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Children. Sex. Law.

It’s my second semester in my 2L of law school, and I am currently taking Family law as one of my courses. I had no idea exactly how interested I am in that field but apparently, it is an element of my passion!

So, my typical news source is CNN. I go through each section on the website and find things that grab my attention to read. Since I am taking family law, articles about children pop out to me. (Here comes the outrage…)

WHEN DID WE DECIDE THAT A 6 YEAR OLD BOY COULD SEXUALLY HARASS ANYONE, LET ALONE ANOTHER CHILD?! Newsworthy? I think so! There’s an article on CNN about a child who was suspended from school for 2 days, sexual harassment being the reason on his student record, (get this) because he kissed a classmate on the hand! WHAT!? So you’re telling me we have become so far gone from the well-being of a child that in early childhood, we are not only STILL labeling them, but labeling them as sexual offenders?! Ya gotta be kiddin’ me! I have to make light of this because it’s foolish!

Now, the mothers are on opposite sides of the spectrum here, naturally? The little boy’s mom thinks, of course, the school district has gone too far. The child has been in trouble before for kissing the same girl on her cheek, but Mom says it’s just a little crush. (Cues Jennifer Paige- It’s Just a Little Crush). The little girl’s mother feels as though the school district did the proper thing in disciplining the boy especially since the touching was unwanted by the little girl. I am not insensitive to the mother and her daughter, especially if either one of them may have experienced sexual offenses in the past. However, what is the likelihood of the little girl being mentally, emotionally, or developmentally damaged from this situation, versus the little boy being damaged by the labeling, and now needing to know at such an early age, what sex is and the particular offense he was accused of as 6 years old?  (that’s an incredibly long sentence for effect.) Scales of justice need to tip MAJOR here! If every little school age girl cried sexual harassment because the boys were chasing them, we would all be homeschooled!

This might need a part two because I can go on and on. But here I would suggest the little boy be taught that his behavior was inappropriate, and should be trained to behave in the proper manner. That’s the point of raising a child! They don’t know any better until you tell them and teach them!

The way the school district has “remedied” this public outcry is to change the offense in the child’s record to “misconduct.” That’s a crock of poop. Damage is already done.

Next up! 17 yr old boy gets suspended for 1 year from high school for HUGGING HIS TEACHER! Mom says she and her son are “huggers.”

::sighs:: He’s a senior lacrosse star player and getting ready to graduate with potential for full scholarships to college. We wouldn’t be in this mess if people would hug others more and love each other more. It would be less weird! (Homer Simpson DOH! ::slaps forehead::)

Teacher claims she pushed him away and she had warned him prior to this last incident for hugging her. Student says he always hugs his teachers, and he had never been warned before. I’m pretty sure if she said, “I do not want you hugging me anymore,” directly to him, then he would have stopped. Report never said she felt as though she was in danger. It goes into depth about whether the student kissed her or not. He did not. I just don’t understand. If you do, let’s discuss this!

A judge I met once lectured that people never seem to know how to resolve their own problems. They always want to get third party involved, instead of simply confronting the problem face on. Thus, the legal system and attorneys keep booming business. Good, I need a job! But this is ridiculous! He’s 5 months away from graduating, and getting college acceptance! Clearly, a good kid. No one sees a hidden agenda here, a roadblock in his education as (race card) a young black male in the southern states, maybe?

These two kids in the news this week have been victimized more than their alleged victims, in my opinion. My heart bleeds for these boys and I hope these events don’t continue to affect their futures adversely. I have embedded links to these stories for you!

Justin Bieber!

Let’s smile a little at Justin Bieber’s home being searched by police for ………..eggs? Justin Bieber, simply a rich child, has been egging his neighbor’s home. Why, just why? He’s bored! I get them calling the police, but really? A search? This to be continued!

Okay, I’m going to go get a 6 and 17 year old boy and teach them how to talk to girls without creeping them out!

Realistic Royalty!

[youtube=]  credit: Lateef Mungin, CNN credit: Kelly Wallace, CNN

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