clients to work on. Never got back to it. And most folks can say the same about issues. It is why one of the things I said to the Black Student Union at Barry School of Law when we first heard about the Trayvon Martin shooting was we need to make a statement and find some way to stay by the family…guess what they never did? Individual folks of course did, but I digress, and this isn’t a hit piece. That’s next week.

Looking back at some of my previous articles and topics both on Wrath of Ruthless, the WDDIJcast, and of course here, you know that human beings only really keep track of about 150 people. And that contributes to this rundown on important issues. Hell the reason despite you super fans taking us near 7000 views in a year and not quite a half that your friends don’t read or don’t remember to come back is that rundown. Our brains tend to slow push a ton of subjects out of our heads if we don’t use tricks to remember them. For instance. The dates of your anniversary, your spouse’s birthday, and their mother’s birthday may escape you, because the other person should also be able to cover them, the date isn’t as important as the event itself, and your mind is a terrible, terrible black hole of information that it takes universes of energy to escape.

So then we don’t we do something about it? Well you do in subtle ways. But the reality is that some things aren’t present in front of you to make a difference. For instance. I’m a big fan of Wolf-Pac. Because I see the corruption in your preferred system of government. And I want to make sure money plays less of a role in the laws we have governing the populace in America. I also participate in a few different charities related to diabetes and adoption. So when I go to Walgreen’s I don’t hit the donate button. These are in my mind, and things I do. So it is harder to forget them. What is hard to remember sometimes is taking my hour for meditation. It isn’t an active thing, and other than helping clear my mind at the end of the day, I am not pressed to do it for any other reason. Sometimes it is because I was studying. Sometimes it is because I’m wrapping up some late business. A lot of times I was talking to folks I couldn’t all day and so I didn’t do it.  And that is the same for many of us.

But you can fight that And it is easy to do. It just is unique to you. I fight the rundown for different things differently. Re-reading old blog posts sharpens my mind on new ones. Setting alerts for news stories and saving the links in a dropbox folder I check everyday is another. You have to fight the rundown. Because right now there might be states with legalized drugs and low crime rates. There might be countries with seriously awesome healthcare. Prisons that don’t turn the inmates into better and more violent criminals. There might even be a country that is a foodie’s paradise. but you need to find them on your own and remember them. I mean I could tell you but…Words Don’t Do It Justice!


– THE Ruthless Wonder

Weddings, Reunions, Dental vists, and SHAKE UPS!

So you may have noticed someone has been missing a lot lately. You may have even noticed when he goes missing he doesn’t always explain why. Well…yeah no real explanation, sorry for that.


In other news I have been gone meeting old friends, getting massive dental work, and being best man in a wedding. Shout out to Superfans Chris and Ania Moncrief(aka Superman and Lois Lane) who celebrated their love in the classiest of weddings this past weekend.


You crashed both the wrong and the right wedding.

You crashed both the wrong and the right wedding.

But that Shakeup word is here again for good reason. 


Things are about to get interesting. Not only has WDDIJ been dealing with the …well Hilarious nature of advertising negotiations, but as you may have noticed we’ve lost a few authors. These things are not points to worry over. Trust me. In fact, the very way you view WDDIJ is about to change for the better.


In a short explanation, we’re doing an overhaul.


Because at 5500 views, we are little less than halfway to the year two viewership goal, and its only been 3 months.

In short, I’ve been short sighted.


To remedy that, I had to get to work.

And believe you me, the work is paying off.

Launching this fall is our interview series “Imperial Dreams”

Launching sooner rather than later this summer is a new format to the website

And Look for some shake ups in the staff as well.

Nothing drastic folks, but we want you to have a great experience.

And we want you to come to us for more of your daily content.

SO we need to be a place you want to come to.

And since I’ve been slacking on that. It is time to pick up the pace.

Of course I could tell you so much more, but as you know…


– THE Ruthless Wonder

“Professionalism Demands Courtesy.”


