Are we terrorist?

You know i’ve often wondered just what kind of action makes one a terrorist? It is defined as a person who uses terrorism to gain political goals, and terrorism is nothing more than violence (Aka terror), so in that regard, isn’t the USA a terrorist? Are we not currently sweeping across the middle east, going from country to county seeking ghost in the night? It started in Iraq right? With weapons of mass destruction claimed to be within their grasp, we were so eager to go and put an end to this dictator, to find and disarm these weapons, but what did we find? Nothing, no weapons, no signs of anything like it, just more civilians and admittedly a very pissed off military waiting on their doorstep. We’ve long since killed that man, hung him on national television, but did we leave the country? No, at least, not until we setup our own ideal government in our wake. Isn’t that an act of terrorism? To break a countries government by force and continue to occupy that nation until we’re able to install a more ‘Liberal‘ government in it’s place? Isn’t it a terrorist act to destroy their factories and put own in place? Who are we to force trade? To force a change that no one asked for? How often do you hear the soldiers say they don’t want us there? That they don’t want our help? I’ve heard stories of supposed allied military firing on our own soldiers, and the sadness that news brings is always heavy, but doesn’t that tell you something about how they feel about us being there? Now ask yourself if China came over and started debunking our government and setting their own policies in place in the name of freedom or justice would you fight hand in hand with their army or would you ambush and sabotage them? Terrorism and Patriotism seem to go hand in hand neh? When an american calls for blood it’s Patriotism, they attacked us first right? 9-11, Boston bombing, those were horrible acts that deserve retribution. So what do you call bombing their cities and looting their oil? What do you call beating down their government into submission, stomping on their religion with our own and calling them savages or terrorist? Ladies and Gentlemen until you take a step back and see this ‘War‘ for what it is you’ll only go along with whatever it is the people in charge say, and never realize why other countries hate us and spit on us. We are naive little sheeple following the shepherd’s who user in chaos and get paid in blood. Think about it, yea?

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