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The WRATH of Ruthless: Saying Goodbye to Ronin

For Ronin’s last episode on the show, the cast of The Wrath of Ruthless says goodbye their way. With a hardcore topic, some good information, and of course plenty of jokes and references.

Joining THE Ruthless Wonder as always is joined by Producer Princess Devy, and one more time by Ronin.

The Imperial Dreams Interview Series: Occupy Democrats Founder Omar Rivero

The Imperial Dreams Interview Series


The Imperial Dreams interview series returns with The Wrath of Ruthless host, The Ruthless Wonder sitting down for an interview with Occupy Democrats’ founder Omar Rivero. You can download or listen via Sound Cloud below.

The WRATH of Ruthless: A Double Dose of this Podcast

Double Dose of Ruthless Radio

Sometimes an episode gets lost in the shuffle of schedules and audio issues. Last week it happened again, so we shortened this week’s podcast in order to make sure we could bring you TWO count them TWO full episodes of The Wrath Of Ruthless. Below you’ll find our newest episode on Alimony Equality, and then below it our episode that should have aired last week on who should be telling the stories of a culture in the aftermath of FOX Searchlight’s purchase of Nate Parker’s Birth Of A Nation.

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Decorum Deficiency Disorder: Redundant Much?

B + Y Broken RecordListening to this one–now months later–I feel myself getting just as pissed off as I was the morning I recorded it. First, its been months now, as opposed to weeks, but I have read over several of my pieces–and other WDDIJ pieces–since this was recorded. There are more than a few recurring themes. It seems like everywhere I turn, I read and see more of the same. It’s like the world has become a broken record. Police abusing power, people with guns killing people without them, protestors protest injustices, the public moves on to the next big thing, rinse, lather, repeat. I guess that’s why they call it a “news cycle:” because it just keeps going… a seemingly endless cycle of redundant happenings.

I’m still tired of repeating myself. However, someone new might be listening or reading. Record Age PassedI might say things differently or use a different example that drives the point home for the same person who read me but didn’t see what the big deal was the last time I said it. I’ll never know who is listening when, or if it’s finally their turn to legitimately understand my point. So I can’t stop commenting on the issues, regardless of how redundant I think it has become. The conversation is necessary. All of the conversations are necessary. Thus, I will continue harping on the selfish ass hats who insist on shooting up schools and movie theatres. I’ll continue ranting about how shitty the media–and really the world–is about properly representing people of color. I’ll keep sounding off at groups of people and large entities in angry letters. I will keep the lines of communication open.

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Redundant = Fixing the RecordHowever, just having the conversation isn’t enough. There’s a reason I with “Do More, Require Better.” We have to Do More in an effort to make the differences necessary to effect them change we want to see in the world. We have to Require Better of ourselves and those around us because we are the summed total of every person, place and thing we encounter. Holding ourselves to high standards put us in a better position to lead by example.

So, here’s the question of this day: You with me?

Either way, the objective as always: Do More. Require Better.

Go Ahead and Cry

I wanted to type up a quick entry on mourning celebrities, see below.


Go Ahead and Cry

This past week has borne witness to the loss of two luminary talents: David Bowie and Alan Rickman. If you have any presence in social media (and, let’s face it, you would probably not be reading this if you didn’t), you’ve likely seen reactions ranging from muted sadness to stunned disbelief to the kind of grieving you see for a family member. I’ve also seen people scolding others for their grief reactions, saying it’s not “natural” to grieve someone you may never have met. I don’t feel this is fair. This disregards the way media influences us.

Let me explain in more detail.

Relative to the entire population of the United States in 1863, very few people personally knew President Abraham Lincoln. When he was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, however, he was mourned on a nearly universal scale. Pilgrimages were made to view his funerary train, and thousands of people held prayer vigils and visited his coffin to pay their respects while he lay in state. The same holds true for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. National figures are revered, regardless of their personal relationship (or lack of one) to the mourner.

Now, let’s look at the experiences of those who live in our modern age. We see and hear the icons of pop culture as they entertain us. We enjoy their art, so we pursue it by reading and watching interviews, editorials, and eyewitness accounts of their behavior. When you mark this against the majority of the people we know in real life, the experience creates the illusion of a personal relationship between ourselves and our idols.

This can be negative, absolutely; some folks lose track of the line between fantasy and reality, and the result is the stalkerazzi culture that demands unflattering photos, reactions, and sound bites, as well as fans turning up on the front doorstep of frazzled celebrities. On the other hand, as people have often stated this week, a celebrity can inspire people to express themselves, can nudge them to a more authentic life by being shocking, by being an advocate for the under-represented–gay, black, transgendered, and otherwise “different”–or by being the anti-hero who still managed to touch your heart.

The impact of having that kind of idol, of role model, cannot be understated. The power of celebrity means that the individuals who dare to be different and dare to be flawed and human, and still find a way to succeed, will inspire a new generation to be even more daring, more authentic. That is not to be dismissed. That is to be honored, and the loss of these pioneers absolutely should be mourned. Anyone who paves the way for a new and more authentic generation of artists should be respected, and their fans should be given the latitude and freedom to grieve however they see fit.

So please, do not scold them. Even if you do not understand the compulsion yourself, it is real to them. Let them take care of themselves and each other. And if you’re one of the mourners, play the records, watch the films, and know your tears are justified.

Thank you Dr. King

On this day we are reminded about the price of revolution. The effect of going against the powers that hold sway over the majority of the life above our heads. The very instruments of power.

And so today, we at Words Don’t Do It Justice, The Wrath of Ruthless, 9 to 5 gamer, Imperial Dreams Productions, and 314 Publishing, honor The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. not as the sanitized pacifist the traditional media would have you believe he was, but as the Revolutionary pushing back against the tide of injustice in every form that he actually was.

Thank you Dr. King. For every person who looked and wondered “why not?” And for every person who heard your words as the sounding horn to go to work. To take freedom for all from the oppressors in their lives.

Thank you Dr. King, from all of us.

The WRATH of Ruthless: Your musical permissions

The Wrath of Ruthless: Listen to what you want, #LeoAtTheOscars

Joined by Producer Princess Devy, Ronin and Ruthless talk about the recent death of David Bowie and the restrictions on the musical influences you could openly mention. As well as a political roundup. And finish with talking about the Oscars, including an impromptu contest called #LeoAtTheOscars

The Oscars are upon us and Leo is in the running once again! As result we have a cool movie-related prize for the winner of our ‪#‎LeoAtTheOscars‬ contest, so let’s flex those meme muscles! Send them as a message to this page, or to You can also message Words Don’t Do It Justice, The Ruthless Wonder or The Justice League. The winner will be announced on February 29, 2016, so good luck everyone!



“Quick shout out to Apollonia. Someone get me a lunch with her, a 10 minute interview, dinner, drinks, a shot, something!” – THE Ruthless Wonder

It is not a secret this was my first crush on a celebrity. And I still am all about Apollonia.

It is not a secret this was my first crush on a celebrity. And I still am all about Apollonia.

Don’t Forget The MEMEStream


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