I guess this is part 2 to my last post about loyalty. Professionalism. It’s something that you assume will be a trait that every said “professional” holds. It’s not. It’s something that isn’t common just like common sense.

Coming to law school, I feared not being polished enough, not sharp enough. What if everyone is a million times smarter than me? What if I can’t hold an intellectual conversation with my colleagues? What if no one respects me? Will everyone be stuck up? Am I considered old enough for this? Nonetheless, I went and boy, oh boy! Professionalism is scarce in professional school. A director at my law school said to me in a conversation about conflicts with other students that he “think[s] most people come to school with this undergraduate, college mentality, failing to realize they are in law school, training to be professionals. They’ll have to realize they can’t talk to judges, partners, and associates the way they do here. They need to know that this is business and they have to conduct themselves in a business-like manner.”

HA! At the professional school level, the age range is enormous. I, being 25 years YOUNG, am one of the younger ones in the group. Professionalism only comes with maturity. Maturity doesn’t have an age. It’s mandatory to get older, but not mandatory to grow up! People cheat, lie, manipulate, whine, harass… You name it, they’re doing it. Acting like children! This isn’t just at my school. Friends at other schools across the country, talk about the same issues. Alright, enough of my complaining. Here are my thoughts.

The quote, “professionalism demands courtesy,” was something I saw in a domestic relations judge’s courtroom when I was observing. What does that mean? I love it, and I have yet to put words to it so I figured, I would write it out to my readers.

Respect. So you disagree with someone you have to work with. You must take a moment to think about whether you understood something out of context. Did that person make their perspective clear to you, or did you just take it how you wanted to take it? Taking it how you wanted to take it isn’t always the best answer. That person is not responsible for how you understood it, but only for what they said or did. Respect him/her enough to ensure in a neutral, professional manner that you get the proper understanding before you react in a negative way. Common courtesy says don’t jump down throats first hand and don’t get angry immediately upon getting a response that you did not agree with.

Here’s a stream of consciousness suddenly…broken. As I write this I am sitting in the atrium of my law school student life building. Watching my colleagues…inspiration?

Competitiveness is not always necessary. Being competitive ALL THE TIME can be annoying, and make people not want to work with or be around you. It makes you look like you can’t be trusted not to get one up on another person, and you will more than likely cheat to win. Well, who says you both can’t win? Negotiation DOES WORK. It’s important to know that there is a time for competition and there’s a time for cooperation. If we’re all on the same team, then we should all have the same goals or relatively the same goals. Competing against your teammates can and will likely end in loss for everyone, including yourself. Be courteous. No one likes a ball hog. Everyone can’t be the star, and therefore, there’s no point in everyone on the team competing to be the star. I hope I’m getting my point across here.

Be uplifting! You always win, you always feel good when you encourage another person to keep going and do better. Don’t fall into the negative trap. Even when things aren’t going good for you, acknowledge the next person’s accomplishment, if and only if they accomplished it in an ethical manner, however. The people who cheat don’t deserve an uplifting word. More than likely, it won’t make them think twice about cheating AGAIN. It LIKELY will ALLOW them to cheat again to get that uplifting word.

This is beginning to feel like a rant. LOL I’m sorry. I try to keep my posts short so that you will continue to read! My point is this…stop worrying about others. Stop making life out to be a never ending battle to the top. The only competition you should have is yourself. Do the best you can, the absolute best you can and you will achieve greatness. If you don’t get what you want exactly when you want it, it’s more than likely because now is just not the right time for it to be for you! Taking others out to get what you want is not going to be rewarding. Remember in the movies that Good almost always conquers Evil. The good guy doesn’t lose. The boring guy does.

Be the fun guy, the nice guy, the positive guy, the ambitious guy…be courteous.

REALISTICALLY speaking, in the end the only person that really, really cares how you do is you. Be Professional.

Back with a Disturbance!

Children. Sex. Law.

