The 6th Hell: The Sixth Hell

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The 6th Hell: The Sixth Hell

When I wake up, I see Marge staring at me and I say, “How many days have I been out?”

“Six hours.” Marge says.

“Why do I feel like I’ve been asleep for a week?” I ask.

“After they treated you, you were pretty agitated so they gave you a strong sedative.” Marge said.

“And you let them?” I ask.

“I suggested it.” Marge says. I look at her with anger in my eyes. How could she let them sedate me? “Rebecca is in the hospital. One of the candiru went up her…open door, so they had to operate to get it out. I guess she really does let anything in there.” Marge says unsympathetically. “She should be back for the last hell ride.”

“And when will that be?” I ask.

“In the next few hours probably.” Marge responds, “I bought you some food.”

I look at the food Marge bought and give her a kiss on the cheek. I didn’t realize how hungry I was. I start to eat and say, “So you still think we should leave?”

“Yeah, but you clearly want to see this through, so we’ll see it through.” Marge says reluctantly.

There’s a knock on the door and I hear Jacob’s voice asking to come in.

“Come in.” I say with my mouth full of rice and peas.

“I just came to see if you finally woke up.” Jacob says.

“Yup I have.” I say.

“Well good, we were pretty worried about you there. We thought only the three of us would be able to go through this last challenge.” Jacob says.

“Three? Don’t you mean four?” I ask.

“Ty went with Rebecca to the hospital.” Jacob says.

“Why would he do that?” I ask, “Is that even allowed?”

“It’s not, but Rebecca can be pretty persuasive. She spoke to Louis and they allowed Ty to go with her.” Jacob says. “If you ask me this is whole thing is all one big joke, and we’re the punch line.” Jacob says bitterly.

“I feel the same way. I think this is more of an experiment than a contest. I think the people watching, whoever they are, are testing things that we have no idea about.” Marge says.

“Is that legal? Don’t they have to tell you what they are researching so that you are fully aware.” Jacob says.

“Yes and no. If telling you may skew the results, or if it may make you biased they are allowed to withhold certain information.” Marge says.

“I don’t understand.” Jacob says.

“Well, let’s say if someone was researching postures while taking a math test verses taking a personality test. If they told you posture is what they were looking at, you might adjust your posture to what you believe is appropriate, which will most likely not be your natural posture for that particular test.” Marge explains.

“Oh gotcha.” Jacob says, “Anyway, glad you’re okay Jamesy, I think Louis is coming for us in a few minutes so I’m going to get ready.” Jacob closes the door and I suddenly stop eating at the thought of Louis “coming for us”. His presence makes me feel like the lamb going to the slaughter.

“Yeah, the thought of the last hell makes me nervous too.” Marge says.

“Hey bud glad you’re alive.” Sam says barging in.

“Thanks.” I say.

Do anyone of you know when Rebecca is coming back?” Sam says.

“No.” Marge says, “But they said she should be back for the last hell. Why?”

“I’m horny, and I thought I’d hit that one last time before we all go home or die.” Sam says shamelessly.

“Oh well I guess you’ll have to find another way to appease yourself.” Marge says.

“I know, but she was just so darn good at it.” Sam says, “She really liked you though James.”

I look at Sam, but don’t respond.

“She told me when all of this is over she wants to date you and you guys can move in together and how you can help continue the mission her and her last husband had.” Sam says.

“What? Are you serious?” Marge says.

“Yeah, she went on and on about how her and Jamesy were gonna have all these babies. And how she was never able to have all the boys she wanted with her ex, but she knew you would be more suited for the job. What a nut job, but she did, give a 10 out of 10 blowjob.” Sam says.

“But Rebecca has kids.” I say.

“No, she doesn’t. She told me you were gonna be the guy to give them to her. Anyway, I’m going to go relieve myself before the Grim Reaper gets back.” Sam say then shuts the door.

“So this girl is crazy, a slut, and a liar. Did I miss anything?” Marge says angrily.

“Why would she lie about having kids?” I say.

“I don’t know, but you have to admit, twelve kids, it did seem a bit odd. But you were probably too distracted by her Double D’s to think it through.” Marge says.

“Yeah whatever.” I say.

“Hey gang, please meet me in the living room in ten minutes.” Louis says over the loud speaker.

“Here we go.” Marge says as she helps me get up and into the living room. We get to the living room and we see the other two guys sitting there waiting for the Grim Reaper. “Done already, Sam.” Marge says smiling.

“Yup.” Sam says with a smile, as if it’s something to be proud of.

“I heard you guys talking about Rebecca, I think she has some serious issues with lying. One night I overheard her talking with Ty about how she was never married or in a serious relationship and how much she really wanted something stable and she believed Ty could be the one to give that to her. She said how she loved kids and always wanted to have a little boy, so Ty wouldn’t have to worry about her accepting his son. But she told me, she was married for a really long time and she had a bunch of kids, all boys, and she also told me her ex got locked up. I don’t understand why people have to lie like that.” Jacob said.

“When people are unhappy with their lives, they make up new one, I guess.” Marge says.

“Yes, but make up one fantasy life and stick with that.” Sam says.

“True.” Marge says.

“Hey gang.” Louis says, “I need everyone to pick a straw and whoever gets the short straw has a wonderful surprise that will be revealed later on.” We all pick straws and Marge gets the short straw. I hope it’s being able to sit out the last hell. I know she could sure use a break. “Okay, gang lets go.”

