The Importance of being Intelligent


It all starts with recognizing the world around you.

What you’ll immediately notice in the video above is a naturalized brit born US citizen is informing you about the state of American counter-intelligence and surveillance. That should of course give you some shame for not at least being as up to date as he is. But when you get later into the video the interviews with random Americans in New York City should make you cringe over and over again. By the time you see Edward Snowden reacting to seeing those same comments, well you know the deal…


…Or maybe you don’t. One of the things I was told very young that has stuck with me in almost a horrifying fashion is this. “You’re a smart kid Matthew. And you will be burdened with that intellect the rest of your life. Once you see behind the curtain, nothing will be the same.” I was told that after figuring out something that seems inconsequential. But because of who the adult was, it stuck in my brain. That was the moment being “smart” for me turned from reading books and gaining knowledge to using that knowledge to question and be skeptical of the responses and actions of the world around me. Why for example if we have an alleged democracy do we have laws that acts to preserve the rights of groups by forcing a single ideological similarity line?

What do I mean? In the creation of the US, many of the original laws as well as the judicial decisions that have since been defended over the course of America’s life begin as ways to deal with the ideological conflict between the federalists and anti-federalists. Nearing 300 years of age we still have a system structure meant to deal with the conflict instead of making it possible to hear different group’s spin on the nature of governance. What’s that? You think things are different because the Fed and Anti-Fed aren’t parties anymore? Well you are one adorable idiot. Go take a look at the actual platforms of the modern dems and modern repubicans. You’ll find what is old is new again.

Black New York Scholar gets accepted to all 8 Ivy League Schools.

Remember how I commented that #BlackBoysSTILLRock? Yes, they still do. And considering that we just had a BET awards show celebrating the accomplishments of black women, while the station continues to bombard viewers with consistent imagery of gangster, thugish, un-intelligent black men while giving the smallest lip service to those who are generally above the nonsense. I feel like I needed to drop this reminder. I’m all for women getting equal place in a modern society. But considering recent studies have found boys, and specifically black boys are consistently falling behind in a learning environment both not geared to address the external issues that affect them and unwilling to take the steps necessary to make education seem like a viable option to them. Yeah this needed to be celebrated. BLACK BOYS ROCK! And maybe if you told them that at least as often as I do here they wouldn’t be the fast growing statistic in suicide rates.


Back to the news. Well sort of.


See the thing is the news needs the same scrutiny. What you watch, read, or listen to should have your brain in a critical mode unless there is good reason otherwise. You may notice despite the fact that it is basically a filter free weekly version of The Daily Show, Last Week Tonight put a 33 minute long segment including an interview with Edward Snowden right on the internet. The internet that generally has the attention span of a 3 year old after their 3rd Three Muskateers bar waiting in line for naptime next to a roller coaster. And there is a ton of truth, hard truth, even HARSH truth all throughout the segment with some comedy. But how many people will fully understand what that says? How many will even watch all of it on their youtube channel? Heck how many of you are just counting on what I said about it, and aren’t watching it or listening to it yourselves? I think you get my point.

One of the reasons we started the Rage of Maxus back when you could only call videos for ipods podcasts was my inability to just let shit slide like this. The show fell apart due to my inability to keep things going once I moved around more often, but the sentiment we brought here to Words Don’t Do It Justice and of course to The Wrath of Ruthless (New season coming soon). I get it. I really do. Ignorance is Bliss. Not knowing about the world around you and just hoping to let your existence make it as long as you want to is something 85% of all humans who have ever existed want. No matter how angry you get one day on Facebook or twitter it is how you want to live. But that isn’t the world we live in.

We live in a world where there are massacres going on in Kenya being perpetrated by the children of government officials.

Son of government Offical found as part of group credited with Kenya attack.

Where Boko Haram is dressing up like preachers to do clandestine murder sprees in Nigeria.

But also is going into other countries for supplies.

Where ISIS is getting so government like there are TRAFFIC TICKETS!

To put it bluntly you idiots need to wake the fuck up and see what is going on around you. Because you don’t have to stay stupid. You don’t have to be mis or uninformed. That is a choice you are making. You learned about the constitution and general government structure in school. No taxation without representation. 1 person 1 vote. But you aren’t batting an eye when the supreme court says a corporation can spend unlimited money on influencing you how to vote, as well as on influencing candidates by giving money to their campaigns. And what’s worse is your parents didn’t pay attention either when the court started this idiocy back in the 70’s. So it doesn’t surprise that you aren’t supporting 99rise who has been protesting this by taking cameras into the Supreme Court Chamber and interrupting proceedings peacefully.


Check them out here—->

Look I could go on and on and on about this. Showing you more and more examples of things you don’t pay any attention to in the world around you because of your love of staying in the bubble of your life. But there are enough people like myself who pay attention, who have seen behind the curtain, and want your help changing things. So do your part. Besides, not all the news is bad news.

Brave Kenyan Student emerges alive two days after university terror attack

Well that and of course…WORDS DON’T DO IT JUSTICE!


-THE Ruthless Wonder

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