Best of the rest

While yes I am a real person who gallivants as a gentlemanly Super Villain by day and a gentlemanly sadist by night, I do have other human actions. I don’t particularly LIKE that I am considered human, but hey you play the cards you get dealt. So sometimes my plans get sidetracked because my humanity(read last week’s thoughts), causes issues. This is one of those weeks. I said I’d try to be like old me and get things up like I want, but as you can see it is THURSDAY and I’m just now sitting at the computer to type this out. I could tell you why but most people who’ve come back to reading wouldn’t get it in the first place, and the important ones already know. So i’ll save my hands and your eyes. Instead I want to go with the other ideas I had for this which is where our title comes from.

The rest, as we often malign are the things below whatever our favored decision is. Now I could go down the obvious line and talk about the rest when it comes to relationships, and I’m might towards the end, but the rest also concerns any choice that isn’t the option we consider first among them. And I don’t think we give those a great look when it comes down to it. Preparing to write this week when life decided to hit me with a serious blast to the face, I was sent reeling and looking at those secondary options. And thought about what the best of the rest really is. More than anything we put other options to the side because we don’t have the emotional UMPF to take them over our perceived favorite. What do I mean?

When you have a clear correct decision, there is no thought process going into the decision you just do. I say correct, not best, not right, because correct is subjective. Correct for a law abiding person is stopping at the red light. Correct for the investor may be running a company into the ground to get the insurance payout, or umbrella package. Correct depends on your morality and situation. The clarity muddles as you start getting into the more flexible areas. The emotionally attached decision is no longer the clear correct one, and now is open to a lot of factors. Which do you like more? Which makes you feel better? And so we usually despite advice go with the feeling. But take a look back to the best of the rest.

The rest, those choices we didn’t make at various points, also make up who we are. What we truly value. While we may not be the decisions others made of us for us, we are the decisions we choose not to make. The paths we don’t go down. And, as this time of year tends to cause me to do, I reflected on that. Where I chose, not the emotionally attached decision, but the best of rest. Where I let other ideas besides the one that drove me to the decision, determine the path I took. And it is enlightening. Not because I have any particular enjoyment of it. Point of fact I hate most of the times i did it, despite the benefit. And nothing leads to darker reflections like that does. But it does tell you a lot about who you are.

So where am I going with this? Politics? Sure for a moment. In the wake of the Florida shooting and indeed most mass shootings no matter what they concern, people have begun the difficult process of self reflection on gun control, or gone full turtle into their shell about it. For fear they might have made the wrong decision, taken on the wrong philosophy, many are now looking at not just the what of the guns they demand access to, but the why of it. I think that is in no small part due to the ease of access for a kid who would be barred from most adult activities otherwise. At 19, other than smoking tobacco, driving, and voting, he wasn’t truly an adult. Now we could say the same for Mike brown, Tamir Rice, and Trayvon Martin, but if I’m gonna rewrite articles I’ve already written this comeback could be done in retweets.

No instead I’m talking about not the shooter, or the victims, but people on the outside. How viewing this changes who you are. Who we are. But politics is heavy and despite my return, I’m not in the mood for too much of it yet. So what about the favorite corruption that is society? What is the philosophical alternative that breeds a best of the rest? This one is east. READ LAST WEEK’S PIECE! Now back to this discussion. Best of the rest has some gems and positives to it. At a basic level, I have been deep in my misanthropic delight as of late. Really living in the hatred of other humans. And yet, a good friend invited me out for the Superbowl to just casually watch at his place. When I say staying home out of the snow, making chili, and watching people freak out about the game while I play video games was my preferred plan I mean it. But I was having one of those, best of the rest episodes and said get out of your comfort and be a person again. So I was. And it was a great idea. Chill situation with a couple of fellas and a good game, reminded me I care about friends. And then got to go home with no issues.

But best of the rest is just that. A pause. A second look. Weighing the options. As people know. I was setting up for being in Los Angles for the forseeable future. And it was working fine. I would have needed to wrangle a bit of a different angle to things after some missteps, but I could have stayed there and made it eventually work. I came back tho. And that was because while I wanted to stay, I saw the most viable option wasn’t the one I was emotionally for. For a moment we got the genius of the “Smart Moves” philosophy and the “best of rest” getting some synergy. What’s crazy is the reaction. Which as public as I am, is not something I’m going to go into in this post. Let’s just skip to the last bit.

Who are you? What are you choosing? Where are you going? What defines you? The obvious answer is the choice you make, but as I detailed here and of course went through myself, that isn’t the end. In fact, what you cast aside. Your personal best of the rest and why you didn’t take them or did, is a bigger part of the mold that makes you yourself than we often talk about. It is the uncomfortable truth of our existence that we deny in order to face the everyday reality of ourselves. Dark? Sure. Sharp? Yeah. But the examination of that can change everything.

I can’t say if I’ll be in next week. Like I said, new format means more like myself, and not an attempt to be like everything used to be. But you know what is coming up, so between that and what lies in the distance, I’d say I have some things to say. Also, I guess at some point I need to address that happening that occurred just prior to my return… Man I really don’t want to, but I wouldn’t be real if I didn’t.



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