It’s my second semester in my 2L of law school, and I am currently taking Family law as one of my courses. I had no idea exactly how interested I am in that field but apparently, it is an element of my passion!

So, my typical news source is CNN. I go through each section on the website and find things that grab my attention to read. Since I am taking family law, articles about children pop out to me. (Here comes the outrage…)

WHEN DID WE DECIDE THAT A 6 YEAR OLD BOY COULD SEXUALLY HARASS ANYONE, LET ALONE ANOTHER CHILD?! Newsworthy? I think so! There’s an article on CNN about a child who was suspended from school for 2 days, sexual harassment being the reason on his student record, (get this) because he kissed a classmate on the hand! WHAT!? So you’re telling me we have become so far gone from the well-being of a child that in early childhood, we are not only STILL labeling them, but labeling them as sexual offenders?! Ya gotta be kiddin’ me! I have to make light of this because it’s foolish!

Now, the mothers are on opposite sides of the spectrum here, naturally? The little boy’s mom thinks, of course, the school district has gone too far. The child has been in trouble before for kissing the same girl on her cheek, but Mom says it’s just a little crush. (Cues Jennifer Paige- It’s Just a Little Crush). The little girl’s mother feels as though the school district did the proper thing in disciplining the boy especially since the touching was unwanted by the little girl. I am not insensitive to the mother and her daughter, especially if either one of them may have experienced sexual offenses in the past. However, what is the likelihood of the little girl being mentally, emotionally, or developmentally damaged from this situation, versus the little boy being damaged by the labeling, and now needing to know at such an early age, what sex is and the particular offense he was accused of as 6 years old?  (that’s an incredibly long sentence for effect.) Scales of justice need to tip MAJOR here! If every little school age girl cried sexual harassment because the boys were chasing them, we would all be homeschooled!

This might need a part two because I can go on and on. But here I would suggest the little boy be taught that his behavior was inappropriate, and should be trained to behave in the proper manner. That’s the point of raising a child! They don’t know any better until you tell them and teach them!

The way the school district has “remedied” this public outcry is to change the offense in the child’s record to “misconduct.” That’s a crock of poop. Damage is already done.

Next up! 17 yr old boy gets suspended for 1 year from high school for HUGGING HIS TEACHER! Mom says she and her son are “huggers.”

::sighs:: He’s a senior lacrosse star player and getting ready to graduate with potential for full scholarships to college. We wouldn’t be in this mess if people would hug others more and love each other more. It would be less weird! (Homer Simpson DOH! ::slaps forehead::)

Teacher claims she pushed him away and she had warned him prior to this last incident for hugging her. Student says he always hugs his teachers, and he had never been warned before. I’m pretty sure if she said, “I do not want you hugging me anymore,” directly to him, then he would have stopped. Report never said she felt as though she was in danger. It goes into depth about whether the student kissed her or not. He did not. I just don’t understand. If you do, let’s discuss this!

A judge I met once lectured that people never seem to know how to resolve their own problems. They always want to get third party involved, instead of simply confronting the problem face on. Thus, the legal system and attorneys keep booming business. Good, I need a job! But this is ridiculous! He’s 5 months away from graduating, and getting college acceptance! Clearly, a good kid. No one sees a hidden agenda here, a roadblock in his education as (race card) a young black male in the southern states, maybe?

These two kids in the news this week have been victimized more than their alleged victims, in my opinion. My heart bleeds for these boys and I hope these events don’t continue to affect their futures adversely. I have embedded links to these stories for you!

Justin Bieber!

Let’s smile a little at Justin Bieber’s home being searched by police for ………..eggs? Justin Bieber, simply a rich child, has been egging his neighbor’s home. Why, just why? He’s bored! I get them calling the police, but really? A search? This to be continued!

Okay, I’m going to go get a 6 and 17 year old boy and teach them how to talk to girls without creeping them out!

Realistic Royalty!

