A Ruthless Grab Bag: Beefs, Backlash, and Breaking Free


One of the things I often stay far away from is commentary on internet battles. But given the nature of some I find this is a bit of a necessity. Over the last few weeks I’ve watched as some of my favorite internet personalities got embroiled in conflict with people they shouldn’t. Tariq Nasheed going at Tommy Sotomayor again, whatever is going on between The Escapist and 2 of the 3 reasons I went to that website, and easily my second favorite Game of Thrones commentator Preston Jacobs versus what seems to be History of Westeros, and a bunch of angry reddit folks.

I try to keep Words Don’t Do It Justice out of my personal affairs, including my continued war against the right of Raiders fans to procreate and own property. But these particular conflicts bother me for another reason. In the case of The Escapist I really don’t understand why they’ve gone with the idea of ending relationships with 3 of the best web series they have in Jim Sterling’s Jimquisition, and Bob Chipman’s Escape to the movies and The Big Picture. In the case of Tariq and Tommy, it is the kind of stupid bickering and bullshit that is sadly common.

But the conflict is a deeper version of that same story of hating the new guy who made it and you perceive as bigger than you suddenly. I used to never understand why some people just entirely ignore attacks on them. This pointless conflict has done exactly that for me. I get and have gotten what I want. Even if tomorrow someone tried to come at me for something, I just don’t care enough about them to go back and forth. Of all people Chris Brown said recently “Talking about him doesn’t make me money.” I wish both would take that position.

In the case of The attacks on Preston…well my annoyance is all about overpuffed senses of self. I’ve never seen so many copyright attorney’s who got their degrees on reddit and youtube. It takes a lot for me to care about conflicts like that, but  watching Preston Jacobs channel get taken down, and his videos getting flagged reminded me of the other reason we’ve moved from wordpress.com to our own hosting and using just WP software. Simply put there is a deeply stupid section of the internet that will always annoy you if you run a site open for comments. Here I can filter them out easier. Not so easy for Preston on youtube, so I was glad when he got his channel back.


I’m going to quickly court some backlash myself by saying very simply I’m always going to enjoy it when people try to “set me straight” on certain issues. And that doesn’t have any restrictions. Pro-blacks rocking weave and using facebook on their iPhone. White males from rich suburbs who’s biggest struggle was having a prick for an older brother. Rams fans. Anyone who doesn’t have a JD who talks about family law. You’re all part of the idiots as well and hunting season is coming. Backlash gets me alert in the morning and whitens my teeth, FIGHT ME!

Breaking Free:

Now this is what you really came for. What is being broken free from? Who is breaking free? You are. Over the next few weeks we have the 2nd anniversary, we have some more debuts, and a big shakeup. I can’t promise you will like all of it. But I can promise you will see the next evolution of Words Don’t Do It Justice. But I don’t want to ruin the surprises. We are going to a new place. We’re transcending where we are. And almost 40 thousand of your visits are the reason why. See you soon. Because…Words Don’t Do It Justice!


– THE Ruthless Wonder

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