We are blind folded when we get into the van, we drive for what seems like two hours. When we come to a stop we are instructed to get out of the van and stand in line. Someone then comes around and helps us put on this strange body suit. Afterwards we are lead into some sort of vehicle. I hear the sounds of a very loud engine and I realize we are in a plane.

“Ok gang, take your blindfold off. As you may have guessed we are in an airplane and you all will have the privilege of jumping out when we get to 50,000 feet. You will not be attached to any of our experienced skydivers, so I would pay attention to the advice they give you. Pay close attention to their instructions on how the parachutes and the bottled oxygen work; because I assume that might come in handy for your survival.” Louis says.

Skydiving? Okay. I can’t even process this information because soon after we are given a brief speech on what will happen and what to do. At this point, I don’t feel anything. I just want it to be over. I want to go back to profiling and chasing serial killers.

“Where are Ty and Rebecca?” Sam asks.

“No one knows. When our team went to pick them up from the hospital and they were gone.” Louis informs us.

“What do you mean they were gone?” I ask.

“I mean, the doctors and nurses have no idea where they are. No one discharged them and it’s not like they had a body guard at their door, so they must have ran into the sunset together. I know you must be disappointed James, we all were betting on you and Rebecca. You two had the best sexual chemistry.” Louis says plainly.

I give Louis another death stare, but still he doesn’t turn to stone, definitely next time. Marge grabs my hand and I can feel her fear. I suddenly remember she is terrified of heights. I on the other hand am used to climbing the mountains in Haiti so heights don’t scare me. I squeeze her hand and whisper a word of encouragement to her.

“That girl is beyond weird.” Jacob says.

“Why do you say that?” Sam asks.

“Well, I just remembered she was telling me all these weird things about her ex like how he had this dark blue Toyota that had a yellow rabbit on it. Like who has a yellow rabbit on their car? Even if they had all those kids, I still think it’s a little creepy. So James, you lucked out, don’t be bummed that she chose Ty. She’s a total whack job. Her and that ex of hers. You know she even told me her and her ex used to go to the park and watch parents with their kids? Especially dads with their sons. Weird right? And she told me how she was so angry with her dad for choosing her little brother over her, and how she was forced to live with her mom, who was a total tyrant. Apparently she beat her and put her in the attic when she ‘misbehaved’. Anyway her mom finally died, which now that I think about it, she might have had something to do with that. Then she tells me she then went to find her dad and her brother and they basically told her to get lost. She said they both died in a car accident after that, but I’m thinking she probably had something to do with that as well.” Jacob says looking spooked.

Marge and I look at each other and to say we were dumbfounded would be an understatement. How could I have not put those pieces together? Was I really that distracted?

“How much longer till we jump?” I ask Louis. I need to get out of here and inform the team that Rebecca is Handson’s partner. It all makes sense now. A woman with anger towards her father would do those things to those dads. She probably had an inappropriate affection towards her father, and when he rejected her the second time, that was her breaking point. And when you add in an abusive mother, you have a textbook serial killer.

“We will jump now. Marge since you got the short stick you will jump first.” Louis says. Marge squeezes my hand so hard I think she is going to break my hand.

“Let’s just stop James, we have what we need. We don’t need to go through with this anymore.” Marge says.

“I know, but this is the last hell. Let’s just get through it.” I tell Marge.

“I have a bad feeling about this James.” Marge says shaking.

“That’s your fear talking Marge. You always said you wanted to face your fear of heights so now is that time.” I say trying to encourage her.

One of the assistants grabs Marge and drags her to the door. “Hey, be easy.” I say. I walk over to her and give her a kiss on the forehead and I say, “See you on the ground Luc.” Marge looks at me in shock. No point in hiding our identities now, the game is over.

“Okay, Marge jump!” Louis says and when she hesitates, the assistant pushes her. I hear her scream. It is deafening.

“I want to go next.” I say.

“No James, you will go last.” Louis says. Once again I give Louis my death stare and still nothing. I think I’m going to find a reason to arrest him when we’re done.

After everyone jumps, I stand at the door anxiously waiting and Louis says, “So Agent Gray, you came to investigate our little experiment. And you think you have all you need to arrest us. Well do I have news for you.”

“How do you know my name?” I say to Louis.

“We noticed every time you and Lucy would get to whispering we couldn’t hear you; our employers weren’t happy about that, so we did some research. We found out who you really were and we figured you were using some FBI tech to make your microphones go out. But you guys aren’t the only ones with friends in high places.” Louis says.

“I guess you didn’t do an extensive enough research because we weren’t investigating you or your employers Louis.” I say about to tackle Louis.

“Save your lies. The research we are doing here is life changing, and although our methods may be unorthodox, the world will soon come to thank us for the information we have gathered.” Louis says.

“You sound like a lunatic. Bring this plane down right now or I swear you will regret it.” I say.

“One more thing. Your dear Lucy, well when we found out what you guys were up to, we removed her parachute. I think by now she may be in the real hell, if there is one. But don’t worry we’ll let you live so you can tell your superiors to never mess with us again, because we will do whatever it takes to get the results we need to change the world.” Louis says. I try to grab Louis but his assistant pushes me out the plane and now I am free falling 50,000 feet in the air. But all I can think about is Lucy. My Lucy is dead.

6th hell




Do not fret, I won’t leave you guys hanging this time lol. I have an epilogue coming soon.

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