[youtube=]  credit: Lateef Mungin, CNN credit: Kelly Wallace, CNN

Words Don’t Do Us Justice: End of the hour

The end of 2013 is the end of a lot of things. But not the end of us. And what better way to remind you we aren’t even a year old yet than to give you somethings to look forward to in the new year?

Well first up, New Authors!

Starting with New Year’s Day we’ll be debuting 4 new authors here at WDDIJ. The first one is someone so impressive I had to restrain myself from posting her early. The second…is a surprise I will not ruin. 3 and 4 will be the kinds of debuts you will spend weeks pondering, and well even with the bad news(for some of you) at the end of this announcement, these 4 will keep you thinking long after the bad thing at the bottom is over.

Second…Well I can’t be cryptic about everything.

As some of our true out and out superfans will tell you. Words Don’t Do It Justice will barring death, FBI raid, or terrifying lawsuit(The NSA is already watching so they can SOD OFF) turn a year old in March. And we’re hoping to make it to 3500 views by then. As part of the celebration, we are putting together a monthly WDDIJ podcast. Because if you think I’m a prick writer, just wait until you get to hear me say all this stuff. LOL but seriously, to keep it fresh, the podcast will include some of the different WDDIJ staff and guest bloggers, Some of our random, hilarious, controversial, and generally interesting friends, and of course some exclusive topics that you can only catch there. Stay tuned.

Third is 3-14

Well for me first is 3-14, but anyway. People have wondered why the Christmas Facebook message included 314 Publishing. Well we’re partnering with the brand new Pub firm to do a few projects throughout 2014 and beyond. The first of which will be announced in June. Until then consider them the helping hand that is keeping things protected and under wraps. When the time comes we will collectively tell you more.

And now the end is here…So Sorry

As most folks know I didn’t pass the bar. As few folks know, when I was studying, I wasn’t really posting much here. Other than a couple of timely posts based on events, I made them weeks or a couple months in advance, and scheduled them to drop when they did. While I could most certainly do that again. Given the shorter time frame, my desire to not have to do this again, and the level of intensity my hatred for not currently being an attorney has reached(Seriously the holidays will do that to you), I’m going to be bowing out from now until my actual return March 1. I prepared 2 posts which will drop on specific days in January and February, but otherwise no updates from me, and nothing else from me. I’m not gone forever, but if I have to spend 6 more months not being a lawyer I may end up joining the tin foil hatters. So I’ll be back, and these guys around here will do a wonderful job while I’m gone. And so will the guest bloggers coming in as well. So see you when I return, and until then share us and our guest writers with your friends because Words Don’t Do Us Justice!

– THE Ruthless Wonder

Notes From Your Favorite Super Villain: Wrath of Ruthless (Part 1)

The Introduction

We have a lot to get to so let’s get to it. First a real quick Happy Holidays to everyone. We are going to be on break next week, but there may be some reblogs of some cool folks we read around here popping up. Of course there may not be. Anyway see you on the other side of Christmas.

Let’s start with the sudden one.

I was in the middle of crafting this Note from your favorite Super Villain when the Duck Dynasty idiocy happened. Now I’m all for free speech. Lord knows I go into serious ragey rantfests on here enough that I would be screwed in a control with more controls over it. But let’s approach this in 2 parts. First up there’s the guy himself. Now I don’t watch the show, but I know a bit about it. My boss finds it interesting from a marketing stand point. Here you have a bunch of folks who grew beards to get a “look” for their branding. And now they do everything from screwdrivers to chia pets. Nice move. But Idiot McLunchBrains goes off the reservation in a magazine and is probably going to be the end of this particular show’s popularity. Why? Because for some reason he decided to pull a Chik Fil A and tell the world how much he despises gay sex. And say Black people were happier under Jim Crow. Since the black portion of the statement is obvious, if I have to explain how shit life was in America during the Jim Crow era and that his statement is almost as offensive as saying Slavery and Hitler are awesome(looking at you Tila Tequila) you may be joining my idiot extermination plan sponsored by The Daleks, let’s talk about the anti gay bit. What is this obsession with what other people are doing? What is this very specific obsession by men who look like they were extras in the movie deliverance with saying they hate gay sex? I’m going to be controversial for a moment. I am not sexually attracted to guys. I like having sex with women so much I have no desire to try it with men. But I also don’t care if you do. You know why? Because you are not me one, and two, because your life is your own. I say this fairly often when someone around me comes up with some homophobic insanity during conversation. And I also say it when people get on a tirade about other immaterial things. Why do you care?

