John Gray: A Tale of Hearts Part IX

Welcome to the Mystery World of Reason…

“Can you explain why we found a strand of your hair on a dead baby?” Steve says to Dorothy Minder.

“I don’t know.” Dorothy says, “I’ve answered this same question a dozen times.”

“And you’ll answer a dozen more times until we’re satisfied.” Steve says.

I haven’t seen Steve this mad since, well, never. I better step in, “Hey Dorothy, I know how this looks. It’s bad. You’re an agent and we’re sorry if we treated you like anything but, but you have to understand the predicament we’re in. Three baby girls found dead. And they all had this red hair wrapped around their hand. And now all of a sudden one of those strands of hairs has your DNA on it. Now we aren’t accusing you of anything, but you need to tell us everything you know about these murders.” I say.

“I know nothing about these murders. Only what I’ve heard on the news and what you’ve told me.” Dorothy says, “I’m not a field agent for a reason. I can’t stomach these type of things. I work with computers.”

“I understand.” I say, “So let’s start with this…why did you shave your head?”

“It’s personal.” Dorothy says.

“Do you understand the kind of trouble you are in?” Steve says, “A five month year old baby was found dead and your hair was found on that dead baby. Should we show you the pictures again?”

“No, no.” Dorothy says, “I understand. But the reason I shaved my head is irrelevant.”

“Maybe if we found an article of clothing that belonged to you it would be irrelevant, but we found your hair, from your head. So the reason why that hair is no longer on your head is pretty relevant.” Steve says.

I give Steve a look, but he is too busy glaring at Dorothy to see me. “Dorothy, I understand that you may not want to disclose the reason you shaved your head.” I say, “But this could really make the difference in the case. The families of these kids need closure. They need to know the person who did this is behind bars. I know you can understand that.”

“I’ll tell you only if you promise there will be no repercussions.” Dorothy says.

“Of course.” I say.

“Of course not.” Steve says.

“Steve, why don’t you take five.” I say.

“Absolutely not.” Steve says.

“Actually I think that’s a great idea.” Captain Philip says stepping into the interrogation room. “Steve take five, John and I will finish up here.”

Steve glares at Cap then storms out. I look at Dorothy and say, “I’m sorry about that. Detective Meres just became a father a couple months ago, so he’s taking this case really personally.”

“It’s okay.” Dorothy says. “I shaved my head because my girlfriend was diagnosed with cancer. She started losing her hair and it started to affect her self-esteem, so I decided that we would both shave our heads. That way it would be kind of like a choice not an inevitable end.”

“And what is your girlfriend’s name Dorothy?” Cap asks.

“Is that really necessary?” Dorothy asks.

“Unfortunately it is.” Cap says, “We need to confirm your story.”

“Oh my gosh.” Dorothy says, “This is so embarrassing.”

“It’s Captain Ramana Hanji.” I say. “She’s your girlfriend and that’s why you didn’t want to tell us. It’s against the rules for a Captain to date their detectives.”

“How did you know?” Dorothy says.

“I heard about her diagnosis, and I did notice she has her head shaved.” I say.

“Well now you know everything.” Dorothy says.

“Not everything.” Cap says, “Like how your hair ended up on the dead baby.”

“That part I don’t know.” Dorothy says, “I mean I shaved it, usually hair that has DNA is pulled from the roots.”

“The other hairs we found had no DNA, which is consistent with shaving.” I say, “So I’m guessing somehow some of the hair was pulled out.”

“I guess I could see how that happened.” Dorothy says. “I did shave it myself. We had no idea what we were doing.”

“What happened to that hair?” Cap says.

“I donated it to locks of love.” Dorothy says.

Cap and I look at each other, “Dorothy can you give us all the info you have on where and whom you donated it to.” I say.

“Now that I can do.” Dorothy says.

While Chambers works on the info that Dorothy provided us, Steve and I check out a lead at the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. A nurse reported misuse of BZD, the drug used to put the babies to sleep and ultimately kill them.

“Tell us everything you know Casey.” I say to the nurse who called us in.

