Decorum Deficiency Disorder: Another One… A Letter to the Media

This week’s planned discussion is being preempted because another ass-hat with a gun decided that he wanted to die but that he wasn’t going to screaming, crying, and alone the way he came in. This is my appeal to the media.

Dear story tellers of the mainstream media;
Please don’t give this shit head even one more second of coverage. No interviews with neighbors or family members talking about how stressed or how he was such a nice guy. No commentary about his mental un-health. Nothing about his childhood, family history, or career. Let forget his name and let him fade into obscurity. May he be internet blacklisted; his facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin… even those background check sites forget that he ever existed. I offer that sick fuck as tribute so that the next shit face who might be considering engaging in similar activities will know that he will not be awarded infamy for their misbehavior.

As for the victims and their families; let them mourn in peace. Don’t haunt them with questions and image of that murderer’s face every time they go to turn on the TV or scroll through their feeds and threads. Let them figure out how they might best be able to move forward without their loved ones. Let’s not re-victimize them by giving other sick fucks the opportunity to lend any form of support, especially in imitation.

Finally, if there is a hell beyond this Earthly plane, may he suffer the sounds of sitting on an airplane between twin babies crying to his left, and sloppy gum chewing on his right on a never-ending fight to nowhere.

Karma’s going to have to forgive these thoughts because this time I can’t Do More. I can only Require Better.


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