Now I don’t mean that as my version of the Joker’s “Why so serious?” but the sentiment is similar. Why do you care what gay guys are doing? Why do you care what lesbians are doing? Why do you feel so invested in the goings on of transgendered folks, and polyamorous folks, and pansexuals, and swingers, and BDSM fans, and people who cosplay, play video games, watch Warehouse 13, listen to Slayer, like anime, are a furry, make porn, run brothels, smoke weed, trip on acid, go to burning man, work at Valve, like Xbox, call soccer Futbol or futbol soccer? If you are not into these things, why do you give two shits what goes on? It doesn’t effect you unless you have some secret desires, or more monstrously, have such a self centered egotistical view of existence that you feel you must intrude into the lives of every other person so much that you basically believe yourself God’s personal avatar. And seriously unless you have some secret desire to participate, this must be the case. Which if true means you are so far beyond me in ego and self satisfying smugness I strain to understand how your head isn’t already contorted up your ass to smell your own shit.

And then there are, as always, the misinformed American masses. I say Americans because at this point I’m well aware that most of the planet understands how America’s first amendment works legally better than most of my fellow Americans. These are the grown and teenage men and women who have the most basic understanding that Americans can say what they want based on the first amendment. Yet these same people take to facebook, twitter, reddit, buzzfeed, every comment section ever allowed on the internet and spout off like they have a Ph.D in History and Political Science allow with a JD and an LLM in constitutional law(despite the fact they have no idea what an LLM is). These people assume that because their civics books from elementary school had a subject heading for the first amendment titled “Freedom of Speech” that the amendment to the constitution which covers this right is simply that. They also believe in fairies, liked twilight, and have no concept of the judicial system let alone the rulings on the subject.

See folks here’s a Ruthless Public Service Announcement: You are free to make a statement of your choosing. You are NOT free from the consequences of that statement. This applies to GOVERNMENT scrutiny not the reactions of private citizens. You DOLT!

“What does that mean Ruthless?” I hear you asking. It means if you own a Yoga Pants making fitness company and say “Fat Chicks thighs rub together so we don’t want them buying our stuff.” then every news outlet, blogger, and random woman in front of me at Smoothie King can call you a jackass and say fuck your Lululemon bullshit I’m buying Under Armour. It means if you say you hate gay sex A&E can edit you off the show, stop paying you, remove you from all advertising, cancel any deals you have, and tell the world this bigot doesn’t speak for us, please keep watching our shows, we don’t want to relicense The Sopranos reruns again. It means if you don’t like me calling you an idiot, wanker, dolt, dunderhead, naive, dunce, “inbred methhead shit hook”(Credit: Ron White, who would agree with me.) then you can take it up with the comment section, my email at or you know stop reading(I know you won’t stop reading, no matter how many times I tell you I’m insulting you.). Otherwise, you can get bent. Why? Because the type of speech I’m using now, and that the duck dynasty dunderhead used, is not protected from personal reaction and response by people or companies. But it is protected from government control and censorship. Now we’ll talk more about the first amendment and your real rights under it regarding speech another day.

Well this went extremely long, So look for part two tomorrow. What? Yes! a Weekend long Wrath of Ruthless. Apparently you were on Blogger Santa’s good list this year. So tomorrow, or maybe late tonight, We’re going to take a look at marriage, and after that…big surprises, announcements, and one more Note. I have more to say, but more obviously than usual…Words Don’t Do It Justice!

-THE  Ruthless Wonder