“Like I said, I don’t want to get anyone in trouble.” Casey says, “I overheard one of the doctors yelling at someone on the phone. He was saying things like, ‘how could you do this to me. I trusted you’ and ‘you stole from me’. He said, ‘I could lose my license, what are you some sort of drug addict.’ At first I didn’t think it was a big deal till I heard him say ‘Benzodiazepines are not a drug you should be playing with’. I called you guys right away because I’ve been following that case and I know BZD was used to put those babies to sleep.”

“We never put that in the news.” I said.

“Well not exactly.” Casey says, “But I know you guys have been calling and asking about any missing BZD and I know you guys were working on that baby killer case, so it wasn’t that hard to put together.”

“Sounds like we could use you on the team.” Steve jokes.

“I don’t have the heart for that kind of stuff.” Casey says, “I want to save lives, that’s why I chose nursing.”

“What was the name of this doctor?” Steve says.

“I don’t think he was involved.” Casey says, “I just think he had a lapse of judgment or something.”

“His name Casey.” I say.

“Right.” Casey says, “Doctor James Marsh.”

Steve and I immediately call Doctor Marsh down to the station and he meets us there with no protest. “Doctor Marsh, thank you for meeting us on such short notice.” I say.

“I figured you would call sooner or later.” Dr. Marsh says, “I just didn’t realize it would be this soon.”

“So you know why we’ve asked you here?” Steve asks.

“Why of course.” Dr. Marsh.

“Why don’t you tell us about it then.” I say.

“That crazy nut stole my prescription pad and wrote a bunch of prescriptions, but I only found out about it today so how did you find out about it so soon.” Dr. Marsh says.

“What crazy woman?” Steve asks.

“Amanda.” Dr. Marsh says, “But that’s probably not her real name.”

“Did she give you a last name?” I asks.

“Amanda Red.” Dr. Marsh says.

Chambers is outside listening and I’m sure he is looking up the name Dr. Marsh just gave us, “Dr. Marsh where did you meet this woman?”

“It’s kind of embarrassing, but I met her online.” Dr. Marsh says.

“Why would that be embarrassing?” Steve asks, “Many people meet online today.

“It’s a website specifically for doctors.” Dr. Marsh says, “It’s called Doctors Fantasy Come True or”

“I see why you’re embarrassed.” Steve says.

“What my colleague means is, how did you hear about this website?” I say giving Steve a look. I’m not used to being the good cop in this good cop bad cop game, but Steve is giving me no choice.

“I heard some of the other doctors talking about it in the break room.” Dr. Marsh says, “It’s supposed to be a place where doctors tell their fantasies and a person willing to fulfill that contacts you and well, you make it happen.”

“And what was your fantasy Dr. Marsh?” Steve asks.

“I don’t see how that’s relevant.” Dr. Marsh says.

“Tell us about the first time you met Amanda.” I say.

“We met at a hotel, a motel actually.” Dr. Marsh says, “We hooked up and then we left.”

“So she stole the perception pads from you at that time?” Steve ask.

“No.” Dr. Marsh says, “Well I don’t think so, I didn’t have them with me then…I sort of broke the rules. I called her again and we hooked up a couple more times. At some point I felt like I knew her, so I invited her to my house. She must have taken them one of those times.”

“What made you reach out to her again Dr. Marsh?” I ask.

“I don’t know.” Dr. Marsh says, “Something about her really stood out to me. I couldn’t get her out of my mind.”

“If you saw her again would you be able to recognize her?” Steve asks.

“Of course.” Dr. Marsh says.

“Could you contact her, set up a meeting?” I ask.

“No.” Dr. Marsh says, “That psycho stopped returning my calls a few weeks ago. I haven’t heard from her since.”

“So who where you talking to on the phone in the hospital today?” I ask.

“What? How do you know about that?” Dr. Marsh asks.

“Answer the question Dr. Marsh.” Steve says.

“I was leaving a voicemail on her phone.” Dr. Marsh says, “I was leaving the tenth and last message to be exact.”

“Here’s some pictures Dr. Marsh let us know if you see her here.” I say putting the pictures on the table.

“That’s Amanda right there.” Dr. Marsh says.

Dr. Marsh has positively identified the woman who we believe is behind these murders. “Doctor Marsh, I need you to write down everything you know about Amanda.” Steve says.

“Guys can you step out here for a moment?” Cap says.

Steve and I step outside the interrogation room. “What is it Cap?” I say.

“I just got call.” Cap says, “‘Amanda’ has just been spotted.”

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